Taryn Crowley

Taryn Crowley, Staff Writer

My name is Taryn Crowley, and I am a Junior! I have been called "hippie-dippy", a "tree-hugger", and am quite often compared to "one of those sweet old hippie ladies that hands you butterscotch candies" by my peers and family, as if it's a bad thing! Sure, my room smells like an old woman because of my Nag Champa incense and I wear flared jeans more times than not, and what about it? This year on the Talon, I will be speaking my truth (and writing about the happenings at Magnet for you all to enjoy, of course!)

(P.S: If you see me blasting One Direction on 526 around 8 AM from Monday through Friday? No you donĀ“t<3)


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