AMHS Staff Shows Off Their OOTDs

The summer of 2020 was longer than expected, and suddenly we’re back to school. It’s been about 6 months since we’ve seen one another, and these days we’re all wearing different attire during school hours. In lieu of a traditional “meet the teacher” article, I am collaborating with the generous Academic Magnet staff to present an ounce of their fashion-forward, back-to-school looks to you, whether you are at school or learning online, for no cost at all!

Our first fashionista is one of my personal favorites,

1. Ms. Tonya Dover

Ms. Dover is our very helpful attendance clerk at school! Whenever you come into school late or are leaving early (with an excuse note, of course!) , she’s got your back. She can almost always be found at the front of the main office in the attendance room playing her favorite hits on her radio. Here is her outfit of the day:

Ms. Dover’s outfit consists of her typical bright pieces to match her bubbly personality. Today, she matches her coral necklace with her multi-colored printed maxi dress. An ensemble is never complete without a mask, and Ms. Dover shows off her unique monogrammed face mask to remind you to wear your masks!

2. Señora Calabrese y Señora Oliveira

Señora Calabrese y Señora Oliveira muestran sus atuendas para la día. I’m not actually going to write this portion of the article “en español”, as Mrs. Calabrese and Mrs. Oliveira would say. During my past two years (and counting), I have learned every piece of Spanish that I know today from these two teachers. Today, they are seen in their typical everyday wear: Mrs. Calabrese in her classic comfy, yet sophisticated garb and Mrs. Oliveira in her boho skirt and sandals. Say a socially distanced “hola” to them in the halls when you return on October 1st!

3. Dr. Joy Altman

Oui Oui Baguette! As you can probably tell, I am not a French student. However, my lack of French vocabulary does not dull the shine of Dr. Altman, nor her outfit! She is here to show off her new hairstyle and her high-fashion ensemble. Today, Dr. Altman is sporting a cute printed dress and stunting in her light brown booties. With her coat draped over her shoulder, I think it’s safe to say Dr. Altman is ready to take on her day in style!

Now presenting Magnet’s music master,

4. Mr. Ian Grimshaw

Mr. Grimshaw is the music man at school and can almost always be seen with a guitar strapped on his person. In his class, I learned how to play 1/3 of Harry Styles’ entire discography, and I am forever grateful for the powerful knowledge he has taught me. Today, he’s decked out in his usual casual, everyday attire: the oatmeal colored cardigan, blue jeans, and his classic Dr. Martens boots. To top his outfit off, he’s got a guitar in hand and an Academic Magnet mask (go raptors!!!).

Next, I would like to present some members of our Science department

5. Mr. Henry McGill and Mrs. Katharine Metzner-Roop

Mr. McGill is a Physics and Chemistry teacher here at Magnet. You may see Mr. McGill riding his bike to school early in the morning or walking in with his helmet by his side. Mr. McGill stunts his bow-ties and dress shirts almost everyday, and today is no exception! He’s got his mask on, and you can even see him smiling. Mrs. Roop is a Biology and Marine Science teacher posing to show off her Magnet Luau shirt. If you enter her room, you’ll see many different animals (all class pets, don’t freak out), one of them being a snake. RIP to all the lost Aquaponics fish and plants that have sadly passed along in her room; you are all missed and only slightly forgotten.

The next couple of outfits are shown off by some of our math teachers here at Magnet-

6. Mr. Steve Percy and Mrs. Catherine Yackey

Even though the majority of the Magnet student body may say they “can’t do math”, it doesn’t take away from our  pretty rad(ical, lol) math department. Mr. Percy is a Precal, Algebra 2, and Statistics teacher and, as you can tell, is an avid USC fan. His outfit today includes his typical Carolina merchandise in the form of a collared shirt and his festive Carolina themed mask. To his right, Mrs. Yackey is shown modeling her outfit of the day. Mrs. Yackey is a Geometry, Algebra 2, and Precal teacher and if you tell her a math pun, it’d make her week! Today she’s showing off one of her most iconic dresses with a red floral pattern and her favorite Toms to match. “Euclid” say our math teachers dress to impress!

Our next OOTD is from our PE and Volleyball coach,

7. Ms. Jennifer Koll

Although Coach Koll might force you to play dodge ball or run the mile, PE freshman year is a fun time. Personally, I have fond memories of ultimate frisbee and badminton, you know, the two sports we played that didn’t require objects thrown at me. As many of our students remember and as some are coming to realize, the PE uniforms are horrifying. Today, however, Coach Koll shows off her tie-dye uniform tee-shirt and tie-dye mask to match. Coach Koll, you may have just started a trend with the Magnet PE uniforms.

Our next outfit on display is from the one, the only,

8. Ms. Nairobi Orr

Ms. Orr is one of our Econ and Gov teachers and our only AP Euro teacher at Magnet. If you’ve ever taken a class with Ms. Orr, you know she teaches without her shoes on. Although her outfit of the day lacks shoes, it does not lack in style nor personality. Ms. Orr is dressed in a patterned dress and black cardigan, stunting as usual. And, to top off her outfit, a fun mask because you will NEVER catch Ms. Orr slippin’ without one.

Our second to last outfit of the day is from Magnet’s very own,

9. Mr. Alan Schmitt

Mr. Schmitt is an AP Computer Science teacher as well as Magnet’s only Cybersecurity teacher. I’d like to give him a shoutout for enduring the copious amounts of projects I created in his 4th period CSP class that centered around Harry Styles last year. Mr. Schmitt is a trooper everyone, not all heroes wear capes. Today Mr. Schmitt is showing off his “Peace, Love, Pi” Magnet Pi Day shirt from 2019 and some blue jeans as a casual Friday outfit.

Now, for our final fashionista, saving the best for last, we have the backbone of the school

10. Ms. Lucy Pinckney

Ms. Pinckney is deemed the woman of the century by Magnet’s students and staff for her outstanding work in…well…everything? Ms. Pinckney is our Vice Principal, but she does way more for the school than her title lets on. Her outfit today says it all while she does it all! There’s not a single day in the school year where Ms. Pinckney is pantsuit-less, and a regular Friday in September is no different. Today she’s got on her signature look with a blue paisley dress shirt which matches her denim colored mask perfectly.

I wish I had been able to get every teacher’s outfit of the day, but they can’t release all of their fashion tips and secrets to the public. I hope this small amount of fashion expertise will give you inspiration for your back-to-school outfits on October 1st!!!