Academic Magnet High School - North Charleston, South Carolina.


Academic Magnet High School - North Charleston, South Carolina.


Academic Magnet High School - North Charleston, South Carolina.


Class of 2024 is out!

So what will you miss most about the seniors?

I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but the class of 2024 is on their way out!! As senior wills are just now being released I thought the seniors deserve a bit of a call-out as well. I think it would be best if we asked just what you will miss when the senior class leaves. To extract these points, the best way is to bother random underclassmen in the hallway to extract this important information. Sorry if I chased you or called out “Hey you” in the hallway; it’s not personal. 

My first victim was Sophia Benich, I caught her as she was walking the hallway with her beau. I went in expecting a little tidbit about her sadness for her bae to be off to the University of Virginia. Instead, she doted on her fellow basketball ballers, stating “I am going to miss the BIGs on the girl’s basketball team being able to score and make baskets.” How sweet! Who knows, maybe shedding of the BIGs will lead to a fantastic basketball season. Stay positive Sophia!!

For some reason, people were not roaming the hallway, so if you are going to be a senior next year, we need to increase the hallway walks. Due to this little hiccup, I had to venture into a math class, thanks, Ms. Frazier! Here are some of the forced responses I gained from these students:

Katie Sheffield was more than happy to answer my question, stating she will miss “The greatest senior friends and friend group traditions that have come to creation.” She does not want to be the oldest grade, which is a common theme. Bit of advice, it is not bad, just doesn’t come with the perks you expect. She also will miss her half-price beech bowls from Muah. 

Aliza Zhang had only one thing to say, which we did have to drag out of her. She quickly said that she “will miss the presence of the seniors”. Which is known information, but I will include it because I am nice. 

I asked Lily Burnett what she would miss and the only thing she said was “I will miss Ms. Waterplow.” If I knew what this meant I would tell you all, but the only clue I have is that it may relate to Ella Moore.

Elizabeth Hample had much to say, noting that she “will miss my best friends, having people to yap with, and all the classes with them! I will especially miss Lily Murphy and Evie Inman for being my in-class buddies and Alexa Conlon and Caroline Uram for the between-class chats. I will forever miss the constant talks about the current drama.” I don’t have much to add, besides the fact that I am the best person on that list, so I understand why I will be missed. 

I will especially miss … Alexa Conlon

— Elizabeth Hample

Grace Griffin and Talia Barsness stated they “don’t want to be the oldest.” Guys, it’s not that bad. They will miss Vivian even though she will be 10 minutes away from here. Talia will miss Connor Sawall’s Snapchat story and the supposed glazing. I love the variety of these answers.

Finally Garrison Gray will miss a lot from the senior class, but most notably his pals in lacrosse. He will miss the “seniors in his environmental science class”, who he may be trauma-bonded with, or something. He will also miss the most amazing, beautifully written, hilarious newspaper articles to ever grace the talon. 

I would just like to thank all who let me question them in the hallway and would like to let all those who did not get the option to speak, that letting your senior friends know that you will miss them is always nice, maybe a bit too sappy. I hope next year will be troublesome without the class of 2024!

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