Red (Taylor’s Version) Review

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Recap What's Going on With Taylor Swift & Red (Taylor's Version)?

Since its announcement 5 months ago, the release of Red (Taylor’s Version) has been highly anticipated by fans and casual listeners alike; even those who claim they “don’t like” Taylor’s music were excited for release day. Between the (almost) never-heard-before “vault” tracks and revamped classics from the original Red album, it’s no wonder Red (Taylor’s Version) broke records on release day. The Red (Taylor’s Version) release didn’t just involve the remaster, but also a short film called All Too Well, a music video for the vault track “I Bet You Think About Me”, three live talk show appearances (SNL, Jimmy Fallon, and Seth Meyers all in the span of 24 hours), and around four or five different merch drops (it’s hard to keep track, Taylor has been busy). The All Too Well short film even qualifies to be nominated for an Academy Award (that’s a story for another article…). Actors Sadie Sink (from the TV series Stranger Things) and Dylan O’Brien (best known for the TV series Teen Wolf and the Maze Runner movie adaptations) present the exact story of the relationship that is expressed throughout the album; I don’t think any other pair of actors could have pulled it off so effortlessly. Currently it has nearly 40 million views and 3.4 million likes on YouTube. So, needless to say, the short film was, and still is, a hit. I think that’s reason enough for you all to go watch it right this second if you haven’t already. Here’s the link<3

Red season has hit me, and the rest of the music scene, like a truck. On release day all 30 songs from the album were ranked in Spotify’s Top 50 of the most popular tracks; today (5 days later), 18 songs remain on the list. “All Too Well (10 Minute Version) (Taylor’s Version) (From The Vault)” has been the top song on this list, breaking records for such a lengthy song.

So, now that we’re all caught up, let’s dive into the magical content that is Red (Taylor’s Version).

Red (Taylor’s Version) Ranking:

***No, I will not be fully elaborating on all of these placements due to the long tracklist. I also refuse to rank “Ronan (Taylor’s Version)(From The Vault)” due to its subject matter; it is simply too personal and tear-jerking to rank. It would be very disrespectful! Also, this album is so good; it’s truly a no skip album. Believe me, on release day, at 12:00 AM mind you, I listened to the 2 hour and 10 minute track list not once, but twice all the way through.

Taylor Swift &#39;Red&#39;: Highlights including 10-minute &#39;All Too Well&#39;

29). “Run (feat. Ed Sheeran) (Taylor’s Version) (From The Vault)”

This sounds like your average Ed Sheeran song. Sorry, Tay, but although this is a banger, it’s not THE banger.

28). “Girl At Home (Taylor’s Version)”

“Girl At Home” is significantly better in Taylor’s Version compared to the original master, the lyrics still cause it to rank super low. Sorry not sorry to the “Girl At Home” superfans. That is, if they actually exist.

27). “Starlight (Taylor’s Version)”

It’s still a classic bop, but nothing to write home about it. I’m just not a big fan of the content.

26). “Message In A Bottle (Taylor’s Version) (From The Vault)”

This song is cute, but it’s not giving the depth and thought of a lot of the other songs.

25). “Everything Has Changed (feat. Ed Sheeran) (Taylor’s Version) (From The Vault)”

I promise I’m not an Ed Sheeran hater; I actually really like this song.

24).”Babe (Taylor’s Version) (From The Vault)” Sugarland feat. Taylor Swift: Babe (Music Video) (2018) - Filmaffinity

Originally written for Sugarland, Taylor releases her own version and does it justice. Because she already sings on the Sugarland version, this song isn’t anything new or exciting. Sorry, Tay. It still rocks, though!

23). “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together (Taylor’s Version)”

Everything about this song is perfect, except one part; when she says “weeee” during the chorus, it is at a pitch that doesn’t quite match the rest of the song. She says “weEEEEE” instead. I know I’m just nitpicking, but it makes the song lose its flare ever so slightly.

22). “Forever Winter (Taylor’s Version) (From The Vault)”

I’m a big fan of this vault track! It definitely has its moments where it shines. But, overall, there are more superior songs on this album.

21). “The Moment I Knew (Taylor’s Version)”

I hate to admit it because the story behind this track is important to the plot of the album, but I never find myself going back to this song.

20). “Sad Beautiful Tragic (Taylor’s Version)”

I know this is going to make a ton of people mad. Sorry, but it doesn’t hit like the others. It is still an absolutely outstanding song, don’t get it twisted.

19). “Stay Stay Stay (Taylor’s Version)” Taylor Swift - Red (Taylor&#39;s Version) Lyrics and Tracklist | Genius

“Stay Stay Stay” is ranked lower than it would have been in my original ranking of Red because the cuteness/young sound of the original master makes more sense with her 22 year old voice.

18). “The Lucky One (Taylor’s Version)”

I’m actually not sure how this song is ranked so low; “The Lucky One” is one of the best songs off the album. I guess that goes to show how good this album actually is.

17). “Come Back…Be Here (Taylor’s Version)”

I LOVE this song. The new version also adds a nicer, yet more impactful sound compared to the original.

16). “The Very First Night (Taylor’s Version) (From The Vault)”

This song is so catchy and has been stuck in my head all week.

15). “Better Man (Taylor’s Version) (From The Vault)” 

An example of a song Taylor originally wrote for another band (Little Big Town) where her version is superior. Her spin on the track is undeniably better than the original version.

14). “Red (Taylor’s Version)” Taylor Swift Announces Massive “Red (Taylor&#39;s Version)” Tracklist | Teen Vogue

The production in this song specifically bumps it up to a higher spot because it is perfect. Although there is only a slight difference between the 2012 master and the new release, it sounds so crisp and her voice sounds SO good!

13). “Holy Ground (Taylor’s Version)”

A classic and you can never go wrong with the powerful snares in this song. If anything, the snares pop more in Taylor’s version, especially at the beginning of the track.

12). “I Knew You Were Trouble (Taylor’s Version)”

Taylor’s mature voice shines here and I like the revamped version significantly more because of it.

11). “22 (Taylor’s Version)” Taylor Swift ♥ | Taylor swift 22, Taylor swift fan, Taylor swift pictures

“22” will always have a special place in my heart, even if I prefer the og version slightly more.

10). “I Almost Do (Taylor’s Version)”

Quite the tear-jerker, as always. It sounds extremely similar to the original, but the production is better; it sounds clearer.

9). “State of Grace (Taylor’s Version)”

The drums in this revamp shine above all else. Not to mention, this song is one of the best songs off of the album in general.

8). “Begin Again (Taylor’s Version)”

Another example of one of my favorites being improved upon due to better production.

7). “State of Grace (Acoustic Version) (Taylor’s Version)”

The acoustic rendition of the original “State of Grace” packs a punch even though it doesn’t include the traditional percussion. The bridge here sounds way better compared to the quicker paced sound seen in the regular version.

6). “All Too Well (Taylor’s Version)”

The classic, aka Taylor’s magnum opus (the 10 minute version may have trumped that idea, though).

5). “Treacherous (Taylor’s Version)”

It was a beautiful song before, it’s even more beautiful now. The underdog of the album.

4). “I Bet You Think About Me (Taylor’s Version) (From The Vault)”

Taylor Swift Has Country Radio Success With Her New &#39;Red&#39;

The fake country accent ties it all together. Watch the music video, you won’t regret it.

3). “The Last Time” (feat. Gary Lightbody of Snow Patrol) (Taylor’s Version)”

My favorite off of the 2012 version; this duet aged so well. Their voices sound better than before and the production sounds absolutely perfect. No complaints from me!

2). “All Too Well (10 Minute Version) (Taylor’s Version) (From The Vault)”

Although I didn’t like some of the lines at first and thought she could’ve said certain things differently, this song holds so much power. It grows on me everytime I listen to it, so much so that it’s already one of my most listened to songs of this month.

“Just between us, did the love affair maim you all too well?” MAIM? This woman is a walking thesaurus.

“I was never good at telling jokes, but the punchline goes: ‘I’ll get older, but your lovers stay my age'” Comedic genius. What a zinger. When I heard this line for the first time it blew my mind…she really went there.

1). “Nothing New (feat. Phoebe Bridgers) (Taylor’s Version) (From The Vault)” Página Inicial / Twitter | Music memes, Fb memes, Taylor swift pictures

Phoebe was the perfect person to collaborate with for this song. The lyricism in this song is unmatched as it is, and because “Nothing New” is the first Taylor song to feature a female singer without it just being a back vocal feature, this song is perfect to me and many other fans. “How can a person know everything at 18, but nothing at 22?”?????? Genius. This song couldn’t be any better than it is. 10/10, a must listen. I’d even go as far as to say this is my favorite song released this year.



This album is near perfection. If I were Anthony Fantano, I would give this album a strong 9. Red itself is nearly a no-skip album (other than the original master of “Girl At Home”); Red (Taylor’s Version) is exactly that and more. The vault tracks alone top the songs that were originally put in the album, further proving Taylor’s point that her old record label forced her into a corner she didn’t necessarily want to be in. She was told she needed to cut down the length of “All Too Well” because “no one would listen to a song that long; but lo and behold, “All Too Well (10 Minute Version) (Taylor’s Version) (From The Vault)”. Taylor could write anything and fans would eat it up; they are completely valid.