Things in My Room That Just Make Sense

Hey MTV, welcome to my crib!


I have been told that my room is quite the looker, so I’m here to show it off to the whole world, or, at least, to my very dedicated Talon readers. Everything in my room has a purpose; so without further ado, I present the top 10 things in my room that just make sense.

  • My One Direction Poster: As we all SHOULD know by now, One Direction is one of my most favorite bands of all time, regardless of their teeny-bopper, as my dad describes it, reputation. This specific poster is my pride and joy; I wake up every morning and see all five of their beautiful faces staring right in front of me. It’s a crucial part of my morning routine.

  • My Harry Styles Shrine: This makes complete sense and to be honest, I debated on leaving this here without any explanation because you all, again, should know by now, Harry Styles is my reason for living. Basically, my room is a shrine towards Harry. So most of the pictures here represent my adoration and dedication towards him.

  • My Nintendo Switch: Duh. If I didn’t have Animal Crossing, Pokemon, or all three original Mario 64 games, I would not be the girl I am today. The Switch is arguably (in my mind, because no one else cares) the most important item in my room.
My room in Animal Crossing!!!
  • Squishmallows: These things are so difficult to find but they’re so amazing. I couldn’t tell you why though. But, they are some of my most prized possessions and they make my heart soar like no other (with the exception of Harry, of course). Also they’re cute.
The baddest biddies around town
  • Salt Lamps: Yes, salt lamps, plural. I’ve got a variety of lamps, and although the benefits of salt lamps are debatable, I don’t really care. They look cool and one of mine changes color. So, fight that logic, scientists.
My favorite part of my room<3

  • Lights: These lights tie my entire room together. They’re from Walmart, my most favorite store, but they cost me a pretty penny…it doesn’t matter because I love them.
My lights!
  • Crystals: Crystal showcase time!!! These are a necessity for me. I’ve got quite a bit of Amethyst (this should be obvious because I’m an Aquarius), Rose Quartz, because I’m a Taurus rising, some Selenite for charging, Ametrine (Citrine and Amethyst), Kyanite for clarity and the throat chakra, Lepidolite for change and wounds, Opalite for mood stabilization and change, and Amazonite for open mindness and universal love. Whether you believe in metaphysicality or not…they’re pretty and they help me to be my highest self.

  • Sparkly Pink Cowboy Hat: I’m mad because my sister broke the tiara on it, but all is well. Many people have tried to steal it from me, so that proves it to be a highly coveted item. It’s showcased on my dresser for all to see, and when friends come over to my house, the first thing most of them do is put on that hat.

  • Stuff That Hangs From My Ceiling: I like my room to feel like a huge pillow fort, and the tapestries hanging from my ceiling accomplish that. I have a woven yin and yang hanging thing, it’s not quite a dream catcher because it lacks feathers and traditional beads, and I would never purchase a traditional dream catcher unless it came from a genuine Native owned business, and you shouldn’t either! I’ve also got some elephants hanging, so that’s pretty  cool.                 
  • The Rest of the Posters/Decor: All of my posters are positioned in my room for a reason; although there is no method to my madness in the sense that I’ve got artists of all genres located around my room. All of my posters are placed like a collage, and it’s aesthetically pleasing. Please don’t tell me it’s not, you’ll probably hurt my feelings.















Honorable Mentions:

  • My Record Collection

  • Jerry Garcia



Overall, I’d say my humble abode is not so humble, but rather a bright and somewhat aggressive representation of my personality. I hope you enjoyed this article and learned a little bit about me. I hope the poor formatting wasn’t too annoying<3