Reviewing Kid Cudi’s New Album

Man on the Moon: III


Although released on the same date as Taylor Swift’s outstanding album Evermore, Kid Cudi’s record does not lack luster. He’s a genius, and we’ve known that ever since he was with Kids See Ghosts and “Pursuit of Happiness”. The man on the moon himself has continued to amaze us throughout the years, so what does his newest release, Man on the Moon III: The Chosen, have to offer? In today’s edition of “Taryn the Music Guru”, we’re analyzing the songs and overall production from Mr. Cudi.

Album Review: Kid Cudi - Man On The Moon III: The Chosen - Magnetic Magazine


Beautiful Trip

This song is gorgeous, very short, more like a prelude, but an amazing starter and transition into the next track.

**No rating, it’s probably 25 seconds long lol.

Tequila Shots

Slow, outer space like. I’m literally writing this as I’m listening to the album for the first time. If this song isn’t a single, it should be. Very Travis Scott esque, and I’m in love. Also very Usher esque? Think y2k hip hop. But maybe I’m just crazy…catchy and sets the scene for the album and it kind of sounds electric, and, like I said before, outer space-y.

  • Rating: YUHHHHHH 8/10

Another Day

Continuing with the stellar theme, this song is quicker paced and I love the drums??? Is that a bongo? I know it’s not a snare…whatever. Very emo, but would still blast in the car with the windows down. Kid Cudi are you ok? You seem sad, you deserve a hug.

  • Rating: 7/10, bonus points for hugs

She Knows This

Helloooo dialogue at the beginning. Spicey. Bruh…why does this sound like Migos and a Travis Scott song…is he under the same label? I’m going to check.

LOL update Travis is in the song…HAHA! Also I feel like I knew this but Trav and Cudi were under Kanye’s label for awhile #humblebeginnings.

  • Rating: 8/10


Banger! Hellur! This sounds like the Cudi I know and I love the production of this song. I want to sit here and replay it. The ending and the water in the background!!! Ahhh!

  • Rating: 9.5/10


Man someone please agree with me…this album has to be a joint album with Travis Scott or something. There’s no way these are JUST Cudi…I literally can hear it! Anyways this song is super good, dare I say my favorite thus far? Nobody knows. Wait till the end I suppose!

  • Rating: 12/10

Heaven On Earth

Kid Cudi! Why are you so mad! This song sounds like Migos…No no no no no. Sounds good though! Would absolutely die to hear this live. When Cudi said “Man on the Moon” he really meant it, man

  • Rating: 7/10

Show Out

HAHAHAHAHA This song is absolutely the best things to have ever graced my ears today. Not sure why it’s so funny to me, but this song is so hilarious to me. Is Mafematicks Luv, if yew no wut I mean.

  • Rating: 15000/10, bonus points for hilarity

Solo Dolo, Pt III

Continuation…yass. This is so beautiful. I would kiss Kid Cudi on the forehead if I got the chance. This is the kind of song that plays in the back of my mind during my dreams. It’s magical, really. This is my new favorite, forget what I said earlier. She didn’t know what she was talking about.

  • Rating: 1000000000000101001010010/10

Sad People

Facts. This sounds like a Juice Wrld song, the production sounds identical. Beat structure, lyric delivery…I swear I’ve got to be a music detective. Maybe someone else is singing and I just can’t tell who it is. I know my Cudi, though, and this is different…not sure how to feel. Sorry you’re sad, though.

  • Rating: 4/10, too sad.

Elsie’s Baby Boy

Dialogue!! Yassss. House of the Rising Sun sample alert. To all my classic rock fans, take a listen with this one, please. It’s the love of my life singing over a remix of the rift from HOTRS. Amazing. Solid.

  • Rating: 7/10, very cool.

Sept 16.

This will make sense to no one,,,but this song sounds like how shooting stars look. Y’all for real…maybe I am crazy. Sadly, I can’t make out what he’s saying. Very much mumble rap, no thank you. This is rockin for my “Coffee Bean” stans.

  • Rating: idk 3/10, not for me at all.

The Void

Okkkkk okkkk purrrr! More emo Cudi, this is an interesting development. But yeah, fall in the void, fall in the void, just to avoid, anything that, can bring me down, fall in the void.

  • Rating: 7.5/10, great beat switch.

Lovin’ Me

Romantic Cudi! AND PHOEBE BRIDGERS IS IN THE SONG IM GONABFJ. This song is super cool. I’m adding it to my playlist as we speak, it’s perfect. Might cry to this at some point this month, maybe I’ll plan a good cry before my Precal test. Phoebe and Cudi, *chefs kiss*

  • Rating: Perfect/10

The Pale Moonlight

Moon reference!!! This song is super cool too! Will definitely be rockin out to this on my next -outing- I swear, this man is probably one of my favorite artists to exist, and I know that I say that about everyone on here, but why would I ever share bad music with you guys…who do you think I am???

  • Rating: 8/10

Rockstar Nights

This song will probably go viral on TikTok, I’m calling it now. Or it’ll be one of the most streamed on this album. I really wanna go to a Kid Cudi concert (omg first world problems shut up people are dying?!!?!!).

  • Rating: 7/10

For Da Kidz

Not my favorite, but definitely not my least favorite. This album is still no miss! This song just doesn’t blow me away, ya know?

  • Rating: 4/10

Lord I know

1980s video game inspired for sure! I really love the beat behind it, and Cudi’s voice suits it perfectly (as per usual). This is the typical Kid Cudi sound to me, and it feels like home sweet home!

  • Rating: 7/10


In conclusion, I’ve fallen deeper in love with Sir Cudi and you have just read the continuation of our love story. I can’t wait for more, and I’m sure you’re all on the edge of your seats, waiting for him to prompose to me or something (please please please). However, the main takeaway from this synopsis of Man on the Moon III: The Chosen is that Kid Cudi continues to be a rockstar. No one’s doubted it, my beloved Cudi is also loved by all, and I hope he gains a lot of fans from this here article. I highly recommend this album to anyone who adores r&b and hip hop.


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