Which One Direction Member are You?


Imagine: The date is 23 July, 2010 and you’re watching the X-Factor in your childhood living room. Simon Cowell announces that a group of five boys, chosen by him, will become a new band for the rest of the competition, despite being voted off individually. The band’s name is “One Direction” and its members are Harry Styles (16), Liam Payne (17), Louis Tomlinson (18), Niall Horan (17), and Zayn Malik (17). Through their episodes as a band on the show, you become so obsessed with them to the extent that their lives takeover your own. You go to concerts, watch their movies, buy all of their branded merchandise, support all of their albums released over the next 5 years, and watch them as they grow up. Suddenly, on 25 March, 2015, Zayn Malik released a statement describing his leave from the band. You are in distress, you leave school crying. No one seems to understand the root of your emotions, or why you’re so distraught. At the end of the year, it is revealed to fans by Louis Tomlinson that the band would be taking an 18 month hiatus. You are heartbroken, but you are hopeful for the newcoming of a better era for the boys. On the 13th of January, US Weekly released an article describing that the four boys left in One Direction¬†had not renewed their contracts for the 2016 year after their final tour. If you thought you were broken by the news of Zayn’s leave, the news of the permanent split rendered you hopeless. You wonder, “What’s next?”, and “Will I ever get to experience the same love for another band?”.

It is now the year 2020 and each member has released their own solo albums and have produced tours around the world individually over the past 3 years. They continue to thrive on their own, and you’re happy to see them succeed and fulfilled, but you can’t help but miss the band you grew up with. In this article, I will be collecting your answers and providing you with the One Direction member you relate to the most (please don’t get mad at me if you don’t get your favorite, I’m just speaking my truth) to give you the serotonin you need to get through your day.

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