2017-2018 Staff

Hannah Martin

Copy Editor

Well met! I’m Hannah Martin, Magnet’s resident bibliophile and amateur medievalist. I’m also the co-president of the AMHS Book Club, a freelance writer, and a soon-to-be-published novelist, so if you want book recommendations...

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Campbell Daffin


Hi! My name is Campbell Daffin and I'm a senior. I run for the AMHS cross country and track teams. I don't like to run but I like food so I guess I have to do it. My favorite pass time is hanging out with my friends and enjoying...

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Eliot Leadem


Hi! I'm Eliot Leadem, and I'm a senior at Academic Magnet and an editor of this year's Talon. My interests include videography, sports, and anything that can fly. Outside of school, you can find me playing golf or spending endless...

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Jack Niesse


I am Jack Henry Niesse. I am a senior editor, I wrote sports and other miscellaneous articles for the Talon last year. I play lacrosse and am a captain on the  swim team. I am very excited to help lead the flock. If you aren't...

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William Tipton

Staff Writer

Hello, my name is William Tipton and I am a senior. I have sailed for AMHS for all four years, and I am the captain of our speech and debate team as well. In my free time, I enjoy going on the boat as well as playing golf. I have...

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Zachary Kontenakos

Staff Writer

My name is Zach Kontenakos. I am a senior that enjoys playing the double bass in the school jazz band. I also play baseball for school and I am an Eagle Scout. I enjoy watching and following sports news and I am an avid football,...

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Abby Bonner

Staff Writer

Hi, I'm Abby Bonner, and I'm the only junior on this year's staff. Most people know me as the hockey girl because I've been an avid fan for my entire life. My favorite teams are the Washington Capitals and the South Carolina Stingrays....

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Grace Gehlken

Staff Writer

My name is Grace Gehlken and I am a Senior. I guess I like to be in charge of things because this year I am the Student Body Vice President, President of the National Spanish Honor Society, and President of REACH club (come see...

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Coco Kelly

Staff Writer

Hi, my name is Coco Kelly, and I'm a senior. I don't really have any hobbies; I was on the track team for three years, but have since decided to stop that activity. Even though I don't play sports, I love making new friends, talking...

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Isabel Root

Staff Writer

Hi, I’m Isabel Root and I’m a senior. My interests include politics, the food and beverage industry, and playing golf. Outside of school, you can find me working as a hostess at FIG Restaurant or Red Drum. I'm also on the...

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Thomas McNerney

Staff Writer

My name is Thomas Mcnerney, but you can call me Rooster. I play basketball and enjoy all things sports in general. I have been called the songbird of my generation, and can juggle for up to 20 seconds. Every once in a while, I'll...

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Nate Shirley

Staff Writer

Hey, my name is Nate Shirley. I am a senior and I play baseball and football for the school. I love sports and plan on pursuing sports journalism as a career. I enjoy playing baseball, basketball, and football. I also follow all...

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Daniel Lehman

Staff Writer

I'm Daniel and I'm a senior. I look forward to sharing my adventures as a mogul with the world of Magnet. You can see me cheering on the team at football games or on my legit Myspace profile. I enjoy playing basketball with my...

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Mary Claire Newsom

Staff Writer

Hi, my name is Mary Claire Newsom and I am a senior. I am on the girls varsity tennis team all four years and was on the track and field team freshman and junior year. I have two dogs, both are golden doodles named Lulu and Fletch....

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Rowan Burns

Staff Writer

Hey, I’m Rowan Burns and I’m a senior! I love playing soccer for club and for the Girls Varsity Soccer Team at our school. I like hanging out with my friends and having tons of fun whenever I can. I’m excited to become a...

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Campbell Babb

Staff Writer

Hey!! My name is Campbell and I'm a senior. I have been a captain on the swim team for two years now and won two state titles. I love boating, the beach, Mexican food, and pizza. I want to be an occupational therapist when I grow...

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Emma Ludman

Staff Writer

Howdy, I’m Emma Ludman, a senior. My hobbies include swim team, politics, and beekeeping. I have a dog, and a younger sister who attends the Magnet. Fun fact about me: I lived in South Africa and my favorite food is lasagna. In...

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Meghan Cradock

Staff Writer

Hi, I'm Meghan and I am a senior. I was on the track team for the past 3 years. I have 2 dogs, one black lab named Seamus and one beagle named Piper. In my free time I enjoy adventuring with my best pals and eating sushi. My favorite...

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Claire Dickman

Staff Writer

Hi, my name is Claire Dickman and I am very excited to be a part of the AMHS Talon this year! I was born in Melbourne, Australia and I go back to visit the city every summer. This will be my fourth year playing on the Magnet volleyball...

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Claire Hunt

Staff Writer

Hello! My name is Claire Hunt and I am thrilled to be a part of the Talon this year! Outside of school you can find me running cross country or playing soccer. But my first love is traveling, and specifically, traveling to wher...

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W Christopher Thomasson

Staff Writer

I’m Chris (William Christopher Thomasson IV), and I’m a senior. In my free time I enjoy driving boats and hanging out with my amigos. I have worked a variety of jobs around Charleston. I also play lacrosse and football. If...

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Hannah Smith

Staff Writer

Hey! I'm Hannah Smith and I’m a senior.  I play volleyball and can usually be found playing with my cat, Harold, or designing my tiny house for thesis. I love hanging out with my mom and sister and adventuring with my friends....

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Chase Michaelsen

Staff Writer

Hi, my name is Chase Michaelsen and I am a senior. I play competitive soccer for school and club, and enjoy repping the Raptors. I’m a home bred Charlestonian, and enjoy taking in all the sights our city has to offer. You can catc...

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