Dog of the Week


Due to many requests from the students of Academic Magnet, Dog of the Week will be making a return! This weeks dog is a 6 year-old black Pekingese named Tux. Tux is the dog of Magnet’s very own, Garrett Smith. Tux got the name because he is covered in black fur, except for a small white patch on his chest. The full black coat and white patch makes the dog look like he is wearing a Tuxedo! Pekingese dogs have an adorable under bite, and Tux is no exception. His favorite human food is turkey and his favorite toy is a squeaky bone. It is ironic because the bone was actually made for cats, but because he is such a small dog, other dog toys are too big for him to bite on and play with. Tux has an odd habit of sleeping on the bedside table instead of the bed itself. To get onto the table, he climbs onto the bed and then will walk/jump onto the table next to the bed or the couch. Tux enjoys going on walks with Garrett, but watch out, he will eat a frog if he can find one! Garrett found out about Tux’s obsession with frogs after taking him on a walk one day. When they were walking, Garrett noticed that Tux’s mouth started foaming and was barking for no apparent reason. Garrett said that it was very gross, and he joked with his dad about the dog having rabies. A couple days later, Garrett witnessed Tux eat a frog and his mouth began foaming again in the same fashion, indicating that his mouth begins to foam wildly after eating a delicious frog.