Dog of the Week


Bella; 2 years old

This week’s Dog of the Week belongs to one of Magnet’s very own, Hannah Reed. Bella is a two year old German Sheppard who is fun loving and very adventurous. Bella like most German Sheppard’s is very loyal, brave, and defensive of her owner. She loves to play with her toy squirrels and also enjoys swimming at the beach! In addition to this, Bella is very friendly with all animals and particularly enjoys hanging out with cats. Every day Bella takes trips to the barn to play with horses and get some running in. Finally, after her journey to the barn, Bella likes to cool down by drinking water straight from the hose. After a long day of playing and having fun with her other¬†friends Bella likes to wind down and go to sleep in the parents room. Then when the next day rolls around she likes to go wake Hannah up and begin the cycle again!