Dog of the Week: Special Edition

Dog of the Week: Special Edition

This is a very special edition of Dog of the Week where we will get the chance to admire several puppers’ Howl-O-Ween costumes!

Our first doggo is a Chow Chow named Ralph disguised as the great Californian seal. Ralph channeled his inner “sea dog” and pulled off a puptastic costume.

He was pleased to find out that trick-or-treating involved a lot of belly rubadubs and noggin pats. Next year he plans on dressing up as a porpoise to keep the sea creature theme alive. We are so proud of Ralph.


Our next pup is a Cockapoo named Luna disguised as a cat. She thought her costume was quite ironic because she hates cats. Good job, Luna– your attempt at humor was a pupcess.

Her favorite part of Howl-O-Ween was getting treats from nice hoomans. She plans on dressing up as a squirrel next year. Because she hates squirrels.



We have consulted with several experts and we have come the conclusion that we have no idea what this pupper is dressed up as. However, he still looks like a really good boy and we are so proud of his efforts. Maybe you’ll figure it out next year buddy.



This is by far the most exquisite costume we have ever seen. This doggo is dressed up as the most important of all office supplies: the paperclip.

You did an amazing job, sweetie. We can’t wait to see what you wear next Howl-O-Ween.





***PSA: There will be another Special Edition of Dog of the Week coming soon, so make sure you stay posted.