Academic Magnet High School - North Charleston, South Carolina.


Academic Magnet High School - North Charleston, South Carolina.


Academic Magnet High School - North Charleston, South Carolina.


RANKED: Grades at Magnet

Where does your grade fall?

Four years at Magnet means going to school with not only your grade but the grades above and below you. Should you attend for all four years, you will run into the members of six other grades. Some of them for only a year, some for three. In reflection over our last 4 years, we’ve decided to review and rank the classes we’ve encountered. The grades were ranked based on five factors and scored out of fifty. We took a look at Overall Coolness, Athleticism, School Spirit, Friendliness, and Unity. Take all of this with a grain of salt, as we’re pretty sure the class of 2024 would slide in at last place. 

In last place: the Class of 2023

Overall Coolness: 7/10

Pretty solid score in this category, the Class of 2023 was full of people to look up to.

Athleticism: 6/10

As for athleticism, this class wasn’t anything too special but they had a few star football and lacrosse players that the teams missed this year.

School Spirit: 7/10

This class was pretty spirited, we have to give it to them, after their Stranger Things wall day last year it definitely boosted them some points in this category.

Friendliness: 3/10

For friendliness… we had to dock some points from this class for their known hostility towards underclassmen. Similar to the Class of 2022, they did not make an effort to include underclassmen unless y’all were already friends.

Unity: 5/10

United we stand? Not for the class of 2023, a pretty divided grade.

Total: 28/50

In 5th place: the Class of 2026

Overall Coolness: 3/10

Bit of a harsh rating maybe, but the sophomores don’t wow us with their cool factor. 

Athleticism: 5/10

Solid players all around, but few dominate like some other grades have. Not to detract from the few star players, but overall this grade’s averagely athletic. 

School Spirit: 10/10

You can always count on the sophomores to jump up at the chance to volunteer at the pep rally and their spirit weeks do not disappoint. 

Friendliness: 8/10

A pretty chatty class with friends in all grades, this group knows how to socialize.

Unity: 4/10

Just not with their own grade :/ Haven’t heard of much happening with these people in a big group on the weekends, but we may be out of the loop. 

Total: 30/50

In 4th place: the Class of 2025

Overall Coolness: 7.5/10

These guys are pretty cool and we see some potential for them to be a fun senior class next year!

Athleticism: 9/10

This class has shown some promising skills in their athletics and they already have one student who committed for volleyball!

School Spirit: 5/10

Spirit week was looking a little bland for this grade, especially the disco wall that couldn’t make it through the first block… better luck next year!

Friendliness: 6/10

Just like the other grades, this grade has some beef and isn’t afraid to show it. But they are pretty proficient in chatting with upper and underclassmen. 

Unity: 6/10

This is a pretty average score for a Junior class, maybe their upcoming senior year will bring them closer as a grade.

Total: 33.5/50

In 3rd place: the Class of 2021

Overall Coolness: 8/10

The classic “they were seniors when we were freshmen” every freshman group should look up to the seniors their first year there.

Athleticism: 6/10

A mostly average group on the athletic scale. A couple stars but none to write home about. 

School Spirit: 9/10

Talk about school spirit! This class had it going on as they wanted to end their senior year with a bang, even though COVID was a large factor at this time.

Friendliness: 5/10

Maybe it was an intimidation thing, but this group wasn’t very social with the rest of the grades.

Unity: 6/10

A pretty united bunch that made us feel the comradery of the Raptors. But we also don’t remember it that well, so it couldn’t have been that great. 

Total:  34/50

In 2nd place: the Class of 2027

Overall Coolness: 8/10

This coolness rating is more out of potential and where we see them as seniors than raw evidence. But from what we’ve heard through the grapevine, this class has got it going on. 

Athleticism: 10/10

Oh hello, Elle Fennel and Logan Taylor, the freshmen who have taken over women’s soccer. And a shoutout to Charlie Papas, men’s basketball’s sharpshooter. Oh… and they beat us in Powder Puff. 

School Spirit: 5/10

We see some potential for this group to grow in their school spirit in the coming years but for now… it’s lacking…

Friendliness: 6/10

This freshman group is pretty nice with a few outliers, other than that, no complaints about this group.

Unity: 7/10

This is the most united group of freshmen we’ve seen in a while!

Total: 35/50

They’re just elite.

— Addie Hanna (12)

In 1st place: the Class of 2022

Overall Coolness: 10/10

Maybe it’s the awe that comes with older kids but the Class of 2022 really knew what they were doing when it came to their cool factor. Many groups have tried, and failed, to pull off referring to themselves as a group name. But The Fellowship was somehow able to make it look cool. 

Athleticism: 10/10

You only know what you got when it’s gone. It’s safe to say that when this class left Magnet, many sports teams suffered. From the girls’ soccer team to the boys’ basketball team, huge chunks of talent left the Raptors. 

School Spirit: 9/10

Lilly Praete and Oliver Abar knew how to hype up the Birdcage. If I was a freshman, I would be thrilled to go to football games with this class leading the charge.

Friendliness: 6/10

They were nice, but never really went out of their way to bring you into the fold, unless you already knew them. 

Unity: 8/10

They were close-knit, pretty solid score.

Total: 43/50

The Class of 2022 wins by a landslide. As Addie Hanna says, “they’re just elite.”


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