Dog of the Week

‘Tis the Season

Dog of the Week

It is officially December, which means it’s time to get festive! In honor of the holiday season we will be showcasing several jolly pooches in the coming weeks.

Meet this week’s doggo: Kringle. He’s excited for the holidays because his favorite activity is making hoomans happy. Also, he was excited to dig out his Santa hat because it keeps his floppy ears nice and snoozled.

This year, Kringle got to go to the Christmas tree farm with his hoomans and he met lots of trees named Douglas, Fraser, Balsam, and Spruce. They took one home named Balsam and put sparkles all over it. Then, his hoomans got out a big box filled with shiny balls, but when he tried to play with one they got pupset with him. They covered Balsam with the balls and he looks really pretty. (Don’t tell anyone, but sometimes when the hoomans aren’t looking Kringle chews on them). Kringle is looking forward to helping his hoomans wrap Christmas presents, but he will probably just chew on the wrapping paper and let his persons stick bows on his noggin.

Sometimes he roars instead of barking, but don’t worry: it’s just because he is bilingual. Also, when it’s snowing outside it’s sometimes hard to find Kringle because his floof is very white. He is a natural camouflager.

Kringle’s favorite snack during the holidays is snickerdoodles and sometimes if he’s lucky his hoomans fill his bowl with eggnog. Kringle is very deserving of these treats because he is a really good boy.