Academic Magnet High School - North Charleston, South Carolina.


Academic Magnet High School - North Charleston, South Carolina.


Academic Magnet High School - North Charleston, South Carolina.


The Ultimate Summer Bucket List

Every concert you could think to attend!

I consider myself quite the planner and when it comes to the summer, I make sure that there is never a dull moment, from working, tanning, taking weekend trips, dinners, concerts, and much more there are many activities you should complete to have the best summer ever. Below I have made a list of everything you should complete, to have the best summer ever. 

1. Get a job

My mantra for the summer is that money always comes back, even though you probably should be saving for the school year. Who cares, you’re going to be broke anyway so why not go ahead and spend it on fun events? But you do need a way to pay for these events, so you should probably get a job. My criteria for the best job, I have worked all of these btw:

  • Working at a sleepaway summer camp is honestly really fun. I do this every summer for a month, helps you meet new people, gives you something for college essays and applications, and gives you an income you don’t spend immediately. 
  • Working an internship that IS NOT a 9-5. I get it you need something good for your resume, but everyone I know who did the 9-5 internship was miserable. I personally, along with a few of my friends had internships where we worked part-time and it’s great because you can be off around 12 and still do activities in the afternoon.
  • Working in food and Bev a few times a week. DO NOT work every single night you will be bored. You need to work somewhere you actually like and are aesthetic so you can dress up and be happy to go to work. Examples include; The Post House(I work here), wood and grain, and any restaurant downtown. 

2. Go to concerts

Arguably one of the most exciting parts of the summer there are tons of concerts in the Charleston area. Even if you only know one song from a band you still and %1000 are going to have a great time, so get out of your comfort zone in music taste. Below is a list of concerts you need to attend this summer.

  The Music Hall

-Sierra Ferrell, May 10th, $30 a ticket

-Summer Salt, September 11th, $30 a ticket

-The Sweet Caroline tour staring Jay White, August 25th, $25 a ticket

The Music Farm

-Happy Landing, May 2nd, $17 a ticket

-Tribal Seeds, May 4th, $30 a ticket

-BENJAMIN TOD & LOST DOG STREET BAND, May 8th, $27 a ticket

-Jenny Lewis, June 27th, $40 a ticket

Credit One

-NeedToBreath, May 25th, $16 a ticket

-John Fogerty- The celebration tour, $39 a ticket

-Maggie Rogers – The Don’t Forget Me Tour, $25 a ticket

– New Kids on the Block- Majic Summer Tour, $30 a ticket

-Lauren Daigle, August 1st, $30 a ticket

The Refinery

-Stephen Marley, May 2nd , $36 a ticket

-Runaway Gin, May 26th

-Blue dogs summer shindig, June 1st

-Flipturn with the moss, July 12th

-The Head and The Heart, August 1st

The Windjammer

-Better Days, May 18th, $25 a ticket

-Future Birds, May 26th, $35 a ticket

-Wilderado, June 21st, $25 a ticket

-The Stews, June 22nd, $35 a ticket

-Moon Taxi, June 28-30th, $35 a ticket

-Stop Light Observations, July 19th, $30 a ticket

-The Vegabonds, July 20, $30 a ticket

-Dispatch, Summer Stops, $60 a ticket

3. Go out to eat

Nothing is better than a night on the town with your friends, some restaurants I recommend for a summer night dinner are, Leons, Pink Bellies, Obstinate Daughter, and many more. Here are the best restaurants to visit with friends and what to order!

-Leons: Car-Grilled Oysters(I dream about these) or Fried Chicken

-Pink Bellies- General Gerry’s Chicken(perfect for sharing) 

-Edmonds Oast- Artisan Meat Share Cheese Burger

-Home Team BBQ- BBQ Nachos

 If you do want to try one of the newer restaurants here is a list below.

 -XO Brassiere(Chinese $$) looks delish

– The Harlow(Burgers and Oysters $$) I went here recently and their food is insanely good I could eat here every day. 

-Ma’am Saab(Indian $) Also went here it was delish

-Jackrabbit Filly(Asain?? $$) Very unexpected location, but delish

4. Go to the beach/boat

This is a given, if you don’t go to the beach or on the boat over the summer, it needs to be added to your list. Whether it’s a sunrise plunge on the beach, or wakeboarding on the boat, water makes you happier and you live in arguably the best place in the country for boating and beach activities. Also, in my opinion, you are happier when you are more tan. 

5. Have a themed event with your friends

Another one of my favorite things about summer is having friends over and all dressing up as a theme or making dinner under a theme. Here are some examples below, it’s a great way to reach out to people you haven’t seen all summer also. 

  • Platter night (everyone brings a different platter of food)
  • Trader Joe’s cooking comp(everyone gets 5 minutes in Trader joes to create a meal of their choice and share)
  • Master Chef(divide everyone into teams and give them items they must include in their meal)
  • American Darts Tournament(Have everyone dress USA-themed and have a darts tournament)
  • Color Olympics(wow what are the odds it is the summer of the Olympics) Divide people into teams and have them complete activities and dress as their color)

6. Take a trip.

Finally, we have, to take a trip, everyone knows that summer is the only time to travel the world or just South Carolina. Here are some trip ideas that may be doable with or without parents.

-Seaside- might need parents for this one but if you want an action-packed trip not too far away this is the place to go. Also when you are there I will give you three pieces of advice I wish had known. 

  1. When in doubt go to the Dogwood Street beach access(Want to make some seaside friends. This is the spot)
  2. Lock your bike! Yes, my bike was in fact stolen on Dogwood.
  3. Don’t trust your new seaside friends too much, everyone has flaws.

-The mountains in North Carolina, rent a small cabin

-Litchfield, Edisto, or Folly, great for a small getaway

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