Academic Magnet High School - North Charleston, South Carolina.


Academic Magnet High School - North Charleston, South Carolina.


Academic Magnet High School - North Charleston, South Carolina.


Spring Sport Senior Nights!

How has AMHS athletics celebrated the Class of 2024 this spring?!

With the months of April and May come lots of bittersweet events and celebrations for seniors, and sport’s senior night is one of the most notable. For four years, the class of 2024’s athletes have been waiting to participate in this special ceremony! Marking the grand finale of four years of hard practices and intense games, the commemorative event is a poignant reminder of the bonds forged on the field that fostered great friendships and countless memories. As seniors bid farewell to their high school athletic careers, senior night becomes a cherished chapter in their journey, marking the end of one era and the beginning of another. In this article, I will be discussing the senior night’s of some of our AMHS spring sports: soccer, lacrosse, baseball, and softball. 

Most senior nights have a couple things in common. The ceremony usually involves each senior being escorted out onto their home field by their parents. Their name, number, special accomplishments, future plans, favorite memories, and a message to their team/parents are read aloud. While this may involve some tears from senior parents, the ceremony eloquently recognizes the soon to be graduates who have dedicated countless hours to this school and their respective sport. In addition to this ceremony, the team parents and teammates usually orchestrate a gift or commemorative effort. However, these vary across different sports. Let’s see what the spring sport senior’s were gifted from their teams this year, on senior night! 


Girls Soccer

SENIORS: Rachel Holden, Addie Hanna, Cliffie Manuel, Chloe Carlsten, Lilly Murphy, Charlie Zaifert, Abby Poole, Eliza Compton

The girl’s soccer team had eight awesome seniors this year, who all contributed vastly to the program and deserved to be celebrated! After an astounding 9-0 victory over Timberland, the girl’s soccer team seniors were given flowers and a Tervis tumbler, marked with their team mascot Po! The team also wrote individualized notes for each senior, which was made into a book by sophomore Madeline Moye. How sweet! This senior night gift deserves a 10/10 for impeccable quality and heartfelt commemoration.


Boy’s Soccer 

SENIORS: Ben Brock and Lukey Sutherland

With only two seniors, it seems the boy’s soccer team had a little more room in the budget because they were welcomed with balloons! Coach Hamil had nothing but praise to speak over these two senior soccer players during the ceremony, and the team parents greeted the boys with a customized blanket and a team poster. However, this is where it turned a little less formal… Ben and Lukey reported that their teammates gave them some interesting (yet comical) gifts to celebrate their accomplishments. Ben was blessed with a massage gun, bed sheets, a framed picture of some teammates, fake money, and a yamaka signed by his entire team! Lukey was presented with JV call up Jack Hamm on a leash, laxatives, narcan, solo cups, tic-tacs, and a backpack! While some of these gifts may not be particularly heartfelt, Ben and Lukey are appreciative of their teammate’s attempt. What a way to celebrate your seniors AND an 11-1 win over Timberland! Good job, boys. 


Boy’s Lacrosse

SENIORS: Jackson Ethredge, Wilson Burns, Ford Martin, Isaac Cherry, James King, Tucker Engelke, Harrison Crties, Nate Markin

WOW! This is a lot of seniors! There is no denying the hole that will be left on the lacrosse field when these 8 seniors leave. Mr. Cosgrove is definitely sad to see them go, but they sure did celebrate well. If you are strolling the halls and see any of these boys wearing a AMHS lacrosse sweatshirt, you can thank their team parents because they got some merch for senior night! Accompanied by flowers, the lacrosse seniors were spoiled on their special day. Thank you seniors! 


Girl’s Lacrosse 

SENIORS: Holly Manning, Sophia Locascio, Louisa Mulvey, Emerson Medlin

On the girls lacrosse team’s senior night, they really showed their skills when they defeated Ashley Hall 11-6! With flowers in hand and AMHS lacrosse sweatshirts (to match the boys) on their backs, they walked off the field with their heads held high. They also were given a team picture, signed by all their teammates and decorated beautifully. Cute! Congratulations, you four!



SENIORS: Beatty Cummings, Thomas Martin, Connor Sawall

The baseball team’s parents really knocked it out of the park with their senior gift of a team signed baseball, flowers, and an AMHS baseball hat! On top of the stellar gifts, our baseball team put up a good fight against Bishop England. So proud. 



SENIORS: Embre Slack, Aislynn Piihl, Elaina Seymour, Abby Brauchle

Last but not least, softball! These four seniors have dedicated LOTS of time and energy to our softball program and have truly made the team what it is today. And you can tell that their teammates appreciate them because they went above and beyond for senior night. Sophomore, Cameron Hazel used her artistic talents to DRAW each of her role models and gift them with their own portraits on their special day. Beyond impressive. In addition, the seniors received a basket of goodies containing their favorite candy, flowers and a team signed softball! They also WON, beating Phillip Simmons 8-3! Yay softball!

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