Dog of the Week


Meet Rover, an exotic floofer from Ethiopa. His hooman, Nahom, frequently takes him on very long walks and trips to the dog park. All the other puppers at the park are fascinated with Rover’s peculiar humps. They often call him humpty dumpty behind his back, which sometimes pupsets him.

Fun fact: this doggo is a whopping six and a half feet tall. Clifford’s got nothing on him.

Rover’s short brown fur may not be the floofiest, but it is silky as h*ck and attracts many pats. He is a great snuggle buddy to watch movies and nap with.

On top of his other puptastic qualities, Rover is great at helping with chores around the house. For example, he always helps with unloading the groceries, changing the batteries in the smoke detectors, and reaching balls that are stuck in trees. Also, he is great at licking up spills and dishes after dinner.

Rover’s favorite game is hide n seek. Don’t tell him but he isn’t very good at it. His hooman plays along though and pretends not to see him hiding behind the couch or under the kitchen table.

Sometimes while playing fetch with his hooman, Rover accidentally eats the stick. When he’s really hungry, which is usually all the time, Rover likes to munch on biscuit chips dipped in peanut butter. On his birthday, Rover is always surprised with a big pupcake topped with peanut butter icing and cheese sprinkles.

This doggo is one of the best we’ve ever seen with his sparkling personality and inspiring work ethic. Rover is a really good dog.