Dog of the Week


Meet Nugget, Biscuit, Clyde, Susan, Beth, Karren, Todd, Chad, Brian, Jessica, and Dan. Their lucky hooman, JJ Bishop, has the great pleasure of having ELEVEN doggos. They might be a pawful, but their lovable attitudes make up for it.

These puppers are pawfect security guards. Whenever anyone comes near their house they bark and howl ad nauseam. Be careful, they might attack you with playful smooches. Also, they are the perfect alarm clocks because they collectively bay as soon as the sun rises and sets.

Their favorite game to play with their hoomans is called “escape.” In this game, all of the doggos work together to escape the house by running around rampantly and charging out of the door at once. Once they are out, they have to be rounded up by their hoomans and put back inside their house.

Most woofers make friends with other woofers, but these made friends with a pair of quackers. The ducks stop by for a visit occasionally and set all the pups into a friendly frenzy, trying to chase and play all at once.

Be warned: if you ever stop by for a visit, you better bring snacks. These doggos love to nom on peanut butter biscuits and any left overs you might have.

All eleven of these pooches are full of charisma, hype, and friendliness. Most importantly, they are all good dogs.