Dog of the Week


Meet Mystique, a lovable pupper with hoovies on her footies. Her brown fur attracts much needed pats and boops. Sometimes dogs at the park give Mystique a hard time because she likes to wear antlers and prance around like a reindeer. However, this is just her way of expressing her favorite holiday, Christmas. She loves traveling to the mountains with her family, playing in the snow, and tangling herself in holiday decorations, because it reminds her of the Christmas spirit. Mystique always helps her family unwrap presents by chewing on wrapping paper and pulling on ribbons.

Her hooman, Campbell Babb, frequently accompanies her on long walks through nature trails. Mystique likes to stop periodically and munch on flowers or slurp up water from puddles, which she is abruptly yanked away from. She often trips because her paw-eye coordination isn’t all there, but she keeps trudging on with her tail a’waggin.

Mystique’s meal schedule is described as follows: breakfast, snack, lunch, snack, dinner, snack, repeat. Her favorite doggo food brand is Rachael Ray Nutrish Natural, because Mystique embraces a healthy and organic lifestyle. When she’s needing a little munchie, Mystique chomps on peanut butter on a biscuit. If she’s lucky, she’ll get left over snackies from her hoomans.

During thunderstorms, Mystique grabs her favorite stuffed animal, Calvin the duck, and nervously curls up under any blanket she can find. However, when an unfamiliar hooman comes to the door, Mystique finds her courage and barks to defend her home. Don’t be alarmed, though: she will happily lick an extended hand or welcome a couple boops on her noggin.

Even though Mystique is usually a good dog, she has her mischievous moments. One time she jumped on the kitchen counter and ate three whole sticks of butter. Her tummy did not thank her later. Despite her faults, Mystique is a wonderful woofer.