Dog of the Week


Meet Beasley, commonly referred to as B or Beez by her closest friends. This pupper lives on James Island and prefers to travel door to door meeting new hoomans as she goes along. She believes staying with one hooman holds her back from her full puptential. Beasley’s free spirited vibe is inspirational to all the neighborhood doggos who feel restrained by fences, kennels, and leashes.

Her shiny fur is sputtered with white and black spots that attract much needed rubadubs. Her favorite place to be booped is right behind her big ears and on her flooffy tummy.

Beasley’s favorite pass time is lying in the grass in the bright sunshine. However, when she’s not doing this, she enjoys chasing lizards, eating dandelions, and digging holes.

Beasley eats lots of snacks that are graciously handed out to her. But, her favorite munchie is cheese wrapped in turkey. Thanksgiving brings lots of these treats her way, and she is very thankful for that.

During her travels, Beasley has encountered many interesting things. One time in particular, she got into a tussle with a fox who was poking his nose in her food bowl. Beasley ended up in the pupper hospital after tearing her ear and getting a big cut on her leg. She received the cone of shame for a couple of days while her stitches healed.

Beasley is definitely a bruiser, but don’t be fooled. She’s a loving pup who appreciates the many hoomans who take care of her. And, she’s a really good dog.