An Unexpected Magnet Influencer

Mrs. Spencer takes on Egypt!


As previously mentioned in my other articles, I spend much of my time scrolling through Instagram. The weekend of April 15th, in particular, created a momentous amount of posts from the influencers that traveled to Palm Springs to attend Coachella and Revolve Festival. All eyes looked to see what these celebrities and influencers would wear, with Emma Chamberlain’s crocodile jumpsuit and Harry Styles’ sequined jumpsuit being fan favorites (I think we can state that jumpsuits are in this summer, and I thankfully own many). However, there is one influencer I follow that did not attend the events of this weekend: Catherine Spencer.

Many of the upperclassmen may remember our past fearless leader, who governed Academic Magnet for four years to great success. Her notable highlights were her grandiose speeches and bringing in a cohort of students from China. However, at the end of last year, she joined our Class of 2021 and left the Raptor Nest. Mrs. Spencer set off to Egypt to develop an international school in Cairo for GEMS Education, which was not unordinary for her, as she has previously worked in international education. While I thought last year’s graduation ceremony would be the last time I saw Mrs. Spencer, I was mistaken. Now, I follow along on her travels and adventures in Egypt.

Below are some of my favorite snaps, and you may be able to sense a pattern in her posts. Most photos are captionless, allowing the viewer to truly take in what they are witnessing. While modern-day celebrities constantly create these long descriptions and tag 100 brands, Mrs. Spencer allows viewers to skip the hassle of reading. As they say, a picture says 1,000 words, so no caption necessary! When captions are used, Mrs. Spencer simply notes what the image is of or uses a humorous quip. Also notable is the lack of filters. While the aforementioned celebrities are known to edit their images, Mrs. Spencer is showing us her real-life, unfiltered view of Cairo, which makes any viewer quite envious. Finally, in addition to artistic market shots, Mrs. Spencer showcases her own triumphs, recently completing a 5k for her school! She was also recently joined by some Academic Magnet faculty members over spring break. Check out the pictures of Ms. E and Ms. Akery at the Sphinx.

Since following Mrs. Spencer, I have questioned how to model my own feed after her. Although I am not traveling Egypt, I think living in Charleston has its own incredible sights. With Mrs. Spencer’s casual posting, you can tell she doesn’t put the stress into Instagram that many of us Magnet students do in order to find the perfect shot or pose. I hope that one day we can all be just a bit more like Mrs. Spencer’s unfiltered capturing of her life and truly make Instagram casual once and for all.

If you want to follow along on your own, her handle is @catherinespencer4252