Academic Magnet High School - North Charleston, South Carolina.


Academic Magnet High School - North Charleston, South Carolina.


Academic Magnet High School - North Charleston, South Carolina.


10 Things AMHS Staff Can’t Live Without

GQ Interviews AMHS Version
10 Things AMHS Staff Cant Live Without

Some of my favorite YouTube videos to watch are the GQ interviews of celebrities and the 10 things they can not live without. My favorite interview was with Steffon Diggs when he said he can’t live without pink Starbursts because they are the best flavor, which is true. Some of the items they include in these interviews are things I have never heard of or some things I would not be able to live without. I was inspired by these interviews to ask our AMHS teachers what they can not live without. I sent out a form to the teachers and here are some of their responses!


First up is Mrs. Akery! She is an English teacher and is also in charge of the Yearbook staff! Mrs. Akery can not live without her husband, her daughters, and her best friend, so sweet. She wouldn’t be able to live without her favorite foods rice and sheep cheese, and like many of the English teachers, she could not survive without her Coca-Cola! She needs her scarves, HBO to watch her favorite shows, Apple Music, and most importantly sleep.


Next is my English teacher, Mrs. Bortz! She couldn’t live without poetry, music, and of course Broadway. She has been to many Broadway shows and has some of their Playbill posted on the wall in her room.  She couldn’t live without her beautiful family, kind people, and people who challenge injustice. She couldn’t survive without coffee and juicy garden tomatoes. She couldn’t live without the Charleston sunshine and of course The Real Housewives. Me too Mrs. Bortz I love all the Bravo TV Shows.



Mrs. McCalls favorite workouts! Can’t wait to try them out!

One of our amazing guidance counselors Mrs. McCall is next. She couldn’t be without her family, especially her son Caleb, and her friends. She needs her chapstick, coffee, sneakers, and dry shampoo to survive. She couldn’t live without her music, recently it’s been a lot of Taylor Swift! I have a feeling Mrs. McCalls favorite Taylor album is Fearless or Reputation… She needs her EMKFit Dance Workouts and her favorite game Fishdom. Thankfully she lives in Charleston because she couldn’t survive without living close to the water.





Señora Colón and her son, Lucas.

Next up is my lovely Spanish 4 teacher, Señora Colón. She can not live without her health, her husband, and her two sons, Marcos and Lucas Colón. She has taught at AMHS for many years and cannot live without her job. She needs her shoes, her favorites are Hey Dudes,  TV, and jazz music, which she loves to play in class. You know it is going to be a fun 1B when Mrs. Colón puts on some music and teaches us a dance to start class. Finally, she can’t live without the best foods, rice and chocolate.








Mrs. Desbrow’s dog Leo!

Next up Mrs. Desbrow! She like all of the teachers so far can’t live without her family, which includes her dog Leo and cat Cassie. She needs her job, books, music, and her phone.

“GPS is amazing!”

— Mrs. Desbrow

She needs to always be able to travel, perform on the dance floor, and she loves to sing. You killed it at the pep rally in the teacher dance Ms. Desbrow! She can’t live without board games and video games. She needs grocery stores because she would be vegan without it and of course, she can’t live without her humor, curiosity, and acceptance of others.





Mr. Flo’s 10 items he can’t live without.

Next up is Mr. Flo who can’t live without his To-Do list, a date stamp, pocket protectors, and a mini bluetooth speaker. If you have had Mr. Flo at some point you know he loves his date stamps. Mr. Flo needs his Doublemint gum, hand sanitizer, and his car keys with an emblem from Cuba, which is his dad’s home country! He needs his pocket notebooks to learn from his mentors, journals, and devotional books to survive. Thanks, Mr. Flo for this picture of all of your favorite things!




Ms. Hurts favorite drink!

Ms. Hurt loves her children, grandchild, her sister, her nieces, and her friends and couldn’t live without them. Her daughter even went to school with Steph Curry, so she’s pretty cool! If you know Ms. Hurt you know she can’t live without her Coke Zero and six-layer chocolate cake. Ms. Hurt is always seen with a Coke Zero in hand, it’s a part of her personality. She couldn’t survive without General Hospital and students who say things like Grapes of Wrath is “fire.” She also can’t live without laughing, music, dogs, and sports.





Mrs. Renes family picture!
Yoda cake made by Mrs. Renes!

Next up, the teacher I spend the most time with on A-Days, with having AP Calculus, AP Research, and Study Hall together! Mrs. Renes could not live without her two daughters, Dollena and Darby, her husband, and her fellow AMHS teacher sister, Mrs. Vann! She also can’t live without her father-in-law, Mike, and her mom, Kathy. She has to have food, specifically Mexican food and pizza, and of course the best thing on the earth, the $5 rotisserie chicken from Costco. For most of this country’s psyche, I hope that inflation doesn’t cause the price of these rotisserie chickens to increase. She loves Charleston and couldn’t live without the beach. Her favorite hobby is making food art, especially for her kids’ birthdays and school parties! I have seen a lot of her food art but the Yoda cake above is some of her best work!


Mrs. Yackey can’t live without her family and FOOD, specifically sweets she says. Mrs. Yackey is an incredible ultimate frisbee player and could not live without her favorite sport. She needs all things tie-dye, math, of course, coffee, and horrible jokes to survive. She can’t live without her attitude on life, and being completely comfortable with herself around others. Most importantly, in my opinion, she can’t live without my sanity in a world full of insanity.


Thanks to all of the awesome AMHS teachers and staff for your responses and for participating in the Talon! I loved learning a little more about all of you!

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