Academic Magnet High School - North Charleston, South Carolina.


Academic Magnet High School - North Charleston, South Carolina.


Academic Magnet High School - North Charleston, South Carolina.


Teacher Survivor: PART 3

Watch them as they continue to outwit, outplay, and outlast.

Let’s get straight into it!

“Welcome to the merge!”

— Addie & Cliffie

Episode 11:

Drop your buffs! We’ve made it to the merge. Teachers, give yourselves a big fat pat on the back (if you’re still in, that is). 


Last Gasp

“The tribe members are positioned under a metal grate as the incoming tide rises. As the tide rises, the breathing space under the grate grows smaller. The last castaway to remain under the grate would win Individual Immunity.”

With it now being a solo win, Mr. Rush takes it home. And shhhh Mrs. Lankford has the Hidden Immunity Idol. This win makes Mr. Rush and Ms. Langley bond. Sucking up to the power @Ms. Langley?! 🙂 We’ll see at tribal. Woah there, Mrs. Lankford is using her Immunity idol. And not even for herself!?! She protects Mr. Devenio. Bold moves. Because of this, any votes cast against Mr. Devenio will not count. BRAVO! Excellent idol play as 6 people voted for Mr. Devenio. Well, I hate to be the bearer of bad news to these six, but your votes are all canceled. The final vote count was 0 votes Mr. Devenio (6 canceled) and 4 votes Mr. Percy. Mr. Percy, the tribe has spoken. 


Vote Summary

Devenio: Vann, Cassidy, Percy, Smith, Langley, Garris

Percy: Hurt, Devenio, Rush, Lankford


Comments from the hosts: WOOHOO! BEST TRIBAL YET. And we have Mrs. Lankford to thank for the excitement. Sorry Mr. Percy, not the best way to go out, but what can you do? #donthatetheplayerhatethegame 


Episode 12:

The two tribes merging together is causing some tension. Sure, they can be with each other at school all day but Survivor is somehow more ruthless than Magnet. I’m sure the tension will boil to an explosion in the challenge. 



Bai Bai

“The castaways would split into two teams of four in a Schoolyard Pick, with the castaway not being picked and sent to Exile Island. One at a time, a castaway from each team would swim out to a multi-level net tunnel that they would have to crawl through. After another short swim, they would reach a floating platform that contained a wall with a set of Micronesian symbols laid out in a pyramid shape. The castaway would then return to the starting position and attempt to replicate the pattern of symbols onshore. The first team to match the symbols onshore with the pattern on the platform would win.”

Teams for the challenge:

Team 1: Hurt, Vann, Lankford, and Smith

Team 2: Devenio, Cassidy, Langley, and Garris

Mr. Rush was not picked and will go to Exile Island.


That’s a win for team 2! They win a flight to a village on Yap for a feast, watching a traditional dance, and spending the night in a chief’s traditional house. Sorry team 1, and better luck next time!



When It Rains, It Pours

“The castaways would stand on a log, one arm above their head, with their wrist tethered to a bucket of water on top of a platform. The castaway who could stand there the longest without tipping the bucket would win. During the challenge, Jeff would tempt the castaways to quit with offerings of food, including donuts, cookies, and various other foods.” 

And Dr. Cassidy will be safe at the next tribal council! But before the teachers make it there, Ms. Hurt and Ms. Smith have a small fight, as do Ms. Vann and Ms. Langley. I guess all the “teacher patience” is out the window once they make it to the final 9 on Survivor. Uh sorry Mr. Devenio, your time has run out. The final vote count was 5 votes Mr. Devenio and 4 votes Ms. Smith. Mr. Devenio, the tribe has spoken.


Vote Summary

Devenio: Vann, Cassidy, Smith, Langley, Garris

Smith: Hurt, Devenio, Rush, Lankford


Comments from the hosts: We’re getting down to it and it will only get harder especially after such a close vote. Is it over for Ms. Hurt, Mr. Rush, and Mrs. Lankford? Keep reading to find out. 


Episode 13:



“Players will be given $500 to be used for the auction. Players may share money and items. Auction will end without notice.” 

Bring on the betting. Some items are known before betting and others are covered FYI. And some are advantages. Will they hold out to advance further or will the hunger take over? Ms. Hurt wins a covered item (a hot dog with fries). Ms. Langley wins a covered item (nachos). Mrs. Smith wins a covered item (fruit bat soup) YUCK!!!. Mr. Garris wins a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Mr. Rush wins the power to send someone to Exile Island and take their money. Oh, we’ve got a game player on our hands. Mr. Rush sends Dr. Cassidy. Mrs. Lankford wins a covered item (a chocolate cake). She must share the reward with three other castaways. Mrs. Lankford shares with Ms. Hurt, Mr. Rush, and Mrs. Smith. What a sweetheart. 



Pool Party

“The castaways would throw rocks at a tile which would cause a bundle of puzzle pieces to drop to the ground. The first four castaways who broke their tiles would move on to the second round of digging up a key that would unlock the puzzle pieces. The puzzle pieces would then be assembled into a wheel that would be used to crank a pulley, which would lower two wooden planks. The first two castaways who completed the second round would move on the final round. The planks would be used to cross a rope bridge. The castaway would then race across a series of disks suspended on ropes. First to cross the disks would win Individual Immunity.” 


Whoop whoop!! Ms. Vann wins immunity. This causes her and Mrs. Smith to bond very strongly. All the while, Mr. Garris has a major meltdown. Dr. Cassidy is completely worn out, but is not giving up just yet. Big drama today. And it continues at tribal council as Dr. Cassidy is sent home but both Mr. Rush and Ms. Hurt get votes. Dr. Cassidy Final vote count was 5 votes Dr. Cassidy, 2 votes Mr. Rush, and 1 vote Ms. Hurt. Dr. Cassidy, the tribe has spoken.


Vote Summary


Cassidy: Hurt, Vann, Rush, Lankford, Langley

Rush: Cassidy, Smith

Hurt: Garris

Comments from the hosts: As it gets to the end, the true colors come out. Bye bye Dr. Cassidy!


Episode 14

A low-key immunity challenge results in Ms. Langley winning immunity and also the ability to send one player to Exile Island. She chooses Mr. Garris. Guess that meltdown rubbed some people the wrong way. Kind of a boring episode because not much happened around camp, except the aftermath of Mr. Garris’s meltdown continues to have significant effects as he is voted out at tribal council. The final vote count was 5 votes Mr. Garris and 2 votes Ms. Hurt. Mr. Garris, the tribe has spoken.


Vote Summary


Mr. Garris: Hurt, Vann, Rush, Colon, Langley

Ms. Hurt: Smith, Garris


Episode 14


Body Slam

“The castaways would, in private, answer a survey about their fellow tribemates. They would then have to guess whose name came up the most from the group. Each time a castaway guessed correctly, they would be given the opportunity to chop at a rope that held a weight above a statuette that represented another castaway. After three chops of the rope, the statuette would be smashed and that castaway would be eliminated from the challenge. The last castaway whose statuette was not smashed would win reward.”


Mr. Rush wins the reward and chooses to share the reward with Ms.Vann and Ms. Langley. Big moves.They win a trip to Jellyfish Lake to swim among stingless jellyfish with a loved one. Mr. Rush also chooses to send Mrs. Smith to Exile Island.



Shoot To Thrill

“The castaways would take turns shooting a rifle at colored sake bottles. The first person who breaks all three of their bottles would win.” 


And Ms. Hurt wins immunity! But as a result Ms. Hurt and Ms.Vann have a small fight. Yet this is nothing compared to Ms.Vann and Ms. Langley’s major fight. Woah unprecedented tribal with a big first for this season. There was a tie. The final vote count was 2 votes Ms. Colon, 2 votes Mrs. Smith, 1 vote Ms.Vann, and 1 vote Mr. Rush. Because of a tie, there will be a revote. Those in the tie will not revote, unless no one received votes on the original vote. Final vote count was 2 votes Ms. Colon and 2 votes Mrs. Smith. Oh gosh this means that our teachers will have to draw rocks to see who will depart. On a big stroke of bad luck, Ms.Vann, the game has spoken.


Vote Summary


Vote #1

Ms. Colon: Vann, Langley

Mrs. Smith: Hurt, Rush

Ms.Vann: Colon

Mr. Rush: Smith


Vote #2

Ms. Colon: Vann, Langley

Mrs. Smith: Hurt, Rush


Comments from the host: Wow. Sad to see Ms.Vann go 🙁


Episode 15


Survivor Roots

“The castaways would be quizzed about favorite moments from past seasons of Survivor. The first person to correctly answer four questions would win.” 


Mr. Rush wins the reward. He’s on a roll and shares the reward with Ms. Hurt. They win a helicopter trip over the Rock Islands and an overnight stay at a resort. Mr. Rush also puts Mrs. Smith on Exile Island.


Dash, Dig, Decode

“Three large sand pits are surrounded by signs with symbolic coordinates. Each castaway would be given a pair of ropes and a set of coordinates. They would use the ropes to match the coordinates up so that the ropes intersect within the circle. At that intersection point, they would dig up a bag of puzzle pieces. This would give them the coordinates to use with the ropes on the second sand pit. The process would be repeated until a final bag of puzzle pieces would be retrieved from the third sand pit. The first person to complete the last puzzle wins immunity.”

Ms. Colon wins immunity. And around camp Ms. Hurt and Ms. Langley bond slightly. Over at tribal Mrs. Smith gets sent packing. Final vote count was 3 votes Mrs. Smith and 2 votes for Ms. Hurt. Mrs. Smith, the tribe has spoken.


Vote Summary


Mrs. Smith: Ms. Hurt, Rush, Colon

Ms. Hurt: Smith, Langley

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