Academic Magnet High School - North Charleston, South Carolina.


Academic Magnet High School - North Charleston, South Carolina.


Academic Magnet High School - North Charleston, South Carolina.


Raptors Embracing Their Thanksgiving Traditions

What Are Your Academic Magnet Teachers’ Favorite Thanksgiving Sides?

Thanksgiving can be known as one of the most and least popular holidays in the United States, solely because family can either be comforting or overwhelming. Although family’s on Thanksgiving serve as a gray area, the food tends to be the factor that brings everyone together. Here at Academic Magnet your teachers enjoy traditional and creative side dishes that they consider their favorites. Down below look into your teachers’ favorite Thanksgiving sides.


The English Department-

Ms. Lankford-

Her favorite side is sweet potato casserole which consists of the sweetness of sugar and yams, that can be topped with other crunchy and chewy toppings like pecans and marshmallows

Mrs. Akery-

Her favorite side is stuffing, not dressing, which is used as a savory side dish that can be cooked with or alongside the bird. Stuffing, like its name, will fill you up with its savory bread flavor.

Dr. Hay-

Like Ms. Lanford, Dr. Hay also has a sweet tooth when it comes to Thanksgiving sides and also enjoys sweet potato casserole.

Mrs. Grayson-

Although sweet treats on Thanksgiving are enjoyable, Mrs. Grayson enjoys an unknown favorite known as funeral potatoes.
She describes these deadly potatoes as potatoes layered with different toppings such as cheese, chives, and bacon

Ms. Hurt-

Like her sweet personality, Ms. Hurt’s favorite side is sweet potato casserole with pecans and marshmallows.
Ms. Hurt loves to comment about how she pronounces pecan and how northerners who say Pe-Kahn are wrong

Ms. Collins-

Ms. Collins’s favorite side is baked mac and cheese which is just what you need on a cold Thanksgiving day as it homey and comforting

Mrs. Bortz-

Like Ms. Collins, her favorite is her grandmother’s baked mac and cheese

Ms. Vann-

Ms. Vann brings a new twist to a classic with her nana’s oyster stuffing which has been passed down for generations
It combines traditional bread stuffing and canned oysters

The Athletics Department-

Coach Knauer-

His favorite sweet treat on Thanksgiving is cold jellied cranberry sauce which can be used as a topping or a mixer in other sides

Coach Koll-

Her favorite sweet side is strawberry pretzel salad which is a midwestern twist on cheesecakes

The Electives Department-

Mr. Lovering-

His favorite side is the multi purpose side mashed potatoes which can be eaten plain, with butter, or with gravy

Mr. Grimshaw-

Mr. Grimshaw, like me, has the same favorite side known as the creamy and delicious green bean casserole
What is nice about this casserole is the crunch and creaminess it provides

The Foreign Language Department-

Dr. Lupo-

Her favorite sides are the dynamic duo of green bean casserole and mashed potatoes

Dr. Altman-

Along with her glam lifestyle she enjoys sweet potato soufflé as her favorite sweet treat on thanksgiving

The History Department-

Ms. Orr-

Her favorite side, although pronounced wrong, is bread dressing with gravy

Mr. Williams-

Mr. Williams like many before him enjoys the delectable baked mac and cheese

Mrs. Etikerentse-

Mrs. E chooses a non traditional route and enjoys stewed oxtail which proves to be quite savory and delicious

The Math and Science Department-

Ms. Langley-

Her favorite side is the creamy, savory side known as creamed corn
She says she has to use specific Silver Queen corn which has to be picked out in the summer, and then frozen until Thanksgiving due to the lack of fresh corn around the area

Mrs. Renes-

Like Ms. Vann, she enjoys her nana’s oyster stuffing which has been generationally passed down

Mrs. Roop-

She enjoys the delectable stuffing/dressing which she left nameless as she did not want to offend anyone with the pronunciation
She also said she enjoys the baked rolls with butter as what can taste better than that

Mr. McCormick-

He enjoys sweet potato casserole with pecans, however in all caps says that there should be NO MARSHMALLOWS on his casserole

Ms. Weisskopf-

She enjoys a more traditional Thanksgiving with her favorite side being stuffing

To end off the list we have Ms. Desbrow who enjoys mashed potatoes. Hopefully you caught some inspiration from your teachers, and who knows if your favorite side may be your favorite teacher’s side.


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