Academic Magnet High School - North Charleston, South Carolina.


Academic Magnet High School - North Charleston, South Carolina.


Academic Magnet High School - North Charleston, South Carolina.


Charlie Brown Thanksgiving Movie: Teacher Edition

Who is who at Magnet??


Charlie Brown- Mr. Percy

The character the movie is named after deserves an equal level of greatness. This can be found in Mr. Percy. His dry humor but over-sweet demeanor makes his the best candidate for this position. In the Charlie Brown universe, he is quite a sporty guy, especially with baseball.  Mr. Percy most definitely contains this quality, but also has that same passion for the University of South Carolina football team. He does have a bit of a soft side similar to Charlie. Mr. Percy likes to enjoy a little reality television when not teaching math.   


Peppermint patty- Dr. Zerbst

 Peppermint Patty is known for her athleticism and although I don’t know just how great Dr. Zerbst is at sport, I do know she has an array of talents and I would not be surprised if she was a master of a sport. Now one of the most important aspects of sports in Patty’s life is her managerial position with the baseball team. Who would be a better manager than Dr. Zerbst? She is a natural leader and manages to take on the daunting task of being Vice Principal. I mean it takes initiative to replace Ms. Pinckney. 


Linus van Pelt- Mr. Russcioeli 

As the sibling of Lucy, they are seen together frequently in the movies or comics. This is quite parallel to the relationship between Mr. Rush and Stackhouse. Whenever they aren’t teaching you can find them talking together. Now while the relationship is an important part of the characters’ choice, I think we should make note of the blanket that Linus is always carrying around. While Rush could most definitely have his own blanket in his pocket, I decided to take the more figurative approach to connect this character. It is safe to say that Rush tends to carry APUSH at Magnet. This is of course in my opinion as I had him for APUSH and somehow managed to receive a pretty good score. 



Lucy van pelt- Mr. stackhouse

The similarities between these two are astounding. Not only do they both have strong opinions, they are not afraid to tell others, but they also have passions that no one can take away from them. While Lucy’s passion is to become president or queen, Stack has a similar drive, but with hockey and golf instead. Once you walk into his corner room you can immediately see that he is extremely passionate about golf. As the coach of both teams, he truly shows that he is a great leader and manager. He also does have a bit of sass that can be seen in Lucy’s character. Overall they are a great match!


Sally Brown- Ms. Orr

Sally is known for her wanting to question everything, especially if there is no scientific evidence. In the movie, she questions just what the purpose of Thanksgiving is. She asks and dives more into the information even though it’s simply prescribed to be that way. If you have ever talked with Ms. Orr or even been in one of her classes, she does not take just any statement as the truth. Sally also turns to philosophy for answers, which as a history teacher, Ms. Orr can definitely relate.


Marcie-  Ms. Lankford

What a sweetie is exactly how I would describe Ms. Lankford and I feel that the character Marcie just has so much in common. They both are incredibly nice and extremely smart. states that Marcie loves “nature hikes”, which if you happen to know Ms. Lankford, she does enjoy a hike here and there. There is one slight discrepancy between Marcie and Ms Lankford and that would be Charlie Brown. I think it is safe to say that Mr. Percy and Ms. Lankford do not share this relationship. 


Snoopy- Mr. Cosgrove


I think one of the most important aspects of Snoopy is his little adventures alone. If you are in the hallway you will always see Cosgrove on the move, always on little walks alone. Similar to Cosgrove’s love of journalism, snoopy has a love of book writing. Both the dog and Cosgrove are very creative and expressive of themselves. Cosgrove is definitely similar to a trusty dog as you can always rely on him if you need help with something at school. He balances between the two as he works with the staff and teachers of Academic Magnet, but also aids the students. This is really necessary as the students need someone to act as their voice. 


Woodstock- Ms. Hurt

This one is kind of hard to explain. Although Woodstock happens to be a bird, I truly just feel like they are similar. In the Charlie Brown universe, the bird manages to have quite a personality even though he never speaks. Woodstock does not fly, so it makes sense as Ms Hurt continues to teach these Raptors the importance of the English language and how to write articles, instead of flying to a different school. In fact Ms. Hurt has been teaching at Magnet for almost 30 years. I mean talk about dedication, we hope she doesnt fly away any time soon.


Franklin – Dr. Altman

Although Franklin does not have many talking lines in the movie, he does make one important statement that devises just who he is. In fact, his asking if he should wear a tie to the Thanksgiving dinner is just what led me to pick Dr. Altman. Every day, regardless of how dreary it is outside, she shows up in her best outfit. I don’t think I have ever witnessed an outfit by Dr. Altman that has been below superb. Franklin, even though he doesn’t talk much, one can still see kindness in his character. Once again Dr. Altman is the perfect embodiment of this quality. Every time you walk into school without an ID she will kindly tell you that you must go to Cosgrove, but never will she yell or ridicule you for such a large mistake. Her kindness and style always manage to impress me and others, which makes her such a perfect candidate to be Franklin!


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