Academic Magnet High School - North Charleston, South Carolina.


Academic Magnet High School - North Charleston, South Carolina.


Academic Magnet High School - North Charleston, South Carolina.


WE MADE IT! AMHS Teacher Survivor FINALE!!!

Who will win?!

WOOHOO! Get your popcorn and get comfy because today is the day that our favorites are left and fighting for that one million bucks. This fearsome foursome are who remain a part of the one and only Dabu Tribe: the cunning Mr. Rush, the cut throat Mrs. Colon, the under the radar Ms. Langley, and the sneaky Ms. Hurt!! As hosts, this is truly our favorite day of the year: IT’S FINALE TIME. Bonds will be broken, trust will be betrayed, and money will be won. Lock in and get ready to read about the most intense finale yet. 

Finale: Part One

This finale is kicking off with the slate wiped clean as no player holds any secret advantages in their back pocket. An even playing field is music to our ears as hosts: may the best player win! Mr. Rush and Mrs. Colon are locked in for a final two, but will their plan pan out the way they expect?! They seem to be stringing the other two along, promising final threes to both Ms. Hurt and Ms. Langley. This spanish-history teacher duo truly has the best of both worlds right now. Wake up Ms. Hurt and Ms. Langley, you have a game to play!! However, alliances don’t matter in the game of Survivor because if you have that immunity necklace, victory is in sight. Who will hold the power today? Let’s find out! 


“Each player would be standing on top of a pole up high above the water. They would have a bucket with holes in it to fill a bamboo shoot to lift a set of keys. After collecting the keys, they would have to swim back to shore to unlock a box of ladder rungs. All of the rungs are individually shaped. The contestants must place the rungs in the correct position to build a ladder. The first player to climb the ladder and use the axe at the top to cut her flag wins.”

Ooooo… the first immunity challenge DUB of the finale goes to Ms. Hurt!! She climbed to victory in every sense of the word. What a win. After the immunity challenge, Mr. Rush is playing his cards right by finding something in common with his coworker, Ms. Hurt. Befriending the immune, excellent strategy. Mr. Rush’s social game is hard to beat. Around camp, Mr. Rush is making Ms. Hurt  feel calm, cool and collected. She is convinced she is safe tonight, even without the immunity necklace. We have a feeling something BIG is about to happen… Ms. Hurt is almost too comfortable. It’s time for tribal council where Ms. Hurt must make a BIG decision: will she fall into Mr. Rush’s antics and hand her power over to him, or will she play smart and keep the necklace for herself? 

O.M.G. Ms. Hurt!!!!! You let your kindness get the best of you! After a well deserved triumph in the immunity challenge, Ms. Hurt hands the necklace over to her “final two” partner, Mr. Rush. This is a big move that could end in disaster, and we have a feeling it may. It’s time to vote. I’m on the edge of my seat. 


First vote…

Ms. Langley

That’s 1 vote Ms. Langley. 


Second vote… 

Ms. Hurt

That’s 1 vote Ms. Hurt and 1 vote Ms. Langley. 2 votes left.


Third vote…

Ms. Hurt

That’s 2 votes Ms. Hurt and 1 vote Ms. Langley. 1 vote left.


The 16th person voted out of AMHS Survivor and the 7th member of the jury… 

Ms. Hurt. 


Vote Summary

Ms. Hurt: Rush, Colon, Langley

Ms. Langley: Hurt


Comments from the hosts: WOWOW. Mr. Rush absolutely finessed Ms. Hurt. What a move. This is true Survivor game play and if Mr. Rush finds himself in that final two seat, moves like this build his resume for the jury to vote his way. Conniving with a side of betrayal, this couldn’t get any better! Bye Ms. Hurt, we are sad to see you go… but that was a horrible move. You can’t trust ANYONE in this game. 


Finale Part 2

Ugh! After that drama filled tribal, we don’t want this season to be over! But alas, it’s time for part 2 of the FINALE of AMHS Teacher Survivor. We have a tremendous trio left that are battling it out for the one milly consisting of Ms. Langley, Mr. Rush, and Ms. Colon. Still, no one has the upper hand, as there are no secret advantages in play. Mr. Rush and Ms. Colon still hold true to their final two, just waiting to get Ms. Langley out of here to make all their dreams come true. However, this dynamic duo’s impure intentions are not worn on their sleeve. In fact, Ms. Langley thinks she is safe as a life vest. In reality, the environment whizz desperately needs a win in today’s immunity challenge. How will it all pan out?! 


The Ball Drop

“A long wooden cylinder was cut into different sized segments. On the center segment, a notch has been cut for a metal ball to rest on. The castaways would have to hold up the segments by squeezing them between two handles. Every five minutes, a new round would start where the castaway would have to add two additional segments between the handles. After the cylinder was nine segments long, the final round would last as long as the castaways held out. The castaway who held up her segments the longest without allowing the ball to drop from the center segment would win.” 

Close but no cigar, Ms. Langley. Ms. Colon went loco in today’s challenge and came away with the victory. It seems Mr. Rush and Ms. Colon’s plan is panning out just fine. However, betrayal seems to be the name of the game this season, will this pattern continue into the season’s closing moments? Is Ms. Colon thinking of switching it up? Is Mr. Rush too much of a threat to sit next to at final tribal? The final verdict lies in her vote. It’s time. Let the final tribal commence. 


The 17th person voted out of AMHS Survivor and 8th member of the jury…

Ms. Langley


Final vote count was 1 vote Ms. Langley. 


Vote Summary

Ms. Langley: Mrs. Colon


We love an honest player, and today Mrs. Colon stuck to her word by taking Mr. Rush to the final two just as they have planned all season. However, some concerns remain in the back of our minds about Ms. Colon’s decision. There is no denying the dominant nature of Ms. Colon’s game this season. BUT Mr. Rush has also made some big moves. Will Ms. Colon’s decision lead to her disappointment on the big stage? 


As the finalists wait nervously for the winner to be revealed, we remind you that the jury consists of Ms. Hurt, Mr. Devenio, Ms. Vann, Dr. Cassidy, Mr. Percy, Mrs. Smith, Ms. Langley, and Mr. Garris. Second place=first loser, who will it be? It’s all in the hands of these eight jurors. Let’s read the votes!! 


The first vote goes to Mrs. Colon.

1 vote Mrs. Colon


The second vote goes to Mr. Rush.

1 vote Mr. Rush


The third vote goes to Mrs. Colon.

2 votes Mrs. Colon


The fourth vote goes to Mrs. Colon.

3 votes Mrs. Colon


The fifth vote goes to Mr. Rush.

2 votes Mr. Rush


The sixth vote goes to Mrs. Colon.

4 votes Mrs. Colon


The seventh vote goes to Mr. Rush.

3 votes Mr. Rush


The eighth vote and winner is Mrs. Colon.

The vote count was 5 votes Mrs. Colon and 3 votes Mr. Rush.




Vote Summary

Mrs. Colon: Devenio, Cassidy, Percy, Mrs. Smith, Garris

Mr. Rush: Hurt, Vann, Langley


Comments from the hosts: While it’s sad to see it come to an end, Mrs. Colon’s gameplay and strategy really took her all the way. Her challenge wins were certainly important but her social game carried her through, as seen in the final tribal council. Because Mr. Rush was surely a worthy opponent. He had more challenge wins that Mrs. Colon and his strategy was a force to be reckoned with. Despite this, Mrs. Colon came out on top. Way to Outwit, outplay, and outlast!


Time for the stats: 

These are the TOP 5! In the world of Survivor, these 5 are considered the A-list celebs as a result of their superb game play during this season. In our eyes, any of these five could have been the AMHS Teacher Survivor winner. 

  1. Mrs. Colon crushed the game and came out as the first place winner of the game. She got 5 votes to win and with her 2 Immunity Wins and Idol find she was the second most strategic player in the game. 
  2. Mr. Rush was so close yet so far as he finished in the finalist spot. He earned 3 votes to win, only losing by 2. He had one Immunity win and 2 Reward Wins and some big moves that earned him the title of Most Strategic. 
  3. Ms. Langley slid into 3rd and was the final Juror with only 1 vote to leave the game. Her gameplay and 1 Immunity win spoke for itself and got her the title of 3rd for most strategic. 
  4. Ms. Hurt. The final four is a place few make it to, she finessed being a Juror and was voted out 3-1 even with her 2 Immunity Wins. 
  5. Mrs. Smith placed number 5 and was a pivotal Juror. She was voted out 3-2 and made it to 5th place, relying on her social game. 

These next 5 players are the B-Listers that placed 5th through 10th. This quintuplet made it far enough in the game to be jurors, but there was never a win in the cards. 

  1. Ms. Vann placed 6th and had one Immunity Win on her way to being a Juror. Her exit was surely an interesting one as she wasn’t the real target and left due to rocks being drawn. What could’ve been. 🙁
  2. Mr. Garris placed 7th as a Juror. He was voted out 5-2 and earned a Reward Win along the way. 
  3. Dr. Cassidy was 8th and the 3rd Juror of the game. After one Immunity Win and one Reward Win, she was voted out 5-2-1
  4. Mr. Devenio was the second Juror and placed 9th. He was voted out 5-4 with one Immunity and one Reward win. 
  5. Mr. Percy was our first Juror and placed 10th in the game. He secured an Immunity win and was voted out 6-4. He also was the FAN FAVORITE of the season. Go Mr. Percy!

These last 10 are the true bottom feeders of the bunch, not even making it to juror status. Forgettable players with little strategy. Maybe next year, guys. 

  1.  Mrs. Renes was 11th and voted out 3-1, pre-jury. 
  2.  Ms. Desbrow was 12th and voted out 3-2, pre-jury. 
  3.  Mr. Cosgrove was 13th and voted out 6-2, pre-jury.
  4.  Mrs. Lankford was 14th and voted out 4-2, pre-jury.
  5.  Mr. Stackhouse was 15th and had to be medevaced out of the game, pre-jury. He also found an idol in his time and could have definitely been a major player. Oh well. 
  6.  Mr. Jent placed 16th and left on a 6-2 vote, pre-jury. 
  7.  Mr. Perlmutter was 17th and voted out 6-2, pre-jury. 
  8.  Mr. McCormick was 18th and voted out 6-3, pre-jury. 
  9.  Dr. Altman was 19th and voted out 7-3, pre-jury. 
  10.  Ms. Orr was the first person voted out on a 6-4 vote, pre-jury. At least it was close. 

As this magnificent and drama-filled season of AMHS Teacher Survivor comes to an end, we would like to thank you all for reading! From blindsides to medevacs, this season was truly breathtaking. There were ups and downs, trials and tribulations, and some rough patches but overall we learned that the teachers are fans of backstabbing and gossip. After getting a glimpse into the way they play, who knows what goes on in the teacher lounge?! To Mrs. Colon, you outwitted, outplayed, and outlasted, and most of all WON! FELICIDADES SENORITA! We will bring you your well deserved prize money (in the form of a $10 Starbucks gift card- we can’t just be handing out millys) when this article is published.

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