Academic Magnet High School - North Charleston, South Carolina.


Academic Magnet High School - North Charleston, South Carolina.


Academic Magnet High School - North Charleston, South Carolina.


Exposing Teacher Classroom Items

Why do AMHS teachers have a ____________ in their room?

Have you ever wondered about the meanings behind some of the interesting artwork and objects in our teacher’s classroom? If so, scroll down to see the significance of these items. 


The Taj Mahal

In Ms. Frazier’s classroom, there is a giant drawing of the Taj Mahal. According to Ms. Frazier, it was made by a student from the AMHS class of 2008 and gifted to former Magnet history teacher Mr. Flannigan. He brought the drawing from the old campus and hung it up in that room, where it has been since. Ms. Frazier even remembers seeing the image when she was a student! When he left the school, he requested it be left up, and his wish was honored. 


The Creepy Baby Photos 

When one of Ms. Lankford’s students, Liam Rowley, was a sophomore, he strapped a baby doll to his body using duct tape during spirit week for Twin Day. Ms. Lankford told him that it was really creepy, and in response, he went home and took artistic photos of the creepy baby. The next day, he came in with the framed photographs and tools and hung them up. 


The Map

If you have had Mr. Garris, you would know about the colorful, giant map of the world that spans across both of his whiteboards. As the year progresses, he changes the names and boundaries of nations and empires. Mr. Garris said he uses the map because it is a reusable hook that engages his students.  

Most people are looking at the map before the bell rings to see what’s changed.”

— Mr. Garris


The Giant Bean Bag

Mr. Percy’s room features a massive beanbag that takes up a corner of his classroom. The beanbag ended up in his room because when his kids grew out of it, he brought it to school, knowing that his students would love it as much as his kids did.


The Easter Island Head

Dr. Francis’ room has a Moai, or Easter Island head statue. When asked why he has the statue, he said that his wife sent him a picture of it, and he really liked it. He brought it into his classroom because Easter Island is a territory of Chile and is technically a part of Hispanic culture. 


Ms. Roop’s Animals

The most memorable features of Ms. Roop’s room are her animals. Twenty years ago, someone donated gerbils to her classroom, and her collection has grown from there. She has a fish tank, a tortoise named Remy, a snake named Irwin, and two gerbils, Te Fiti and Hei Hei. Ms. Roop said that she loves having them in class, and it’s fun because the kids get to put them on their desks and play with them when their work is done. 


The Gnomes

Mr. Floyd’s classroom has quite a few gnomes. According to Mr. Floyd, he has gnomes in his classroom because he “got gnomed.” After some prying, I learned that he is not the biggest fan of gnomes, so his students leave or hide gnomes in his classroom. In my opinion, the gnomes are pretty cute!


The Treadmill 

After school, Mr. Rush uses the treadmill in his classroom to wind down and stay fit. Also, it symbolizes the motto “Don’t tread on me.” 


Are there any other items I missed that you want to learn more about? If so, let me know in the comments, and I will do a part 2!


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    Iris SteeleMar 21, 2024 at 12:00 pm

    Mr. Phillip’s “North Korea is the best Korea” sign.