Academic Magnet High School - North Charleston, South Carolina.


Academic Magnet High School - North Charleston, South Carolina.


Academic Magnet High School - North Charleston, South Carolina.


Survivor: Teacher Edition (PART 2)

We’re back! Who will remain after these five episodes?!
Survivor: Teacher Edition (PART 2)

To refresh your memory, these are the tribes as they exist after Episode 5. Mrs. Renes just made an epic move that resulted in the exit of the French connoisseur, Mr. Jent. Keep reading to experience the next drama-filled 5 episodes. 

Airai Tribe:

Ms. Vann

Dr. Cassidy

Mr. Cosgrove

Mr. Rush

Mr. Percy

Mrs. Smith

Ms. Langley

Mr. Garris


Malakal Tribe:

Ms. Hurt

Mr. DeVenio

Mr. Stackhouse

Mrs. Lankford

Mrs. Colon

Mrs. Desbrow

Mrs. Renes


Episode 6: 

Let’s get part two of this season started with a discussion of alliances. With no secret advantages at play, the intentions of these Airai bonds are truly pure. First, Dr. Cassidy and Mrs. Renes hold strong in their calculated final two. Additionally, while Mr. Percy and Mr. Garris plan on taking each other to the end, they join Mr. Stackhouse and Mrs. Lankford in a fearsome four that will surely make it far. Malakal’s slate is clean as well with no secret advantages either. Over on this beach, one alliance proves to have an intense bond consisting of Ms. Hurt, Mr. Devenio, Senora Colon, and Ms. Desbrow. 


Airai Tribe wins Immunity! However, the fun doesn’t last long when both tribes are instructed to send a player off to Exile Island. Mr. Stackhouse is the victim for Malakal and is joined by Mr. Rush from Airai. This time on the isle is truly game-changing as the Hidden Immunity Idol is currently hidden. Mr. Stackhouse proves victorious! He finds the idol and can choose to play it tonight at tribal. 

However, sadly, this excitement does not remain for long when Mr. Stackhouse falls extremely ill. Unfortunately, the medics advise that he should not continue and Mr. Stackhouse is medically evacuated due to injury. 

At this point, Cliffie & Addie announce that tribal council has been canceled.

Comments from the hosts: It is a disappointing day for us hosts as this is truly the worst part of this game. We are sad to see Mr. Stackhouse go, as we know how much he wanted this. Hopefully the next episode lifts everyone’s spirits. 


Episode 7

Whew, big night last night. But there’s still no advantages in the game at either tribe. Not much is happening around camp so let’s get to the reward challenge! 


Build it Up, Break It Down

“The tribes were to swim out to collect bundles of planks, sticks, and ropes. They would then have ten minutes to use these items to build a blockade of the other tribe’s tunnel. The tribes would then race to tear apart the other tribe’s blockade of their own tunnel and get all the members of their tribe through to the other side.” 

Can I get a drumroll… Malakal Tribe wins reward! They get a visit by two native Micronesians, Edwin and Joe, who show the tribe how to improve their campsite and catch crabs and fish. But they still have to send one player from each tribe straight on over to Exile Island. Mr. Garris from the Airai Tribe and Malakal’s very own Mrs. Lankford will go to Exile and return before the Immunity Challenge. The trip turns out to be a total waste as neither of them find the Hidden Immunity Idol. Bummer. 


United We Stand

“The tribes were to use two stepping poles to transfer two tribe members from one platform to another out at sea. All the tribe members would then swim out to a smaller tower. To win immunity, the tribe has to get all seven of its members on the tower with both feet on or above the top deck” 

If Malakal was betting that a reward win was about to lead them to another victory, they should stay away from Vegas cause they were dead wrong. Airai Tribe wins immunity! And an immunity win leads to some bonding. Mr. Percy is impressing the rest of his team and Mrs. Smith and Ms. Langley are finding things in common. All they needed was Survivor to move from co-workers to best pals. Oh and Mr. Percy and Mr. Garris have officially decided that, with Mrs. Lankford on the other tribe,  they aren’t waiting around! She’s kicked out of their alliance. Sorry! The drama is intense at Malakal as Ms. Desbrow and Mrs. Renes are having a disagreement. Gee whiz, what’s in the air? Ms. Desbrow just left her alliance with Ms. Hurt, Mr. Devenio, and Senora Colon. With all this tension we can only wonder what will happen at good ol’ tribal council. Not much, as the final count was 4 votes Mrs. Lankford and 2 votes Ms. Desbrow. Sorry Mrs. Lankford, it’s really not your day. 

Vote Summary:

Mrs. Lankford : Hurt, Devenio, Colon, Desbrow

Ms. Desbrow: Lankford, Renes

Comments from the hosts: Sometimes you’re the windshield and sometimes you’re the bug. Today Mrs. Lankford was the bug. Not much to say other than we’ll miss you on the Talon. But we’ve got some windshields left in the game, stay tuned to see if it stays that way. 


Episode 8

With Mrs. Lankford  kicked, the Malakal tribe is fading fast. No secret advantages are at play but alliances hold strong. Let’s cut to the chase, who will win Immunity this week?! 


Hot Pursuit

“Tethered together on opposite sides of an oval course, the two tribes will wade around while carrying a twenty-pound backpack each. Players can drop out of the challenge at will, but they must give their pack to someone before unclipping themselves from the rope. The first tribe to catch the opponent and touch one of their members wins.” 

Woahhh.. maybe Malakal is bound for the black jack table! They win Immunity! This game is moving fast, and minutes after the Immunity challenge, two players are chosen to be shipped to Exile Island. Mr. Percy is Airai’s first pick, and Senora Colon is Malakal’s winner. As a result of Mr. Stackhouse’s dramatic exit, his Hidden Immunity Idol has been placed back in the game. Senora Colon uses her wits and athleticism to capture the advantage! She will have all the power at his next tribal council. Wow… Mr. Percy really needed that one as he heads to tribal tonight. 

It’s time to vote! Unfortunately, the administration representation has dwindled down to zero after this tribal. Mr. Cosgrove… you’re out! The final votes were 6 votes Mr. Cosgrove and 2 votes Mr. Rush.

Vote Summary:

Mr. Cosgrove: Vann, Rush, Percy, Smith, Langley, Garris

Mr. Rush: Cassidy, Cosgrove

Comments from the hosts: Pretty unanimous vote Mr. Cosgrove. Tough luck. His departure leaves Cassidy in a pretty tough spot. How will she fare against the 5 others in her tribe?

The tribe has spoken.

— Addie & Cliffie

Episode 9

Oh buddy, we’ve got an idol in the mix. Senora Colon’s got it. When will she play it though? 


Money Roll

“Four members of each tribe would be blindfolded and push a large money stone through a forest course while being verbally directed by the two other tribe members. Along the course, the money stones would crush four tiles that would reveal a pair of smaller money stones. Three tribe members would then use these eight stones to solve a rotating cog puzzle.” 

Airai Tribe crushes the reward challenge and they win a trip to a remote island to enjoy a spa and food. They pick Senora Colon from Malakal and brutally choose Mrs. Smith from their own tribe to go to Exile and miss out on the reward. And what makes it even worse is that there isn’t even a Hidden Immunity Idol on Exile. Come on man, this can’t be fair!


What-er Drag

“One tribe member would race across a floating bridge carrying one end of a rope. The rope would then be attached to a bundle of giant puzzle pieces. The rest of the tribe would turn a winch that would reel in the bundle and the tribe member back to the beach. Five bundles would need to be hauled to the beach in this manner. Two tribe members would then assemble the puzzle pieces.”

Bbbbback to back wins for Airai! Back at camp, both Percy and Mrs. Smith are impressing the rest of the team. Not much else of interest to report. Over at Malakal, Mr. Devenio and Senora Colon are bonding and Mrs. Renes is impressing the rest of the team. 

With this new information, let’s go head to tribal council. Tough vote, but the tribe has spoken, Ms. Desbrow. Final vote count was 3 votes Ms. Desbrow and 2 votes Ms. Hurt.

Vote Summary:

Ms. Desbrow: Hurt, Devenio, Colon

Ms. Hurt: Desbrow, Renes

Comments from the hosts: We’re getting down to it and now one vote can make all the difference. Four people left is dangerous. Who knows what’s next for the teachers of AMHS. 


Episode 10

We are nearing the end, this is the last episode of Part 2! Alliances have serious weight as we get closer to the end and we have some strong ones for both tribes. For Malakal, Cassidy and Mrs. Renes are truly a dynamic duo, vowing to take each other to the end. And the trifling trio of Ms. Hurt, Mr. Devenio, and Senora Colon are working to gain a majority. And for Airai, there is a clear cut division as one alliance remains in the majority consisting of Mr. Percy, Mrs. Smith, Ms. Langley, and Mr. Garris. Senora Colon holds his immunity idol close to his chest. Who is safe at tribal tonight, besides Senora Colon?


The Gauntlet

“One tribe member at a time would have to cross an obstacle course of stepping stones suspended by ropes, rotating barrels, a balance beam, a floating bridge, and a net to retrieve a flag. The tribe member would then have to cross back with the flag thus scoring a point for their tribe. Two tribe members would be assigned to run the course. Two other tribe members would try to knock the opposing tribe’s runner from the course into a water pit by swinging canvas bags at them. If the tribe member fell off the course, they would have to return to the start and the other runner would have to make an attempt. The first tribe to collect five flags would win the challenge.” 

BUT… before the challenge starts, Cliffie and Addie announce a plot twist for the ages. Each tribe must send one player from the OPPOSITE tribe to Exile Island and the chosen two will sit out of today’s challenge. If the player’s tribe loses, they will return for Tribal Council but be completely immune from the vote. This twist is a double edged sword for the selected player, who will be chosen?? Airai Tribe choses the sneaky Ms. Hurt from Malakal while Malakal selects the cunning Mrs. Smith from Airai. 

Airai Tribe wins immunity, giving Ms. Hurt safety for her Tribal Council tonight! Dr. Cassidy is continues to impress the rest of her team, until she gets into a quarrel with Mr. Garris. I would NOT want to get in an argument with that smarty pants! However, Mrs. Smith recognizes Dr. Cassidy’s bravery and they form a duo. Ms. Hurt has safety, and Senora Colon has an idol… how will this affect the votes?

It’s that time! Mrs. Renes has been struggling to keep up around camp, which unfortunately results in his demise tonight. Sorry Mrs. Renes, the tribe has spoken.

Vote Summary:

Renes: Hurt, Devenio, Colon

Mr. Devenio: Renes

Comments from the hosts: Mrs. Renes has made some BIG moves in this game, but today she was kicked to the curb. Maybe she was just too much of a threat?! Well, part 2 has come to a close. See you guys next week for part 3!

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