Classroom Shoutouts

My ~Professional Opinion~ of the Best Decorated Classrooms

Assuming that you’re in school for 7 hours a day, 180 days a year, for 4 years, you will spend a total of 5040 hours within the walls of Academic Magnet. Instead of letting us stare at the cinder blocks and ceiling tiles, some of our wonderful teachers have made their classroom space feel like a fun, inviting place to be, conducive to learning of course.


Ms. Shifflette adorns her walls not with mass produced posters, but with the work of her students. Ranging from AP Lit drawings to Iliad pictures to end-of-the-year posters, there is certainly always something to look at.

Student drawings for AP Lit
Student made poster in Ms. Shifflette’s room
A student made poster from my freshman class and yes… it does mention my Disney references Ms. Shifflette!








I’ve never been a student in Dr. Francis’ class, I’ve noticed the bright colored interior of his classroom while walking by in the hallway. There are flags hung from wall to wall and posters with helpful Spanish vocabulary (certainly useful). He even has an Easter Island in the back of the classroom. “He’s sort of a mascot. We don’t have class pets or anything, but we have Rufus,” Dr. Francis told me. With its neatly hung posters and symmetry, the classroom felt orderly, yet fun, making this one of my favorite classrooms at AMHS.

Helpful vocab posters I wish I had when first taking Spanish!
Spanish vocab in Dr. Francis’ room
Dr. Francis’ classroom


I have Mr. Garris for AP Research this  year and the very first thing I noticed when I walked in was the map drawn on the board. Now I’ve heard from a reliable source that this was drawn free hand. FREE HAND!!! There is also a loveable chicken named Kevin who travels with the history students. Currently, he is the Emperor of China for anyone wondering.

The amazing map
Emperor Kevin









Giant stuffed monkey and A TON of pictures. Whose classroom? Ms. Hurt of course! Bonus points if she lets you keep a stuffed animal on your desk!

Ms. Hurt’s door
The giant monkey!!











Ms. Yackey is one of the most beloved teachers at Magnet and while I was never in one of her math classes, I was in her study hall sophomore and junior year, so I’ve spend many hours in her room. Just in case you live under a rock, Ms. Yackey is a HUUUUUUGE fan of ultimate frisbee, so naturally she has posters in her room showing her love. She also has a section dedicated to quotes fit to inspire and of course, pictures of her family.

The inspiration wall
A good luck poster signed by students for Ms. Yackey









Finally, what better way to lighten up a classroom than with pets! Ms. Roop iconically has not only fish, but a turtle, mouse, and snake (and yes, she lets you take them out to play with)! She also has some fun safety memes and posters up around the classroom.

Remy the Turtle
This little guy was probably traumatized by my bio class and for that, I’m sorry.
Some lab safety posters








These definitely aren’t the only great classrooms at AMHS, but they’re some of my favorite to look at. Stay tuned for more classroom shoutouts to come!


Which classroom is your favorite?


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