Meeting Mrs. Frazier

Getting to know Mrs. Frazier, a new math teacher and former Magnet student


If you don’t have her as a teacher, you may not know that Mrs. Frazier is actually a Magnet alumni! She has many interesting stories from when she was a student, including ones about Spirit Week and senior pranks. I decided to ask Mrs. Frazier about her past and present life, including questions about past wall days, her senior thesis, and more.


Where did you grow up? I grew up in Charleston! Specifically Summerville and West Ashley.


Have you lived anywhere else? I have always lived in SC, but I lived in the Rock Hill area for college and after college.


Where did you go to college? I went to Winthrop University and absolutely loved it!


How has Magnet changed since you went to school here? Magnet hasn’t really changed at all. The traditions are the same because we still do Spirit Week, Wall Day, and Powder Puff. The main difference is that there is more technology. When I went to Magnet, no phones were allowed in class; they had to be in our bookbags at all times.


Any interesting Magnet stories? During Spirit Week, on Character Day one of the classes dressed up as the cast of Despicable Me. One person dressed up as Gru and gave the steal the moon speech in the courtyard to the students dressed up as minions.

One of the senior pranks was that they took all of the chairs out of the school and put them on the field. Another senior prank was that they stuck sticky notes everywhere, including under mouse pads and on technology, so no one could use their computers.


What were the Wall Day themes your senior year? The Wall Day themes my senior year were Welcome to the Jungle and Pirates.


Graduation Day


Do any of your former teachers still work here? Many still work here, basically half the teachers that I had are still teaching today.


What did you do for your Senior Thesis? I did a comparative study of math teaching methods in Montessori and traditional classrooms which was inspired by Ms. Bortz.


Senior Trip to Disney World


When did you decide to become a teacher? I always knew that I wanted to teach, but I realized that I wanted to teach high school math after having Mr. Johnston for calculus because he made it interesting despite how difficult the class was.


What classes do you teach? Algebra 2 and Geometry!


Senior Trip Photo with Friends


Have you taught anywhere else? If yes, then where? Yes! I have taught at James Island Charter High School and before that I taught briefly at Indian Land High School which is in Lancaster County.


What are some fun facts about you? I can name all the countries in the world. I am married to a Magnet alumni. My favorite book is Emma by Jane Austin!


Valentine’s Day semi-formal during junior year (picture is of Mrs. Frazier and her now husband)


What do you want students to know about you?  I love this school and the type of students we have here because they are completely different from any other group that I have taught!