Academic Magnet High School - North Charleston, South Carolina.


Academic Magnet High School - North Charleston, South Carolina.


Academic Magnet High School - North Charleston, South Carolina.


A Look Into Magnet Promposals

The Best and the Worst of the 2024 AMHS Promposals

In the myriad of high school memories, few events shine brighter than the prom, and few gestures are remembered more fondly than being asked to the infamous school dance. Picture this: a cascade of balloons spelling out “PROM?” floating above the cafeteria, a flash mob breaking into synchronized dance routines, or perhaps a carefully orchestrated scavenger hunt leading to a heartfelt question written in sidewalk chalk. Promposals are more than just invitations to a dance; they’re theatrical productions, intimate declarations, and sometimes, the stuff of legend. Beyond the theatrics, promposals represent a deeper emotional phenomenon: the modern age of teenage romance. The timeless quest for connection is encapsulated by the handmade poster decorated with your situationship’s chicken-scratch handwriting. 

So join us as we unravel the layers of AMHS promposals as seen on the @amhs2024promposals instagram page. On this page is where you can find our students showcasing their young love, all in a friendly competition to win FREE prom tickets. Who has the best promposal? Read further to find out my opinion on the subject as we discuss some of the promposals submitted thus far. Let’s see what the halls of Academic Magnet know about the artistry of romance as they get down on one knee and ask the age-old question, “Will you go to prom with me?” 

First up, we have some sports themed promposals. Sports-themed promposals bring a dynamic twist to the tradition of asking someone to prom, and seem to be very popular among Magnet students. Showcasing shared interests, these promposals create lasting memories for both the asker and the asked. With a dash of athleticism and a sprinkle of romance, these promposals score big points in the game of love. 

Hanna Ismail & Adi Katan

While we could be slightly biased because we witnessed this incredible invitation in person, we think this promposal is World Cup worthy. Adi truly scored a hat trick with this one, including 3 fantastic elements: FIRST, he tosses the soccer ball with “prom?” written on it, THEN he athletically hurdles the fence with both a poster AND flowers in hand. This promposal was filled with athleticism and showcased this duo’s love for the game of footy sooo OBVIOUSLY, Hanna said yes! #SoccerSwoon #NetTheDate 

Wren Allen & JP Lowe

Although this gesture includes a non-raptor, we HAD to include darling promposal. JP went with the classic ‘open the trunk’ move and we think it orchestrated itself just perfectly. Perhaps one of the most well-made posters we’ve seen accompanied with gifts aplenty, this promposal is scoring big in our book! These two will surely STICK together on prom night and beyond. #LaxToTheMax #LaxingAndAsking

Connor Sawall & Brooke Reich 

We can always depend on Connor for anything and everything sports related, so a softball themed promposal is nothing short of predictable. These two will surely ball out at prom together. One critique though Connor, it could be best NOT to insult your prospective date next time. Glad she said yes! #SoftballSweatheart #PitchPerfectProm

Joseph Gaddy & Kinsey McDaniel

Next up, baseball. Wow, who knew we had so many romantic athletes! Joseph knocked it out of the park with his homerun themed promposal to Kinsey. Where the poster falls behind in color, Joseph makes up for in love (we hope). Great job juniors! #GrandSlam #BaseballBash

Next up, we have some group promposals! Group promposals are a delightful fusion of friendship and romance, where a team bands together to orchestrate a charming invitation to prom. It’s a collaborative effort, blending creativity and coordination to craft a memorable surprise for their intended dates. Let’s get to it! 

Wilson & Ava and Lucas & Cliffie

First up, we have the very first submission to the promposal account. We are told from an inside source that this dashing gesture was precluded with an ominous text, “meet at da point at 7, don’t be late”. How mysterious! Picture this: Two young gentlemen stand side by side at the point grinning as wide as the horizon, posters in hand and hearts aflutter. They cast their lines into the water, but this time in pursuit of something far more precious: the hearts of two unsuspecting girls! Who knew fishing for love could be so reel? While Lucas’s poster is filled with color, Wilson needs to pick up the markers! Nonetheless, the Goldfish and Swedish fish add a delicious and clever touch that can’t be denied. Well done, seniors! #HookedonProm #ReelRomance

Dean & Sousa and Keaton & Sophia 

This double trouble promposal fits both categories: sports AND group! These four will surely have a (lacrosse) ball at prom together. The personalized signs add a sense of individuality to this romantic gesture despite it being done jointly. With Dean taking the sweet route and Keaton putting a sporty spin on his promposal, there is no question the pair spent some time crafting how to pop the question. The pair also accompanied their sign with flowers, how sweet. Traditional, yet, creative; just what we like to see. #BerryCool #StickWithMe

Fritz & Jenna and Aliza & Emilio

This dual promposal may have been executed in unison; however, the themes of each were vastly different. Fritz went with the outdoorsy route creating a creative pun with the word S’more and the poster is filled with the colors of a campfire. Bonus points for making the “more” of “S’more” into the marshmallow of a real s’mores, that made it so much s’more fun. Accompanying the poster were s’mores ingredients AND flowers. Double whammy. This promposal undoubtedly melted Jenna’s heart. Emilio stayed in season and created this egg-cellent Easter themed poster. We love a good pun, and the inclusion of two in one poster bumps this up a few notches. Also, props to the handwriting on this poster, it was impressive. We know Aliza was nothing but egg-static to have a giant duck stuffed animal to take home with her and remind her of this romantic day forever. #HopIntoProm #MeltsMyHeart

Looking through a page with such diverse content, it was difficult to find many patterns. SO… here are some promposals of miscellaneous themes that we thought deserve an A+

Wyatt & Olivia 

One of our most captivating submissions is from the classic couple: Wyatt and Olivia! It seems that the junior-senior duos are taking over these prom groups, and I’m not complaining if they are going to produce gestures like these! Just wow, from the candles spelling out prom to the artistic poster to the colorful bouquet, this is a request that no girl could deny! These two will surely light up the dance floor at prom, and this invitation is sparking memories that will last a lifetime. As we scroll through the promposal profile, a better poster than this does not catch my eye. While Wyatt claims he had some help from his crafty mother, we think he should take all the credit for this work of art. #CandleLitProm #FlameOfRomance

Beatty & Bella

Now THIS is what we are talking about. Watching Beatty’s promposal, we felt as if we were taken back to Saint Lucia watching Joey choose between Kelsey or Daisy. Only this time, Jesse Palmer was transformed into Nate Markin and Kelsey to Bella Rogers. We were on the edge of our seats: Will Bella accept the final rose and join their date for a night of enchantment at prom, or will the drama of love and intrigue keep everyone guessing until the last moment? With a touch of reality TV magic, Beatty smashed this theatrical promposal. Bella got the final rose! #ThisOneShouldWin #HostNateMarkin

Lukey & Katie 

Despite the slight sunken sign incident, this promposal was close to blowing it out of the water. Keeping it classic and simple, the creative pun, flowers, and a sunset backdrop never fail to sweep away your date. Just look at Katie’s excitement. Although the sign could use some more color, this promposal got the job done. #SweepHerOffHerFeet #SeaYouAtProm

Nate & Lauren 

Taylor Swift AND a sunset! What more could a girl want? Picture this: you have a plan to go on a casual beach walk with a friend and BOOM there is Nate, emerging from the depths of the sand dunes to ask you to prom. This was Lauren’s exact experience. Although this was a grand gesture in and of itself, playing a Taylor Swift song as Lauren walked out would have made it even more impressive. Though, with the added touches of the hand colored drawings and the above average handwriting, Nate’s successful promposal will shore-ly stir up a comm-ocean. #MeetMeAtMidnight #SecondNateFeature

Thomas & Street

Next up is Thomas and Street who undoubtedly had one of the most creative promposals on the page. To the naked eye, it may seem like another boring use of a poster and a pun for a promposal but something about it caught our attention. The use of soda is something we have yet to see, earning their way onto this list. Despite the rainy evening, Thomas pulled off a top tier promposal AND Street got six free Dr. Peppers in the process. We are only seeing wins from this duo. #PeppyForProm #DoctorLove

Thomas & Gabby

Thomas took a spin on the classic fishing promposal with this modern day message in a bottle, and all we have to say is Wow. Not only did he totally shock Gabby with this romantic moment, he REELY put some effort into it as well. To execute his plan solo, is nothing short of a feat, and the nonchalant smirk on his face as he reels in the message is simply priceless. The casualness of the setting only puts some points on the board for this duo. But, the reel question is, did Thomas reely execute this all alone or was Ford on the other end of that fishing line crafting the romantic note in a plastic bottle. #CatchYouAtProm #JustTwoLoveFish

Although these may not be the best promposals on the page, we could not write the article without including these honorable mentions. 

Hank & Sophia 

Although a similar promposal was done by Lane and Noah, Hank’s stood out a little more to us for one sole reason: the pun of Hank’s last name, Baer, being used instead of “bear”. From the beginning, we have been waiting for a sign that made a pun out of a name for the big ask, and this one did just that. The addition of the roses and stuffed animal make this paw-sitively worthy of an honorable mention. #BaerryCute #WayToGo

Chloe & Cullen

Talk about a near perfect sign. Look no feather because the colors, the letters, the decorations, and the printed out wingstop sign make this one of the best posters on the page. Chloe may have winged the gesture, but it is clear she did not wing it in the decoration department. This is the perfect way to ask your out of school lover to attend prom with you and enjoy a nice Wingstop meal along the way. We would have appreciated a video along with the picture, but everyone got the idea. Way to go Chloe! #SoarIntoProm #GoodEats

Addie & JL

Last, and maybe least (sorry JL), is JL and Addie! This was nacho average promposal. It was so close yet so far from making sense. But do not worry JL, we all saw the vision. When we first saw this post, we may have spent ten minutes deciphering what it was trying to say, but there is no doubt Addie appreciated the gesture. From an inside source we heard it was supposed to say, “I Moe’s definitely want to Taco-bout prom” which would have been a top tier poster, but the layout ended up stating otherwise. We also heard that there were multiple eyes on the sign as it was being made, so we are not completely sure where or how it went wrong. However, we are sure anyone would appreciate Moe’s along with a promposal, so the effort was there. Come on, look at the printed out logo and taco. An A+ for effort. #TacoWantProm #NiceTry 

There you have it, the top promposals of 2024. If you did not see yours featured, we apologize there were simply too many. There is always next year if you are a junior, and this article can give you some great advice on how to step it up and win those free tickets. However, do not worry, anyone will usually appreciate a promposal no matter how run of the mill it may be. Clearly, romance is not dead in the Raptor nest and these promposals are a great way to keep the flame alive. Comment your favorite below!


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