Academic Magnet High School - North Charleston, South Carolina.


Academic Magnet High School - North Charleston, South Carolina.


Academic Magnet High School - North Charleston, South Carolina.


Who Were You Crushing On As A Kid Pt.2 ??

Pt.2 of Academic Magnet Childhood Celebrity Crushes

Celebrity crushes can be defined as intense admiration for a public figure working in the entertainment, sport, or any popular industry. As children, celebrity crushes can range from actors on your favorite TV show, to a character in your favorite game. Today I will be highlighting the childhood celebrity crushes of the Academic Magnet Student Body. From my collection, there are many actors, game characters, and even athletes that have struck the Raptors fancy. Now I will begin listing and analyzing the childhood celebrity crushes of your Raptors.

Kim Crawford from Kickin It and Lola from Shark Tales:

Both of these characters may be completely different however they were submitted by the same senior Wyatt Mahoney. Kim is a character on the widely viewed Disney Channel series Kickin It, and is known for her blonde hair and kick butt attitude. Lola on the other hand is one of the more present fish in Shark Tales and has a long tail, with flowy red hair. Lola may seem like a good fish however she cares more about gold digging then being there for the main character Oscar emotionally. Both characters are very pretty and I could definitely see how the child version of Wyatt would have a crush on them. According to Wyatt, Kim had him watching every episode of Kickin It and thought she looked great in her karate uniform. When it came to Lola however he said that although she is a fish, there is definitely something about her.


Kim and Lola


Hot Minecraft Skin #7:

Now this may be the most creative take I have heard but Connor Sawall has a way of surprising people. Now from Connor’s description this minecraft skin has blonde hair, blue eyes, and a cute shirt with jean shorts. According to Connor, his first minecraft girlfriend wore that skin when they were playing the game so it has a special place in his heart. I do find this take a bit interesting for me however childhood celebrity crushes should have no boundaries because we are kids, and kids are creative to say the least.

Connor’s Minecraft Girl Friend


Jace Norman:

Jace Norman is a popular childhood actor from Nickelodeon who starred in the hit show Henry Danger. Henry Danger follows your average teenage boy who is summoned to help save his town from the forces of evil. The show highlights his high school life and how his super hero side interferes with his chances of normalcy.  I can definitely see the appeal that Emelie Norton sees in him. He is tall, has blonde hair, and a beautiful smile. According to Emelie, she had a crush on Jace because she thought he was cute and she liked that he played Henry Danger on Nickelodeon.

Jace Norman

Wesley from The Princess Bride:

Now this guy was definitely a heart throb who made you believe in love. Who doesn’t want to watch a movie about finding your true love again after hardship, struggle, and separation. May I also add that he is blonde, tall, handsome, and has a good heart. The Princess Bride follows two love interests who become separated early in their relationship, however are madly in love with each other. The story aims to follow their journey back to finding each other with loads of adventure, fighting, and action. Wesley was Hannah Jones’s childhood celebrity crush because she believed he was incredibly hot as a kid. I agree with Hannah and give him a flaming hot on the hotness scale.



Michael Jordan:

One of the greatest athletes of all time, if not the best, is Michael Jordan, the Chicago Bulls and NBA basketball legend who happens to be Reece Early’s childhood celebrity crush. Michael Jordan has an unprecedented record on all of his teams and played for the United States in the Olympics on the dream basketball team. Reece Early when asked why Jordan is his favorite said “My glorious king Michael Jordan showed his splendous and immaculate skills on the court through his 6 championship wins and extreme skill.” I do have to agree with Reece that Michael Jordan did in fact lead his team through multiple championships and achievements. It is no surprise that the goat was someone’s childhood celebrity crush.

Michael Jordan


Terry Cruise:

As seen in many comedy movies and even as the host of America’s Got Talent, Terry Cruise has definitely been an iconic figure in many Americans’ lives. My favorite movie of his would have to be White Chicks due to the undeniable humor and the ability to make it enjoyable for everyone watching. A fellow Academic Magnet student Trayce, believes that all of the amazing qualities Terry has, contributed to him being his childhood celebrity crush. When Trayce described Terry Cruise, he only had one word, which was that he is super muscular. Now although I was not looking at people’s muscles as a child, I guess some people saw things others ignored.

Terry Crews


Taylor Swift:

Now this submission was not surprising, as she is an icon of our Era, as she has released 13 trailblazing albums and has performed sell out shows for years due to her catchy and unforgettable hits. Some of these hits include songs like Blank Space, Lover, Shake it Off, Tim Mcgraw, and Red. Now according to Logan Burns, she was the childhood crush of the century. When describing her, Logan Burns said “Her beautiful, gorgeous, and absolutely awe-striking voice fills and excites me in ways I’ve never felt before. Her sheer beauty makes me believe she is not just a woman, but an angel sent from God himself. Watching her dance gave me butterflies and inspired me to purchase a musical full-sized pillow/doll that I customized to look like her.” I do not think I ever was convinced to buy a pillow of my celebrity crush but Taylor Swift would seem like the person to inspire such a purchase.


Taylor Swift

All in all, most of the submissions I thought were pretty spot on and make a lot of sense for being childhood celebrity crushes. I think it’s even more amazing when your childhood celebrity crush is still your celebrity crush today, but let’s face it, that rarely ever happens. Once again thanks raptors for submitting your choices, and please stay tuned for more looks inside the student body’s list of celebrity crushes.



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