Academic Magnet High School - North Charleston, South Carolina.


Academic Magnet High School - North Charleston, South Carolina.


Academic Magnet High School - North Charleston, South Carolina.


Country Music Albums: Personal Rankings

How good are the album’s people listen to?

One Thing at a Time (Morgan Wallen)- 9/10

There’s so much to love about this album. Songs such as Last Night and One Thing at a Time have become some of Morgan Wallen’s top played songs and the album has remained at the top of country charts since its release a year ago. One Thing at a Time is also Wallen’s longest album so far, containing a massive 36 songs with a play time of 111 minutes. The album features songs of various speeds which means a variety of songs to jam out to. Songs such as Everything I Love or Ain’t That Some give a quick pace perfect for car rides whereas ‘98 Braves or I Wrote The Book slow down for a softer vibe. I love the album for its variety of songs that tie together nicely. My only reason for not giving it a 10/10 is because social media has overplayed some of the songs, leading to them feeling worn out and old too quickly.



Gettin’ Old (Luke Combs)- 7/10

Luke Combs’ latest hit album sits as a solid album for the country music fan who likes consistency in their songs. It should only make sense that Combs’ most popular song, Fast Car, is a part of his latest release. Overall I like the album but I feel like the songs Combs includes lack a diversity in the kinds of songs he releases. It feels like each song in the album doesn’t have as much of a unique quality as other songs Combs has put out in the past. In truth, the album only has one really memorable song while the rest seem to be forgotten. Overall, I give the album a solid 7/10 as I simply wish the album had more recognizable songs rather than one very memorable track.


Imaginary Appalachia (Colter Wall)- 8/10

Colter Wall is, in my opinion, an extremely underrated country singer. The most striking thing about him to me is his voice, with a set of vocal chords that rival the likes of Johnny Cash. His deep voice combined with his old style country music give Imaginary Appalachia its own unique style that make the album very memorable. Songs such as Sleeping on the Blacktop, The Devil Wears a Suit and Tie, Caroline, and Johnny Boy’s Bones draw back to the old school country songs and allow Colter Wall’s unique voice to shine. I personally love this album and only wish it were longer as it only includes 7 songs. Overall, the album gets an 8/10 due to its short play time and, in my opinion, the underrated value of Colter Wall.


Can I Take My Hounds to Heaven (Tyler Childers)- 7/10

Once more popular than he is now, Tyler Childers’ album features songs that invoke images of the old south and its gracious hospitality. Tracks such as Way of the Triune God and Purgatory draw back to the southern roots of country folk music while Childers allows his standout voice to shine. Overall I like the album for its difference in tone- it really feels like it combines modernity with southern folk music. Once again the only reason I give this album a lower score is because of its short amount of songs: only 8 songs! I wish Tyler Childers had included more in the album because it feels like he has more to give. Overall, a solid album but simply lacking in songs.


If I Know Me (Morgan Wallen)- 10/10

Another great album from Morgan Wallen. If I Know Me is another great album that is well deserving of a 10/10. It’s a solid album with multiple great tracks such as Happy Hour, If I Know Me, and Up Down. I love the album because of its repeatability and numerous songs and always enjoy listening to it in the car when I’m driving. Songs such as Up Down and Chasin’ You continue to be amazing boating songs and really give great summer vibes. I hope Morgan Wallen can continue to put out these kinds of albums, especially going into summer.


Summertime Blues (Zach Bryan)- 9/10

I love this album for its folk music vibes, which perfectly exemplify who Zach Bryan is as a music artist. The quiet but quick paces of the songs make them great for driving throughout the day. Songs such as Quittin’ Time and Motorcycle Drive By are some of Zach Bryan’s most listened to songs and continue to be played at many of his concerts. Overall, the album gets a great 9/10 for its amazing songs, but once again with most of the albums on this list the album is sadly rather short. If Zach Bryan were to include more songs in the album I’m sure it would get a 10/10 but the great songs already in the album let Zach Bryan’s singing truly shine.


Dangerous: The Double Album (Morgan Wallen)- 10/10

What isn’t to love about this album? Dangerous: The Double Album is arguably what launched Morgan Wallen into the spotlight of modern country music. Tracks such as Wasted on You and Sand in My Boots continue to play on the radio to this day and remain a staple on almost every country playlist. Every song gives a different vibe to the album and provides listeners with plenty of songs to choose from. I give the album a well deserved 10/10 as I can’t find anything to critique about the album.


Zach Bryan (Zach Bryan)- 9/10

Zach Bryan’s latest release scores another 9/10. His latest album also produced his most popular song yet, I Remember Everything, with a great feature from Kacey Musgraves. I love the album for its personal feel and the way it draws away from slightly faster songs and instead leans toward slower, more emotional songs. I love the album for the great features but only wish the album had a little more variation as some of the songs feel kind of repetitive at times.

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