Academic Magnet High School - North Charleston, South Carolina.


Academic Magnet High School - North Charleston, South Carolina.


Academic Magnet High School - North Charleston, South Carolina.


Time to rent!

Which rental company works for you?

So you are in High School and very much struggling to keep up with all of the events going on. I mean most people do not have that kind of money to constantly buy new outfits. This is where the great invention of rental companies comes into play. Rentals are great for mixing up your closet and maybe even your Instagram feed. By paying a monthly subscription or even a one-time price, you can have a new outfit for a bit and they return it while spending a fraction of the cost. Now there are some issues when choosing which one is right for you! There are so many options that I get why it can be hard to figure out which works for you! Here are some opinions on different options to rent.

Instagram rentals-

This can be a little on the sketchy side sometimes, but if you know the person then that limits some issues with reliability. Now the laidback nature of this rental system can be a bit less stressful and hectic. There is also less of an issue with competition for renting certain pieces because, on those huge websites, there are many issues with everything being rented out. You should be aware that this method does create a bit of stress in some instances as certain communication problems can happen. If you are using this sort of method it is best recommended for big events, like proms or weddings because the rented outfits typically are expensive dresses. You also have to be EXTREMELY careful when wearing these due to the knowledge that if you stain or hurt the clothing piece in any way then you will have to pay full price for it.

If you do use this rental option please be respectful to the owner as I have friends who have rented out pieces and the renters were terrible at returning texts or even returning the clothing. It is frustrating especially if one has renters lined up for the following occasions. Also if you want to rent someone’s dress or outfit it never hurts to ask, even if it isn’t listed on an Instagram, just make sure to be respectful!


Nuuly is a great website and place to rent clothing! There are so many options and pieces to choose from. There is a lot of Anthropologie, Free People, and other clothing from the parent company URBN because the company owns Nuuly as well. There are many great options on here, but only one possible rental subscription. To rent anything you have to buy a subscription on Nuuly, which is about $99 per month and you get to pick 6 items per month. You just have to be aware of what you are doing that month or just pick what you want and hope they works for the rest of the occasions that come up.

Everyone I know who uses Nuuly loves it and finds the subscription to be worth it! If you ever do get this subscription then you will see just how many people have it as those close available to you will be in more people’s posts than you think. Also if you are going to college and perhaps rushing, this subscription would be great for that. Another great use is for a long trip, the ability to pick all of the clothes out at the beginning of the month and have at least a month to return them! Make sure you are diligent about returning clothes as late fees and such can be quite expensive.

It makes me happy

— Suzanna Carlsten

Fashion Pass

This is my personal favorite! You get a lot of bang for your buck but you do have to be very incessant on returning your stuff every week at a FedEx scan store to make sure that you can get as much as possible in the month. The plans typically range with two options, one for 129 and the other for 164. This will be changing soon as they are introducing a new plan, but I yet to have see much detail into this! I believe that the subscription will change to offering 10 pieces picked at the beginning of the month for a price of about 129. This is a change from the ability to return the clothes every week and get about 4 pieces of clothing each week. The majority of people do not return their clothes that quickly so it is understandable why they are switching to this method. 

This is the subscription that I use and I love it! I find that the constant ability to switch clothes out every week makes my last-minute plans a bit more doable. With the new changes coming about this won’t apply anymore, but I just want to let you know of its great options. With the changes though, it is still very reasonable for how much clothing you are getting. Compared to some other options, it is very much reasonable.



Rent The Runway

This rental is probably the most diverse out of them all. Instead of just having the option to buy a subscription, you also can simply rent a piece for a couple of days. This is best used for dances or other events where you need just one nicer clothing piece and you don’t want to spend too much money on nice quality clothes. I have not used this before, but I definitely have contemplated it, especially with the terrible prom fiasco I had last year. From the people I hear who use this option, it seems to be very useful and nice as you can rent a piece of clothing quite some time ahead. Just try and do it as early as possible so you have more options available for your event. 

They also offer a monthly subscription which I find to be very reasonable. It is about 100 dollars for 10 pieces. Averaging about 10 dollars per piece which is extremely affordable for rental options. The website does offer more formal pieces, so if you are using this for more casual events throughout the month, you might have some issues with finding those. Now if you have a month of extremely formal events, then this is the best way to go about the subscription process. Eliza Compton, a magnet senior, notes that “It is kind of hard to find options that are more on trend”. This subscription would also be great for an internship as they have many options that are business-friendly and will showcase a more sophisticated palate.


Overall there are so many options for rentals and I hope that this article can be of help to anyone who is struggling to choose which one to use!

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