Getting to Know Dr. Francis


A new member of the AMHS Spanish department, Dr. Samuel Francis is very much excited to be a part of the greater Magnet community. Originally from the state of Indiana, he pursued a bachelor’s degree in Spanish from Indiana State University, and then a graduate degree in Spanish linguistics and language from Purdue a few years later. Along the way, Dr. Francis lived in Chile for several years, where his wife is originally from, and gained an even greater appreciation for the Spanish language, and specifically Chilean culture. Specifically, he would read this newspaper, Mysterios de Idiomas, almost everyday from a local kiosk. He has also spent time abroad in Mexico and Peru as well, and hopes to visit Easter Island one day.

Dr. Francis primarily became a teacher from his interest in languages, and the opportunity to see how people learn. He felt having this role in teaching students would allow him to be a a part of that process and help his students to find their own passions in life. When I asked him how he found Magnet when he moved from Colorado to Charleston roughly fourteen years ago, he explained to me how well known the school is for having excellent students. He finds it more challenging and rewarding to work with that type of student.

This past summer, Dr. Francis travelled to Disney World with his family, as he studied and took classes for certification in two graduate courses. Some of his hobbies include cooking and experimenting in the kitchen, and his specialty lies in desserts. Something he wants his students to know, especially for those taking his Spanish classes, is that he did not start studying Spanish until his sophomore year in high school. And even having started that late, he has still been able to become fluent. He often says, “if I can do it, you can do it.”

We would also like to thank Dr. Francis very much for stepping in as the temporary advisor for Spanish National Honor Society this year, as we really appreciate your help!!