How Well Do the Teachers Know Modern Slang?

They actually said this!

As the decade comes to a close, Bailey and Kaki have set out to see how well the boomers picked up on the jargon of today’s teens. In order to preserve the common language of the Gen Zs, we set out to see how much Ms. Pinckney, Dr. Altman, Mrs. Roop, Ms. Hooffstetter and Ms. Hurt have learned over the course of their many years at Magnet. We gave each teacher a word and an example of it used in a sentence. Then, we asked them to tell us what they think it means, before revealing the actual definition. Here is what they said:

1. Ghosting: to cut off all communication with someone you’re no longer interested in. I was just ghosted by that boy from Tinder!

The doctor knows everything.

Ms. Pinckney: It has something to do with social media or something, being followed or trolled by someone. Mr. Cosgrove: “You don’t know what that means?!” Mrs. Pinckney: “I don’t have time to learn that verbiage.”

Dr. Altman: Is Tinder something online? Online you can’t stand them up… It sounds like streaking!!

Mrs. Roop: When they stop responding to you. It’s when they stop texting me.

Ms. Hooffstetter: I’m wondering if it’s like stalking. Oh gosh. That you try to find something out about someone without them knowing. You throw a blanket over their head.

Ms. Hurt: So he doesn’t show up, you never see him again.

2. Shook: to be shocked, surprised, or startled. The news about Sally had me shook.

Ms. Pinckney: I guess shook means a little upset, like you wanted to punch that person.

Dr. Altman: I was excited?

Mrs. Roop: Ummmm. Well, oqehefiygeuf it’s shook. Let me come up with a word…shocked? Shaken? Shook, well it is.

Ms. Hooffstetter: It’s like shaken up or upset right?

Ms. Hurt: I’m guessing it means upset. Shaking, scared? Or upset?

3. Tea: the latest gossip. Did you hear the latest tea about Mason?

Ms. Pinckney: Oh that’s new! Rumor?

Dr. Altman: Oh, what’s the tea?! It means what’s the news or what’s up. The class last year taught me that!

Mrs. Roop: Gossip.

Ms. Hooffstetter: It’s gotta be like gossip!

Ms. Hurt: That’s like gossip.

4. Stan: a combination of the words “stalker” and “fan” to describe the worshipper of a celebrity. I stan Chrissy Teigen.

Ms. Pinckney: Stan? My goodness! Follow? Like? I don’t know.

Dr. Altman: Does that mean you like them? 

Mrs. Roop: It would be the opposite of I stand with. To like someone I guess.

Ms. Hooffstetter: I wish I were her? Because she’s married to John Legend. I would just think that it’s someone you look up to.

Ms. Hurt: That would mean you really like somebody.

5. Woke: a compliment meaning you are knowledgeable and aware. Bailey, you are so woke

I understand woke pretty well.”

— Ms. Hooffstetter

Ms. Pinckney: Oh yeah, I’ve heard woke. It means you’re up to date. You know what’s happening.

Dr. Altman: Oh, if you’re woke you’re with it. They taught me that last year too.

Mrs. Roop: Aware.

Ms. Hooffstetter: I mean it’s like you’re cool and up to date. I understand woke pretty well.

Ms. Hurt: Yea woke is uh, something’s amazing, wonderful, cool.

6. Full send: doing something with 100% commitment—even if you end up failing; yolo. Go jump off that bridge, full send!

Ms. Pinckney: I have no clue…full send? I guess it’s like a dare.

Dr. Altman: Um, like, at a really high speed. *does spastic arm movement*

Mrs. Roop: I’m guessing you’re all in.

Ms. Hooffstetter: *confused face* All I can think is give it your all. 

Ms. Hurt: I don’t know what it means. A full send I would say right now, completely.

7. Gas: something wildly impressive. Your new shoes are gas!

Ms. Pinckney: I guess that’s the new trendy word for hot, cool, trendy, whatever.

Dr. Altman: I mean it’s gotta be something you like…they’re really great, really fantastic…they’re gas.

Mrs. Roop: Ok, um, awesome, um, I’m trying to think of, um, synonyms, it’s something that’s amazing or fantastic.


Ms. Hurt: This has had lots of different meanings over the years. It used to mean something is really funny. It must mean something is cool.

8. Thicc: a full-figured body, specifically a big butt and curvy waist. Wow, that outfit makes you look thicc.

Ms. Metzner-Roop definitely won this contest

Ms. Pinckney: Now I can go several ways….really full figured, outfit is truly impressive, really like it & want to buy.

Dr. Altman: It makes no sense to me. I guess that outfit makes you really look good or hot?

Mrs. Roop: Oh yeah, that’s curvy.

Ms. Hooffstetter: Ooooh, isn’t that someone who’s heavy, or overweight? Someone really heavy. 

Ms. Hurt: I think it means it makes you look good. It means you’re not skinny, like really filled out.

9. Yeet: an exclamation of excitement, approval, surprise, or all-around energy, most commonly used when throwing something. Yeet!

Ms. Pinckney: That’s all I get? I need a little bit more. I have never heard of yeet.

Dr. Altman: *We had some help from Lucas Dillard and David Roddey* It means like, not. Like, I’m gonna yeet you across the classroom!

Mrs. Roop: To throw. Yes, I’ve seen the Vine.

Ms. Hooffstetter: Is that like yolo but it’s yeet? Is it like yea that’s cool or yea that’s neat? Like wow! I still say groovy…

Ms. Hurt: It’s on the list…I wrote it down, but I don’t know what it means. Seriously? That’s great?

10. Cancel: to reject something because it’s no longer trendy or it’s become too ratchet. James Charles is cancelled.

Ms. Pinckney: Who is James Charles? Out the door. No longer existing. Out of my life.

Dr. Altman: He’s canceled, he’s no more my friend. He’s out of there! *to Lucas Dillard* In other words, Chloe is going to college and she’s going to cancel you!

Mrs. Roop: I honestly don’t know that has a slang term. To stop doing something, but of course it can’t be that easy.

Ms. Hooffstetter: You’re gonna break up with someone. Lily Borders: It makes me think I need to cancel my credit card.

Ms. Hurt: Gone. They’re no longer there. They aren’t important anymore. 


These responses were shockingly accurate! It looks like these teachers are really in with the young crowd. Thanks to all who participated and please let us know if you want to see more content like this!

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