Academic Magnet High School - North Charleston, South Carolina.


Academic Magnet High School - North Charleston, South Carolina.


Academic Magnet High School - North Charleston, South Carolina.


AMHS Teachers Take on the Amazing Race

How Would Magnet Teachers Do in the Amazing Race?

The Amazing Race is a reality competition show where teams of two race around the world and complete challenges at each location they visit. Teams must navigate foreign areas, interact with locals, figure out clues, and perform physical and mental challenges that reflect some aspect of a location’s cultural heritage. Some of the past challenges have included carrying a 50-pound wheel of cheese down a steep hill in Switzerland, performing a 30-foot water stunt into a massive pool to search for a golden fish in Macau, and duck herding in Vietnam. These teams have to travel within and between countries by plane, foot, taxi, etc., to get to challenges and pit stops: the finish lines at the end of each leg of the race. 

To fare well in the competition, contestants for the Amazing Race must be well-rounded and mentally and physically prepared for the three-to-four week-long race. Another necessity is that teams must be able to work together; otherwise, these teams can fall behind in the competition and perform poorly in challenges designed for pairs to cooperate. As many Academic Magnet faculty members are known for their close relationships with each other, I wanted to know if any of these pairs would be interested in taking part in the Amazing Race together.

Ms. Gerideau-Grant and Mr. Perlmutter: Principal Pair

If Ms. GG were to pick a teammate for the Amazing Race, she would choose Mr. Perlmutter. She said that Mr. Perlmutter would be a good partner because he travels a lot, so he may be familiar with some of the places they go, is very knowledgeable about history, and would do well in physical activities. Mr. Perlmutter added that he would be a good teammate because he has a good sense of direction and can speak a little Spanish and Hebrew. He can also drive a manual, which is extremely useful for driving in foreign countries. Ms. GG said that her business background and strong negotiation skills would help her in the competition. She also has a good memory, is good with maps, and can speak a little French. However, Ms. GG  says she is not the most athletic person, and Mr. Perlmutter can be easily distracted or scattered. 

Mrs. Frazier & Mrs. Yackey: Mathletes 

When asked who they would select as their partner, Mrs. Frazier and Mrs. Yackey picked each other. Mrs. Frazier chose Mrs. Yackey as they would be able to work together through anything, while Ms. Yackey picked her because she is one of the “only ones who can be around [her] for more than 10 minutes at a time.” According to Mrs. Frazier, her strengths are that she speaks Spanish, is fit enough for athletic activities, and has strong critical thinking and logic skills. Mrs. Yackey emphasized Mrs. Frazier’s intelligence by asserting that whatever city they are in, she could “speak their language and probably write them a 10-page persuasive essay on why we need to win in less than 5 minutes.” Mrs. Yackey says that her strengths are her street smarts, that she is scrappy and super competitive, and that she is a people person, so she could work her way through the race by convincing others to help them. Both teachers agreed that Mrs. Yackey’s ADHD would be her most significant weakness. Although Mrs. Frazier believes a fear of heights will be her greatest challenge, Mrs. Yackey feels that her empathetic character may hurt them as she may help other teams.

Since [Mrs. Frazier] is a Magnet Alum we all know she can thrive off of no sleep.

— Mrs. Yackey


Coach Knauer & Coach Koll: Coach Combo

Fun Fact: Coach Knauer applied for the Amazing Race in 2005 but never heard back. If he could pick a partner from Magnet, he would choose Coach Koll because the two work together and understand each other well. As for their strengths, they are not afraid to get hurt or get their hands dirty and are willing to go the extra mile to complete a challenge. He also said that on top of all this, their collective humor and sarcasm would make for great must-see TV. The only weakness he could think of was that Coach Johnson would be left alone while they went to compete on the show. If he were picked, he would not be as excited about the touristy locations like major cities and would want to go to lesser-known locations to learn more about the cultural practices of other countries.

Dr. Altman & Mrs. Renes; Relationship: Continent Cruisers

When Ms. Renes heard that Dr. Altman said she would choose her as a partner for the Amazing Race, she was honored. These two are big travelers and even went on the Greece trip together! Although she said that she and Ms. Lankford would also be a good pair, Dr. Altman chose someone younger for memory challenges as her memory is not as sharp as when she was young. Dr. Altman believes she would fare well in the physical challenges as she has good stamina, can hike long distances, and is not afraid of heights. Despite this view, Mrs. Renes offered to step in for her during the physical challenges to keep her hip in. Mrs. Renes feels her strengths are her short-term memory and being an easy traveler, and her weaknesses are that she is not good at trivia and does not have strong navigational skills.

Dr. Altman is the epitome of YOLO.

— Mrs. Renes

Mrs. Grayson & Kerry: Sister Set

Although Mrs. Grayson’s younger sister Kerry is not a part of the AMHS faculty, Mrs. Grayson said it has been her and Kerry’s dream to go on this show for years; so, I will allow it. Ms. Grayson is very familiar with the show and spoke very passionately about it. Mrs. Grayson said her strengths are a good memory, being incredibly organized and physically strong, and a good sense of direction. She also said that she thinks she would be good at interpersonal relationships and showing respect to the cultures they are interacting with. Mrs. Grayson stated that Kerry is fluent in Spanish, speaks some Japanese, is agile, and is good at problem-solving. Although they both seem like ideal contestants, Mrs. Grayson worries that she’s too uncoordinated, and Kerry fears her anxiety will get the best of her.


Which duo do you think would go the farthest in the Amazing Race? What other pairs of teachers do you think would also fare well in competition? Do you think any of these teams could possibly win? If you have an answer to any of these questions, comment down below!

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