Academic Magnet High School - North Charleston, South Carolina.


Academic Magnet High School - North Charleston, South Carolina.


Academic Magnet High School - North Charleston, South Carolina.


Where Did Our Teachers Go to College?

Find out the inside scoop on teachers lives before Magnet!
Where Did Our Teachers Go to College?

While our teachers are here to help us get into college we never really know where they went to college. To delve deeper into the lives of teachers I asked two questions.

  1. Where did you go to college?
  2. If you could do it all over again, would you go to the same college or somewhere else, without worrying about money?


First up is the Language Department

Dr. Altman – Wanted to go out of state but stayed in state because she got scholarships. She began her study at U of SC but ended at C of C. She went to Georgetown for her masters and also received her doctorate at Catholic University of America. During her undergraduate studies she went to France for a study abroad semester. While she has no regrets and would choose the same college path, instead of a semester abroad she would do a full program in France. One thing Dr. Altman wants all students to know is to be patient with the college process and that it is best to end with no debt.  

Dr. Lupo – Back in another article is Dr. Lupo.  She had an unconventional undergraduate because she began her studies at University of Texas Pan American, but when her parents moved and her dorms had no air conditioning she transferred to Wichita State University, which she said was a fine experience. If she did it again she would not transfer, because the weather was too cold for her. On the other hand she loved Texas Tech for graduate and would do it all over again. The people are the nicest so maybe she can move back to South Texas eventually.


The math department

Mr. Percy – A man of few words. Mr. Percy went to University of South Carolina and “would absolutely go there all over again”.

Ms. Yackey – The fabulous frisbee coach Ms. Yackey began her college experience at NC State and walked onto the varsity soccer team! While this is very impressive she hated every second of it and transferred to C of C, which she loved. Although she hated NC State she said she would do it all over again because it led her to frisbee and her husband.


History department

Ms. Etikerentse – The seniors know her as our AP Gov and Econ teachers, the freshman know her as their human geography teachers, but we do not know where she went to school. She went to the University of London and has no regrets at all earning a bachelors of science and developmental economics.

Mr. Garris – We all know Mr. Garris as a history whizz but where did he go to college? He went to University of South Carolina Honors College and would also “absolutely go there all over again,” which is exactly what Mr. Percy said too!


The English department 

Ms. Lankford – Any guesses where Ms. Lankford went college? Like many of the other teachers she went to University of South Carolina Honors College and definitely would not change a thing about her experience!

Ms. Shifflette – Here we go again, we have got another South Carolina Gamecock! This time however, Ms. Shifflette said that if she did it all over again, with no regards to money, she would go to one of the northern states! Even if she had gone to a different college she said she would have still gone down the same path of journalism though!


The science department 

Ms. Roop – Our amazing marine biology teacher attended C of C and enjoyed her time. Asking her if she would go somewhere else she was torn. She had always wanted to go somewhere exotic for marine biology like the British Virgin Islands but she met her husband at C of C. She decided that if she would have met him in the British Virgin Islands then she would have gone somewhere different. 

Ms. Desbrow – The jack of all trades science teacher Ms. Desbrow was asked about her college experience. First she attended Allegheny College  in Pennsylvania and because she had enough money, she also went to Duke for undergraduate. Ms. Desbrow did even further schooling, getting her masters of teaching at the Citadel, and doing a plethora of summer programs. Some of these programs included Harvard, Cornell and Clemson. Although her college journey took her through various states she would still do it all over again, with no changes. 



Dr. Zerbst – Lots of Magnet seniors apply to 3 – 15 colleges. Most of us plan on going to one school for undergrad and maybe one school for graduate school. Dr. Zerbst may have had this plan but that definitely changed. She attended 19 different colleges and quite literally made “the college experience a quilt.” She obtained two degrees from Charleston Southern, one degree from the Citadel, and also attended Cornell, Florida Atlantic, Wake Forest, and many more. When asked if she could do it all over again would she do it differently, she said yes. She was accepted into Yale but turned it down. Now, Dr. Zerbst says she would have gone to Yale and stayed there to really build relationships. 

Mr. Cosgrove – Regrets are something Mr. Cosgrove does not have regarding his college experience. He attended Monmouth University and loved it. If he could do it again the only thing that could turn his head is a full ride somewhere else. 

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