The Not So Much Spring Break

Thanks COVID Once Again (story)


Idk what to write about for this week so I’m gonna fill y’all in on what I did over spring break. Unfortunately for me, I was supposed to be in Greece for spring break with some of my best friends. But ya know COVID canceled it. I was super sad about it because this was a trip that we were looking forward to for over a year. I also worked really really hard last summer to make money so that I could go. 

So, instead of an extravagant trip, I worked every day on spring break. Which was honestly not too bad, I really enjoy what I do. I recently got a new job at The Co-Op on Sullivan’s Island and I worked Monday, Tuesday, and Saturday. And let me tell you Saturday was a crazy time busy with a line out the door for a good few hours. Don’t get me wrong though, I would much rather be way busy than slow. It also means you make more money haha which is also never a bad thing. 

I also love to babysit and nanny. It genuinely does not feel like a job to me. I love kids and I decided for my future I need to be in a line of work that works with children. I plan to study exercise science at the College of Charleston, then I plan to go to grad school to complete my degree in Occupational Therapy. And that way, my job won’t feel like a job if I get to be helping kids. My mom and dad have always told me to do what you love and love what you do. And that has always stuck with me. 


Anyways, then on Wednesday, I watched these sweet boys in my neighborhood named Tommy and Danny while their mom took their younger brother to the hospital for his surgery. These kids are so goofy. We had a great time. We played trucks, rode on the golf cart, went to the park, and the pool. They also just moved here from New York so they have cute little Newyorker accents. 

Immediately after I was done watching them I went over to watch another sweet family that lives on my street. Their family was in town so I had six kids on my hands. I’ve been watching these kiddies for a long time and probably are one of my favorite families to watch. But, this particular time was kinda different. I was making pasta and red sauce for the kids for dinner and that in and of itself sucks. Let me just say in the future when I have kids I will never NEVER have the babysitter make pasta and red sauce. The red sauce literally gets everywhere. Like dude, it is a pain to clean up especially when the little kids are covered in it. Simultaneously,  their dog joey threw up all over the floor and Jonny had a bad diaper. It was just kinda comical.


Then on Thursday, I got to pick up Addi and Hayes from daycare while their parents were coming home from their Mexico vacation. This family I actually met through working at the coffee shop. I have been watching them ever since, every other Friday. They also are my favorites <3. I adore them! These kids are probably the sweetest and most thoughtful kids ever. We had Chick-fil-A for dinner and they let me stop and grab myself coffee because I needed it!

My Friday consisted of watching Tommy and Danny again. These water guns were their favorites, they played with them non-stop. Although, they did have them taken for a little bit because they were being fresh and not listening to me when I told them they can not spray people that don’t also have a water gun. I got to sit in the sun and watch them which is always a bonus. 

Later that same day I raced over to watch another family that was from out of town that needed a sitter. These kiddies’ names were Veta and Milo! Their names were so cute and they were so well behaved! I got to take them for dinner at Toast and we had breakfast for dinner and they loved it!



Also during this week, I watched doggies. 

This is Koda and he stayed at my house while his owners were in Clemson visiting family. He’s a big 14-year-old golden doodle that has some trouble walking but we love him. He was much better off hanging at my house because he required a lot of attention and medications. 


And this is Gouda! She is a cutie pie! Her parents went to the Mountains for just a few days so I came and checked up on her. Like guys c’mon her name is Gouda!


*had to add these pictures <3 this all that my camera roll consists of rn lol. Kids and dogs!