Academic Magnet High School - North Charleston, South Carolina.


Academic Magnet High School - North Charleston, South Carolina.


Academic Magnet High School - North Charleston, South Carolina.


Senior Spotlight Part 1

Meet seven students of the Class of 2024

It’s back…the series, the season, the seniors.  This will be the first of many articles Piper and I will write this year introducing you to the class of 2024.  Get to know us!


Sutton Bates of Daniel Island was born on November 8, 2005.  He attended Christ Our King for middle school (#blessed) and enjoys listening to anything by Taylor Swift.  His favorite animal is a moose and his favorite memory at Magnet is “definitely the Junior Class trip.”  He dreams about eating bowtie and penne pasta with grilled chicken, spinach, broccoli, tomatoes, and lots of butter.  Sutton is happiest when he is “spending time with friends doing dumb stuff.”  Make sure to stay safe, though.




Wren Allen was born on the First of August, 2006.  Living downtown, she attended Buist Academy for middle school.  Her favorite animals are red pandas and dreams about eating tuna poke bowls all day long.  Her favorite memory at Magnet is shared by much of the Class of ‘24: beating the seniors in Wall Day during the spring of sophomore year.  Wren is happiest at the beach or when she is driving around town with her friends.  As is the soundtrack of her life, all she does is win (by DJ Khaled).

Morgan Fletcher lives in West Ashley with her favorite animal, her cockatiel named George Michael.  She was born on December 4, 2005.  She attended Orange Grove Charter School before entering Magnet as a freshman.  As a sophomore, she fondly remembers when former Student Body President Hunter Sutcliffe shaved his head at the pep rally (although I only remember him cutting off his ponytail).  For Morgan, she is happiest when she is out with her friends and dreams about Gigi Hadid cooking her homemade pasta.  The soundtrack of Morgan’s life is “The Show Must Go On” by Pink Floyd.


Suzanna Carlsten of Mount Pleasant, a graduate of Moultrie Middle School, is happy when she is around many different things, namely her white crusty dog named Rosie and the box of new clothes she receives weekly from FashionPass.  Suzanna is allergic to wheat, so you would expect that she dreams of eating normal bread or something.  That is not, in fact, how she responded.  Instead, she dreams of one day having gluten-free fried chicken and waffles again, although she has only eaten them one time.  She also dreams of a Noglu store opening up in Charleston sometime soon.  Suzanna’s bluegrass playlist makes up the soundtrack of her life.  Her favorite memory at school is when she tripped and fell while running to now-USC freshman Avery Voelkel’s car.  According to Suzanna, many then-seniors asked if she was okay.  We still think she’s okay.

Colin George also lives in Mount Pleasant.  He attended Cario Middle School, during which time “What’s Up Danger” by Black Caviar and Blackway was released, the soundtrack of his life.  Colin was born on August 14, 2005, and considers his favorite animal to be a monkey.  An avid runner, Colin’s favorite memory at Magnet is running mile-long stretches in freshman PE class.  However, Colin is always up for a bowl of spaghetti and meatballs, a nice post-run treat.




Alexa Conlon was born on September 8, 2005.  Like Wren, Alexa lives downtown and attended Buist for middle school.  Her favorite animal is a quokka or a kiwi bird.  The soundtrack of her life is Reputation by Taylor Swift (pretty popular nowadays).  If Alexa could have one last meal on Earth, she would immediately choose to indulge herself in a large helping of chicken tamales, hush puppies, lavender-flavored ice cream from Jeni’s, and a “smurf drink.”  Alexa is happiest when sleeping, or when she’s thinking about that one time when we had to leave school early because of the bad sewage.

Lastly, we have Warren Cohn, who was born on March 4, 2006.  Warren has a lot in common with Morgan, as they are both West Ashley residents who attended Orange Grove, and they both dream about the same kind of pasta to eat.  Warren’s favorite animals are humans, but his second favorite is turtles.  He feels that the Minecraft original soundtrack best represents his life right now.  Warren’s favorite memory at Magnet is “going crazy at prom,” and he is happiest when he is free of any work.

Stay tuned for more!

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