Olivia Niesse

Olivia Niesse, Staff Writer

yayyayyayyayyay hi fellow Raptors!! My name is Olivia, but all my friends call me Liv. I like blockin shots (I play defense on the Varsity Lacrosse team), pullin shots (of espresso that is...I work as a barista @ metto), and of course I like to callin the shots. AND I play on the girls golf team just for geeks and good times with Mr. Stackhouse. I also enjoy going to the beach, hangin with my crew, and looking for a deal at Tj Maxx. I like trying new things and meeting new people so if you see me in the hallway say hey. And my one piece of advice is cheer at the football and basketball games if you want to be a real Raptor.

catch ya on the flip


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