Which Seniors Best Represent Each Enneagram Type

Please don’t be offended…chosen all in good fun:))


Hi guys! Today I am writing a Part 2 to my enneagram article I wrote last week. Since I know y’all loveeee reading your name in articles, I decided to choose one senior who best exhibits the characteristics of their enneagram number.

This is completely my own opinions guys so by all means you are allowed to have a totally different one! Each type has their own strengths and weaknesses, but remember there is no “ideal” type

Type One: Katie Massie

“the reformer” Katie perfectly represents type one because she is extremely responsible and organized. Miss a class and need to look at someone’s notes? Katie would be the perfect choice for you. Katie’s effort she puts into school and cross country reveal her self control, something that most of us struggle with, let me tell y0u.

Second Place: Ethan Ouellette

Type Two: Brady Siegan

“the giver” Brady is a perfect example of a Type 2. Twos are generally thought of as very friendly, approachable people. Underneath all the red hair and jokester personality, Brady is super loyal to his friends and willing to put in all his effort to help them.

Second Place: Mills Jordan

Type Three: Evan Daniels 

“The achiever” Evan Daniels exhibits the characteristics of the three character type. Evan is one of the most driven kids I know and his drive genuinely scares me sometimes. The effort he puts into running, as well as school, reveal his ambition. Evan is going places y’all!

Second Place: Owen Conley

Type Four: Mary Routh 

“the individualist” Mary is a type four most definitely. Self-expression and purpose are very important to fours.  They are sensitive and can easily pick up on other people’s emotions. I always say that Mary knows literally everyone’s secrets, since people trust that she will know how to handle these decisions. Mary is not afraid to stand up for injustice around her, which will benefit her in her future journalism career I am sure:))

Second Place: AG Maher

Type 5: “the investigator”

Okay I have no one for this one. Hear me out; I tried, I promise. If you think you are a type 5 and I should have put you, then I am sincerely sorry. Type 5 is one of the least common types. One example is Ross from Friends. So anyone who feels like they relate to Ross from Friends, this one is for you. Type 5’s are the type of people who love collecting facts about subjects that are interesting to them. They often end up as college professors or analysts.

Type Six: meeeee

“The loyalist” I value security more than anything and DESPISE change, which pretty much everyone I am friends with knows. However, if I trust you then I will be loyal until the end of time:)))

Second Place: Mary Katherine Kerrigan

Type Seven: Marshall Hodges

Marshall is a perfect example of “the enthusiast”. He is spontaneous and hates to be bored. He is CONSTANTLY cracking jokes and very rarely seems unhappy or stressed. I am not kidding. think about it. When have you ever seen Marshall stressed.

Second Place: Mrs Yackey. Yes, I am aware that she is not a Senior. However, she fits the Seven personality type so well that I had to make an exception. I had Mrs. Yackey as my Pre-Cal teacher first block last year and she started every single day with “Good morning beautiful people”. The best part? She seemed genuinely happy to see us every single day.

Type Eight: Christina Dolan

Christinaaaaaa. A Type 8. Christina is “a challenger” and is NOT afraid to stand up to authority. Eights are decisive and make decisions based off their gut. This one needs no other explanation. Christina is clearlyyy an Eight.

Second Place: Hank Tschantz

Type Nine: Karoline Surdyk

“The Peacemaker” Karoline is easy to get along with and talk to. She is super creative (I will forever be jealous of her artistic abilities) which is often prominent in Nines. Nines can often exhibit characteristics of each of the other types and can get along with almost any one.

Second Place: Frances O’Shea

Another piece of information I wanted to include: what type goes best in relationships with one another. I found these on educated websites, didn’t make them up I promise!

Another disclaimer, obviously you can be happy with whatever personality you would like these are merelyyyy hypothetical

Most common relationship pairings:


Ones w/ twos or sevens

Twos w/ threes or eights

Threes w/ nines

fours w/ fives or nines

fives w/ ones or twos

sixes w/ nines

sevens w/ nines

eights w/ nines

nines w/ one or two

See how many of the numbers nines can go with? This emphasizes their ability to match other people’s energy, whether its the enthusiasm of the sevens or the schedules of the sixes.


Enneagram Type 9: The Peacemaker