Senior Predictions

Talon Style


Mallory Alexander | Will live in California and become the eccentric lady that all the kids in the neighborhood go to for advice and look up to.

Devonte Alston | Will entertain several career choices after leaving college before ultimately coming back to Charleston and launching his own business near Magnet.

Ashley Anderson | Will marry a Clemson alumni and dress her babies up in Clemson onesies. 

Gage Andrews | Will learn to play thirty different instruments and take the Three Pegs Trio to soaring heights.

Pearl Ayiku | Will become an accidental YouTube personality because of her infectious laughter.

Harrison Babb | Will turn down the award for “Kindest Person to Ever Exist” because she is too humble.

Caelean Bailey | Will end world hunger.

Amanda Beall | Becomes a published author and researcher.

Zoey Bennett | Will go into the film industry! She will probably work on a really cool project that does really well and then get hired by an A-24 director. She will hug Greta Gerwig.

Lanie Berrigan | Will work for the Peace Corps and start an animal sanctuary that fosters any animal who needs a home.

Cade Bitting | Will take over the US Navy, while attending each and every Final Four even the ones in Minnesota.

Benjamin Black | Will become a history or government professor at Oxford.

Christian Blackburn | After earning his Eagle Scout this year, he will rise in the ranks and become the head of the Boy Scouts of America.

Charles Blanc | Will marry Piper and take home several Olympic medals for swimming.

Rosie Booker | Will be a pro on Dancing with the Stars after touring as a backup dancer for Beyoncé. She will have two children named Tennessee and Texas. 

Lily Borders | Will become the ultimate horse girl and become a horse doctor. 


Cassie Brisbin | Will become a world known engineer who has a family of D1 multi-sport athletes. 

Alaina Broomall | Will find a passion for theater in college and move to New York seeking a Broadway role.

Emma Broucqsault | Will have the best and most fun life out of anyone in our class. Opportunities and success will always follow her, and everything she could want will materialize with ease.  

Clarke Brunson | Will live in California, own her own surf shop, and do photography on the weekends.

Zach Buesing | Will probably write the code for a video game or social media app for pets that makes billions. 

Sarah Burke | Gains an elite sense of how all types of schools in every region of the world work, so she can write the perfect book on how to seamlessly mesh anywhere.

Camila Carrillo | Will become a curator who travels the world finding ancient art. She will be profiled in several magazines.

Sam Carson | Will go to music school for college, become a famous musician, and travel the world with the Zac Brown Band.

Piper Carter | Her love for the French language will draw her to a life in Paris with her best friend Dr. Hiers.

Jack Catalano | Will become the next Tiger Woods, residing in the Adirondack Mountains.

Catherine Chopade | Will cure cancer by day and teach boxing lessons by night.

Kaki Cobb | Will be driving her three boys to soccer practice on Daniel Island in her Land Cruiser dressed head to toe in Lululemon workout gear while snacking on a protein smoothie. 

Jameson Condon | Will be famous and playing in Madison Square Garden with his band Newgrounds Death Rugby that just got their third number one hit song. 

Mark Condon | Will be touring with his band Newgrounds Death Rugby, living the dream, and performing at the Grammys.

Jackson Coppola | Will gain thirteen world records for male gymnastics.

Thomas Crowley | Breaks away from the United States to start a new regime as an influential ruler of his own country.

Clara Cullum | Will be elected into the South Carolina Senate in district 34 immediately following college. She will eventually be elected into the US Senate, replacing Strom Thurmond as South Carolina’s most famous politician, all on her own terms. 

Vivian D’Souza | Will be a chorus teacher, and all her students will look up to her.

Clyde Davis | Will go on to own the Bojangles’ franchise and will become wildly successful, despite leaving his car keys everywhere.

Andrew de Arellano | Will become a photojournalist documenting political unrest in Cuba while subtly therapizing his subjects. 

Ethan DeMille | Will meet Bernie Sanders who will declare him his official successor. He will then become everyone’s favorite activist.

Molly Dickerson | Will own two dogs, live in Boston, and become a famous Instagram influencer.

Jack Dillard | Will use his charisma and charm to become an American industry leader. He will meet Princess Charlotte by chance while visiting Buckingham Palace and become the next American to marry into the Windsors. 

Lucas Dillard | Will use the profit from his photography career to become the third largest shareholder in Tinder. 

Mia DiPaolo | Will start her own authentic Italian food truck and travel across the country in it. 

Sophia Discolo | Will be a CIA agent who publishes poetry under a pseudonym.

Josephine Drake | Will become a successful businesswoman before finding her true passion in farming. She will move to rural Georgia where she will grow peaches and run around barefoot.

Shea Duncan | Will be a high school English teacher who is super chill and is friends with her students.

Lesesne Early | Will move to the mountains where she and her small family will live in a cabin and wear Birkenstocks, headbands, and oversized t-shirts.

Seth Early | Studies marine biology and will discover a new species of aquatic mammal that will make him famous.

Caroline Fair | Will be a very successful nurse at MUSC, with her husband and their five children. She will have many strangely large Alaskan cats and will only shop at Whole Foods.

Sam Ford-Dirks | Becomes the premier lacrosse goalie in the US and retires to a career as president of Hey Dude shoes.

Hannah Forman | Will take over Europe and become the next leader of the EU, fixing all of its problems and making the Euro the most valuable currency in the world. She will know many languages and immerse herself in many cultures. 

Emily Furtick | Will become a style ICON.

Gabby Gagnon | Will become the host and judge of a dance competition show.

Emory Gardner | Will move to Scotland and direct world famous movies. She will marry a firefighter, and her kids will become well known for their amazing sense of fashion. 

Sully Gholson | Starts a seventh branch of the military focused on positivity and nature photography.

Carson Goodier | Will infiltrate every political party to unify the country before turning golf into the national sport and finally getting a driver’s license.

Robby Gourdie | Will be a surgeon who lives in a house made of technology. He will have three dogs and the most expensive espresso machine on the market. 

Megan Gray | Will get a high powered job in NYC right out of college. She will live there for many years and come to rule the city. She will be the face of the Met Ball in 2035. 

Kasen Groves | Will stay in California forever and will never be heard from again. 

Julia Guo | Will become super famous on YouTube and will move to LA to become a full time influencer. 

Grace Gurney | Will become one of the top doctors in North Carolina and be the best mom to her family, raising her kids with the Lord. 

Lucas Haas | Will travel the country and then move to Germany to start a brewery in his late twenties. He will become the richest man in Europe.

Riley Haas | Will be the first woman to have a mansion on Mars. She will also probably have a poodle.

Luke Haenel | Will run an anonymous meme account while simultaneously running a successful tech company. He will acquire every Gucci belt design ever made. 

Charlie Hale | Reaches the farthest corners of the internet with his truths and memes.

Michael Hammer | Will move to New York City to dominate Wall Street, but he will eventually be discouraged and start a nonprofit for high school seniors who need rides to school.

Emma Heeke | After being fired from Broadway for making too much heel related noise between set changes, she will start her own stage company, ruling through terror, but producing world class shows. 

Lilli Heinrich | Will meet Taylor Swift and produce the 2030 remake of Glee.

Lillian Herpolsheimer |Will become a famous artist and have a stuffed animal army.

Bailey Hillen | Will find a rich boyfriend at Wofford, whom she marries. Eventually she will be one of Charleston’s most successful lawyers with her face on many billboards, buses, and benches. After working, she will have many children and raise them in showbiz of course.

Chap Hodges | Will invent something that no one knew we needed but changes the world. He will become a billionaire with his patent and buy the state of Georgia, football team included. 

Jenny Hsu | Will be head tennis player at her local country club before realizing she was meant to be a House representative by day and a classically trained cello player by night.

Alex Huang | Wins the nobel prize in all six categories, effectively becoming a modern day renaissance man.

Caroline Hyde | Will be on the cover of Time Magazine, as the 2040 Person of the Year. The reasons are unknown to many, but those who do know her are not surprised in the slightest. 

Libby Jaskwhich | Will decide that typical everyday life is not for her, and she will go backpacking across Europe and Asia. 

Mary Ashton Jenkins | Will move to Murrells Inlet, be a Croc ambassador, and coach high school soccer.

Taliyah Jenkins | Will discover her inner desire to become a zen master, helping others cope with their struggles through meditation.

Juliet Johnson | Will become a powerful name in the world of finance and live with two fluffy dogs in Kiawah.

Kathryn Jones | Will join the Peace Corps, then retire early to live out the rest of her life in peace, traveling a lot with her adopted children. 

Big Will Jordan | Will be on his sold out, tenth anniversary tour for Lil Cynth’s award winning album. 

Will Jordan | Will move back to Charleston, buy a house on Sullivan’s Island, and become a brand ambassador for Patagonia Baggies. 

Simone Kavarana | Will seize control of Style Exchange and become the new CEO while owning and operating several fine dining establishments, serving high quality food at any hour of the day.

Brendan Kelleher | Will graduate from Duke but love it so much that he returns as a professor. 

Ricky Keys | Will eventually become well known for his iconic front yard scenes featuring his skeletons. It will become a spot to see for any tourist  in Charleston. 

Ameen Khan | Will become a computer programmer, get bored, and move to Northern California, where he will explore a passion for botany.

Will Kronsberg | Becomes the national go to source for all sports knowledge, flooding the front page of all major newspapers and living rooms across the world. He will author a book called 2020 – The Year Sports Didn’t Happen.

Angeline Krupa | Will become a pixie. Her house will be made entirely of glitter and flowers, and she will probably live in the trees somewhere.

Claire Kunkle | Will write several best selling novels, inspiring her to take a job as an English teacher to teach kids her passion as well.

Eliza Lankford | Will have the best life ever. She will go into medicine and eventually find the cure to end the next pandemic to become rich and happy. 

Sabrina Lawrence | Will teach computer monogramming at NYU  and have a side job as the principal dancer for the New York City Ballet.

Davis Leath | Will try to prove that the earth is not flat, but his superior sailing skills will lead him to find a new continent. Once discovering this new continent, he will establish himself as the continent’s iconic shoe reseller where people will travel from all over the world to see.

Mason Leath | Retires from being one of Washington’s greatest journalists to open a vineyard and animal sanctuary in the Santa Ynez Valley. Obviously he joins the three comma club at precisely the age of 36.

Jonathan Lemon | Will acquire a cult media following from his music and lifting accounts. 

Eli LeRoy | Will spend two years on the Appalachian Trail after college where his profiles of hikers will land him a job at a multinational media firm. After being promoted from combat journalist to VP of the company, he will resign and start his own food truck in the Pacific Northwest. 

Ella Lesesne | Will become a powerful businesswoman, dwarfing even Anita Zucker and Darla Moore in her shadow. She will run many successful enterprises, and she will eventually take Wall Street by storm and have a very attractive, happy family. 

Jack Levenson | Finds a way to trip at the virtual graduation and will become a renowned restaurateur after working his way up from being a servers’ assistant.

Elan Levine | Will successfully learn Swedish and every other language before writing and starring in a Broadway show about his journey becoming a polyglot. 

Oliver Lewis | Will graduate college with a classics degree, move to Scotland, and find relics of lost kings and battles.

Allison Li | Will embrace the persona of Trina Vega in Chicago, as she takes advantage of the career opportunities and lifestyle the city has to offer her. 

Angela Li | Will find a cure for COVID-19 or some other crazy disease. 

Erin Littlejohn | Will teach leadership classes to young women and be a role model for everyone.

Stephanie Lomeli-Garcia | Will be a famous photographer and will travel all over the world taking pictures for National Geographic.

Irene Lu | Will be a genius programmer who works abroad and still bakes sweets for her friends all the time.

Caroline Lucas | Will become a professor in Philadelphia for five years before settling down to teach literature in Southern France. 

Maria Lutas | Will start a highly successful sticker company that only sells small artist work. With her profit, she will create Charleston’s first three day metal festival. 

Ellie Marino | Hosts her own hit conspiracy theory podcast, broadcasted from the tunnels underneath the Denver Airport.

Mary Hope Martin | Will go on to be a very outspoken doctor. She will marry a sensible man and they will have three well behaved children.

Elizabeth Moise | Will become her students’ favorite teacher, until she decides she wants more from life to start a non-profit, where she and other teachers travel around the world to teach underprivileged communities. 

Piper Monk | Will surf her way into owning seven dogs and one tiger.

Nicolette Monnier | Will not attend college. She will fall in love with her horses she and make it her life goal to train the next Triple Crown winner. 

Lee Muirhead | Will win the lottery and become the richest person in our state within the next five years. She will then invest and triple her wealth, living out her life country hopping across Europe. 

Daniel Murphy | Will pursue photography, which will become a huge success for him. He will travel the world for National Geographic while bringing his family along, giving his kids a worldly upbringing and being a super dad. 

Quinna Muthard | Will become a highly successful writer that eventually realizes she can further profit if she writes about food, travel, and stuff, so she gets to eat everywhere for free.

Kyler Nguyen | Will be a world class computer programmer and renowned fencer to pave the way for greater female representation in both fields, while volunteering at animal shelters in her spare time.

Daniel Nichols | Will own and operate a canoe making business in Charleston.

Dessie Anne Nietert | Will not settle down to get married and raise a family until she meets a professional athlete. One other qualification: he must be tall. 

Jacob Norman | Will be the most prominent women’s rights activist in Washington. He will have five kids and at least three “Best Dad Ever” t-shirts.

David Novo | Will accept Clemson as his favorite team and move to Colorado for certain reasons. 

Lauren Osborne | Will become a successful doctor. She will marry  an extremely successful man and they will have at least three kids. They will live in a large ranch style house with at least seven acres of land.

Brianna Otero | Will convert the rest of the world into being vegetarian, thus stopping the death of our planet. She will operate a dog rescue and occasionally liberate exotic animals from captivity. 

Caelan Paquette | Will own two bulldogs and build his own house.

Avery Parker | Will be on the USA Olympic track team and win a gold medal before going on to become a world renowned nutritionist. 

Caroline Patterson | Moves back to North Carolina, where she codes the perfect pet ownership model.

Jack Patterson | Will move to a small farming town in Tennessee without cell reception after selling all of his shoes besides his duck boots. Will endure many many more leg surgeries and will acquire a permanent knee brace tan line.

Reid Perrett | Will be a professional surfer who also owns a pet shop that sells only exotic animals and species native to Antarctica.

Lily Peterson | Will live in New York and work for a major fashion house, and she will work her way up to becoming the creative director. She will live in Manhattan and eventually move to the Upper East Side, where she will remain unmarried to keep her finances safe and because she doesn’t need a man. She will have two well trained dogs and be the best aunt to a slew of nephews and nieces. 

Emma Grace Pittard | Will run an elite beach volleyball summer camp in Santa Monica, California.

Lydia Pless | Will become a famous musician and will play a sold out concert at Carnegie Hall before she is twenty. She will then join and eventually lead the Boston Symphony Orchestra for thirty years. 

Katie Radovanovic | Will move to Europe directly after college to teach children English in Sweden, before moving to France to be a freelance journalist. 

Allison Rauls | Will become the best nurse ever: the one who is always there and gives candy to all the patients and gives them hugs. She will also have many dogs and a neighbor who bakes pies.

Katherine Ray | Will become a journalist hired by The Onion. They love her so much that they donate the entire world to her. She wins a Nobel Peace Prize.

Stella Reimer | Will be living in LA working full time as an actress. She will have a supporting role in a popular television show and eventually be the spokesperson for a niche line of wellness shots.

Jonathan Roberts | Will become president of the NRA.

David Roddey | Will become the next Keith Richards. By this time, we can only assume his hair will be to his waist. 

Sammy Rosenberg | Will become the Ambassador to Israel and attain ultimate power with his fun socks.

Shreyon Roy | Develops his own elite cyber security company.

Susannah Ryan | Will live in a room with a door and a bed frame. Will either become a lawyer, doctor, or a reality star. 

Fernanda Salinas | Will be the CEO of Tesla and have her assistants bring her breakfast in bed daily.

Stephen Savage | Will become a professional wrestler. Logan Paul will come out of retirement to wrestle him for publicity, only to be humiliated once again. 

Mina Schaafsma | Will have her own clothing line and bikini brand. She will open shops around the southeast and outsell Las Olas. She will also have 38 soybean farms but will not sell the soybeans.

Jacob Schar | Will go into the military and become a general.

Will Schnell | Will buy a twenty-seven foot keelboat and get lost at sea somewhere between the Florida Keys and the Bahamas. When he is found, his rescuers will be shocked to see that he survived for years on nothing but pineapple Fanta.

Michal Segle | Will feed cats anywhere and everywhere she goes.

Kory Singleton | Will become the next Steve Harvey due to his impeccable narration voice. Family Feud will become the most watched television program of all time. 

Toby Sizemore | Will graduate from Auburn but never leave the town. With his wife whom he met on Tinder, he will have many children and will raise them to say “war eagle” before they are two years old. He will get married in an Auburn t-shirt naturally.

Madison Smalley | Wins the first ever Nobel peace prize for the “nicest global citizen.” 

Allyson Smith | Will be engaged by the spring of her sophomore year of college. She will have at least four kids and become very wealthy from starting her own MLM.

Kyle Smith | Takes his rap knowledge to the masses with his own album reviews and media company taking over XXL.

Julia Spencer | Will run her own pediatrics office, save children’s lives, and have a big family with two dogs. She definitely not live in Charleston though. 

Sloane Stoklosa | Will live in DC as a full time news anchor and Republican pundit. On vacations, she travels to Italy with her family to enjoy everything the country has to offer. She will become an official brand sponsor for La Croix.

Michelle Sun | Moves to California to write a novel, which becomes wildly successful. She also serves as the editor of National Geographic. 

Masi Sundara | Will live in Canada, win a Nobel Peace Prize, and coach his son’s wrestling team.

Abby Sutterlin | Will become president of the American Diabetes Association and will advocate for professional women’s volleyball.

Jamie Terry | Will one day take a trip to Jamaica and love it so much that she will never come back.

Jake Thayer | Will star in Bachelor in Paradise. He’s not in it for love, but as a publicity stunt to boost his influencer fame. 

Jordan Thomas | Will become a polyglot. Will be on TV for some reason, but no one is really sure why. We love it though. 

Isobel Tingley | Will move to Costa Rica after college and surf every day. 

Christie Tran | Will serve our country while serving looks. She will become very powerful.

Amber Tu | Will go to a college science class and accidentally invent a way to split atoms. The science world will love and fear her.

Godwins Tuyishime | Will become a famous artist and designer, and he will tour the world finding the most exotic and exciting places to live and make a better place. 

Simon Vaglienti | Will legally change his last name and work at Boeing.

Ben Vazquez Mora | Will leave Charleston in pursuit of a professional soccer career.

Kedar Veeraswamy | Will become a famous environmentalist and lawyer and save our planet from destruction, all while never breaking a sweat. 

Kaitlyn Victoria | Will use her cutthroat lacrosse mentality to fight crime.

Dhillon Wegner | Will be able to enter any career field with only basic training due to his superior knack for literally any skillset.

Christian Weichsel | Will start a top tier advice column as a side hustle, in which he generously bestows his wisdom and humor upon the American people. Meanwhile he will own a successful startup and will live in a glass home in California. 

Ebonie White | Will become a fashion icon in New York City.

Sam White | Will finally be recognized for his elite humor and wit. He will travel the world speaking perfect French and soaking up every small detail about this earth, before reciting it back to his five kids.

Emily Williams | Will live a real life rom com but not realize it.

Sophia Wilson | Finally settle the Duke/UNC rivalry by a multi round intellectual dual with her sister.

Sophia Zhang | Will become the most famous mathematician of our generation, while also being the life of the party in Baltimore.

Gabby Ziegler | Will become the CEO of every single business you can think of. She will also eliminate the economy and move to a cute farmhouse with lots of animals. Jeff Bezos will hate her.