5 Randomly Fun Things to do While Stuck in Quarantine


The Earth, as seen from space

The majority of the world has been in quarantine for several weeks or even months now as the coronavirus continues to spread across the world. And, because of this, many people (myself included) have been unable to see their friends or entertain themselves and have resorted to binge-watching every show on Netflix. As such, in order to try and combat this boredom, I have compiled a list of 5 strange and yet fun things to do while stuck in quarantine. Hopefully, these activities help you maintain your sanity during this troubling time. Enjoy!


#1- Visit Somewhere Exotic on Google Earth

Google Earth is one of the most amazing free programs on the planet and allows you to visit anywhere you’ve ever dreamed of going, all from the comfort of your bed, which you still haven’t left even though it’s 2 pm. Through extensive use of mobile van-mounted cameras, Google Earth allows you to explore the streets of Paris or the mountains of Nepal, and get a close-up, first-person view of the world. You can even go to your own house, and if you’re lucky you might even see yourself outside enjoying a time before the quarantine. 

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#2- Try Yoga

This one might seem a little bit cliche, but yoga has been proven to lead to lower stress levels and greater mental stability. During these stressful times, yoga can provide a safe, fun, and relieving outlet to drain this stress, and it can be done almost anywhere. The floor, couch, bed, and kitchen counter are all more than acceptable places to begin your spiritual journey into your own body, and there’s really no downside to making yourself at peace. On that note, Namaste! 


Yoga's Long History in the United States - HISTORY


#3- Regain an Appreciation for Nature

The stay at home orders issued around the globe have kept billions of people indoors and locked away from their family, friends, classmates, and co-workers. However, one of the few activities still available to the majority of people is… wait for it… neature. How neat is that? (That’s pretty neat!). In all seriousness, quarantine has significantly increased the amount of time people spend watching TV and playing video games, and yet one of the few places still open during quarantine is only a few feet away from everybody reading this. I myself have made time to go out and enjoy the early summer weather recently, and through this, I found myself once again marveling at the natural beauty of the Earth. So, when you finish reading this, take your dog, cat, or sibling on a walk (don’t forget a leash!) and be grateful for the beautiful planet we live on. 

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#4- Learn How to Play the Guitar Already

How many of you reading this have a hobby you know you’ve wanted to get into, but just haven’t had the time for? Well, now you have pretty much no excuse. I’m just as guilty of this as anyone, and I personally have been meaning to learn guitar for a long time now. As long as it doesn’t interfere with the rules of social distancing, now more than ever is the time to take the next step and work on yourself. So many people have dreams that they never have the time or opportunity to pursue, and so make lemonade out of limes and use this bad situation as a chance to end up with a good result. 

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#5- Read a Book?

This last one might sound somewhat insane to you, but reading a book for pleasure can be an awesome thing. As difficult as it is to find the time to read during the usual hectic schedule of being at school, this quarantine has provided the perfect opportunity to sit down and read for fun. Technology has taken over the attention of most of the younger generations, and sadly it seems that there has been a loss of appreciation for the simple act of reading. As surprising as it seems, reading can still be fun. I mean, you’re still reading this article, are you not? If you’re looking for a good mystery, Lee Child’s Jack Reacher series is a gritty classic that you can’t go wrong with. If you’re into fantasy, try Marie Lu’s dystopian Legend series, which is an amazing culmination trilogy that will keep your eyes glued to the page. And, if you’re looking for something else, there are around 130 million published books in existence. Happy hunting!Bookstore's Tweet On The Sale Of A Children's Book After 27 Years ...