Academic Magnet High School - North Charleston, South Carolina.


Academic Magnet High School - North Charleston, South Carolina.


Academic Magnet High School - North Charleston, South Carolina.


Looking Fly On and Off the Court?

Ranking the Outfits from the WNBA Draft

In honor of Women’s basketball finally gaining the attention it deserves. Here is fun little review of some of the players’ outfits featured on the orange carpet on draft night. From dresses to suits, each of these lovely ladies showed up and ate down. Throughoput this article we took a short dive into what each player was wearing and the gave our overall rating.

Caitlin Clark

A big outfit to match a big name. Caitlin Clark showed up the draft dressed head to toe in Prada. Her cute little heels matching her cute little bag, add that extra feminine touch to her look. The matching satin white blazer and skirt meant business as she knew the expectation of being the overall number one pick. Underneath Caitlin pops out with a little sparkle with her embroidered rhinestone mesh top. Overall Caitlin could not look more put together, her hairstyle is nearly flawless and the Prada glasses add the final touch of perfection to her reputation. Overall the entire look gives a sleek, clean, girlboss. Piper rates this outfit a 9.5/10. Charlie rates this outfit a 7/10.

“I dreamed of this moment since I was in second grade, and it’s taken a lot of hard work, a lot of ups and downs, but more than anything, just trying to soak it in.”

— Caitlin Clark

Paige Bueckers

Paige Bueckers absolutely ate up this draft look and grabbed the attention of all women basketball fans as she strutted down the orange carpet. Decked out in an all-white Louis Vuitton suit with a monochrome LV button-up underneath, LV sneakers, and a Porchette Métis East West handbag to top it off. From head to toe, Paige pulled off this look with style and confidence as she attended the draft in support of her teammate Nika Mühl. Paige continues to build up her following as she gears up for her 5th and final year at UConn in the upcoming season. Overall for a player who wasn’t even there to be drafted, Paige understood the assignment and left no crumbs. Charlie rates this outfit a 9.8/10 and Piper rates this outfit a 9.6/10.

Aaliyah Edwards

Following Buekers with another UConn player, we have Aaliyah Edwards. The basketball crystal sphere clutch is obviously to die for, but the dress itself is questionable. It’s a great fit, but the tassels on the leg slit take away from the elegant simplicity that the dress could have had. The silver strappy heels paired with the matching diamond chain with an A pendant along with the matching bracelet look great together. Pulling it together, her French tip nails are a classy touch and her hairstyle is perfect for the neckline of the dress. A fun fact is that her Judith Leiber basketball-shaped clutch retails for nearly $4,000. Piper loves all the accessories but is not crazy about the dress, so she rates this outfit a 6.5/10. Charlie agrees with this rating.

Angel Reese

Angel Reese did not come to play around. Angel Reese showed up and showed out in her backless Bronx and Banco silver knit dress with a hood and plunging cowl neck. She paired the dress with Christian Louboutin pumps and a reflective clutch. Her nails are unique, but don’t outshine her outfit and her hair is styled perfectly which one can assume would be difficult when wearing a dress with a hood. We also love that she kept the jewelry very minimal, letting the shape and sparkle of the dress be the star of the show. Everyone has gone absolutely crazy over this outfit and why wouldn’t they? She looks stunning. Angel Reese’s confidence and spirit shine bright in this dress at the draft. She did not fail to live up to her nickname as the Bayou Barbie. Piper rates this outfit a 9/10. Charlie rates this outfit 8/10.

Kamilla Cardoso

Bam! Hot red suit! The fit and cut of the suit is amazing on her, but it is hard to judge the outfit when she is blending into the background. It is technically the orange carpet, but the suit’s shade of red and the carpet’s shade of orange are just a little too similar. The simplicity of the black heels paired with the classic black cutch leaves no room for disappointment, but something about Kamilla Cardoso’s necklace is off-putting as it doesn’t quite pair well with the suit. Her hairstyle is perfect for this outfit and so are her nails. Overall the red suit screams power and shines love for her Gamecock family in South Carolina. Piper rates this outfit a 7/10. Charlie rates this outfit a 7/10.

Cameron Brink

Cameron Brink looks absolutely stunning in this asymmetrical Balmain gown with a thigh-high slit to perfectly flatter her 6’4’’ build. Her whole look just radiates power and confidence. The sharp diagonal lines contrasting the black and white draws everyone’s attention immediately to Brink. The straight, slicked-down hairstyle pairs well with the clean lines on the dress and accentuates her sharp face and body structure. The rosette applique on her shoulder is a nice touch and her makeup looks elegant and classy. Brink’s pumps draped with chains are a unique choice but flows nicely with the rest of her outfit. She has a beautiful earring stack and a few layered bracelets to complete the outfit. Piper rates this outfit a 9.2/10. Charlie rates this outfit an 8/10.

Stephanie Soares

Next up is Stephanie Soares, signed by the Dallas Wings and training to compete in the 2024 Olympics. Her bright white suit is definitely an attention-grabber, but the fit seems a little too tight. The slim cut of the jacket adds a feminine touch, but some parts of the suit look a little uncomfortable to wear all night long. The strap running diagonally across her chest underneath the jacket is a little confusing but definitely unique. Her hairstyle looks great and sleek, adding to the “clean-girl” look of this outfit. Her shoes bring some contrast to this otherwise entirely white outfit and the rosettes on the toes are a classy, feminine touch. Soares kept the jewelry to an absolute minimum, going along with the tidiness of her outfit. Piper rates this outfit a 4/10. Charlie rates this outfit a 4/10.

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