Academic Magnet High School - North Charleston, South Carolina.


Academic Magnet High School - North Charleston, South Carolina.


Academic Magnet High School - North Charleston, South Carolina.


The Best Ice Cream in Charleston

An In-depth Look at the Frozen Delicacy

A top tier dessert, a household classic, and a cool treat; ice cream is undoubtedly the best. Not only is it refreshing, ice cream can be eaten no matter the season. Whether it is the dead of winter or the peak of summer, I am always saying, “Let’s get ice cream.” You might be wondering what the best ice cream spot around town might be, and do not fret, I am here to tell you the best ice cream places in Charleston. Disclaimer, in order to be included on the list, the place has to make some quality ice cream, but I still ranked them. 

6. Coming in last, what might be controversial to some, is Republic Ice Cream. Located on both King Street and Sullivan’s Island, it is accessible to people all over Charleston. However, this is the only place on the list that I have personally had a bad experience with. More than once, I have ordered my usual order, Mint Chocolate Chip, and after the first bite there was a layer of fat left on the spoon. I am not an expert in how ice cream is made, so I don’t really know how that happens. Also, it was gross. My mom has reported having the same experience after eating their ice cream. I will say, this does not happen every time, being the reason it is even on this list.  

5. Next is Baskin Robbins. I don’t really have anything bad to say because it is just the run of the mill ice cream place, and it has never really stood out to me. The sole reason it earned a place on the list is because of the rainbow sherbert flavor. It is the one and only place I find myself eating rainbow sherbert ice cream, and that is because it is just that good. To those that are unfamiliar, this is not your typical rainbow sherbert. It consists of a pink, orange, and white ice cream artistically swirled together into the magic that it is. I could not tell you what the three flavors are, but it is exquisite. 

4. What might be the most classic ice cream place is Ye Ole Fashioned. It is even in the name. Due to the locations of this ice cream haven, it is not my go to choice. However, the handful of times I have indulged, it has always satisfied my craving for a frozen treat. The one time I strayed away from my usual order, some friends and I decided to try a banana split, and, in short, I do not recommend it. The mix of fruits, ice cream, and chocolate are not something I would ever want to taste again, but I am glad I tried it for the experience. 

3. Another ice cream place I have only eaten a few times is Ben and Jerry’s. I have eaten the store bought pints countless times, but the store itself is never my go to choice. Aside from my little experience with Mr. Ben and Jerry, the midnight brownie flavor is top tier. They stray away from the classic ice cream flavors which is something I am a fan of. They are opening a new store right by my house, so now maybe I will find myself there more often. 

2. The second best ice cream place is Off Track on King Street. The variety of flavors makes it a unique endeavor where you are guaranteed to try something new. It is also a local store and it is always good to support local businesses. 


1. Earning the top spot is Jeni’s Ice Cream. This might be a basic choice because of its popularity, but it deserves the fame. Their wide selection of flavors will satisfy any ice cream lover and will never disappoint. Some might want to call it overrated just because of the line that will always be out the door from 8 to 10 pm, but I would say it is very evenly rated. They even opened a new location in Town Centre and it can be found across the southeast. 

An honorable mention is Beardcat’s on Sullivan’s Island. I would call this my favorite ice cream place without hesitation, but I could not include it on the list because it is technically Gelato. Comment your favorite ice cream store!

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    Sandy SansomMay 7, 2024 at 8:42 pm

    Park Circle Creamery was not mentioned. A real gem!