Academic Magnet High School - North Charleston, South Carolina.


Academic Magnet High School - North Charleston, South Carolina.


Academic Magnet High School - North Charleston, South Carolina.


Celebrity Look-Alikes PART 2!!

Who’s your A-List doppelganger?!

AMHS Celebrity Look-alikes is back again for a highly requested part 2! However, this time I have recruited Addie Hanna to help due to the influx of responses. Possibly topping the last edition, you are in for a treat with the doppelgangers your peers submitted this time.  

Isa Jickling and Brec Bassinger from Bella and the Bulldogs

Bella or Isa? We can not spot the difference. From the hair to the smile, Isa Jickling is the spitting image of Brec Bassinger. They are both radiating joy and happiness. Put Isa into Bella and the Bulldogs, and we would have a difficult time pointing it out. 

Sawyer Quertermous and William Zabka

There are simply no misses. Sawyer’s resemblance to the Karate Kid/Cobra Kai is undeniable. The differences between their noses and mouths are unrecognizable solely because there are none. With a side by side of the bottom halves of this duo’s face, there is no doubt they would be identical. And, a note to Sawyer himself, if you want a glimpse into what you will look like in the future, look up William Zabka today and chances are you will look something like that. 

Ellison Ryan and Mr Beast and Greg from PJ Masks

Another dead ringer, Ellison and Greg could be the same person. Just wow. The hairstyle and slight look of confusion are enough to prove these two are twins. Also, from the looks of it, Ellison also has glowing green eyes, only proving our point more. On the other hand, the shared resemblance between Ellison and Mr. Beast is a bit questionable. The only similarity we see is the hairstyle, and that is not saying much considering one is brunette and the other is blonde. Ellison… pull out the millions. We hope your wallet matches that of this loaded YouTuber. 

Caroline Spann and Lily James in Cinderella 

We are at a loss for words with this duo. The hair, the smile, the nose, the face shape; there are too many matching features to count. If Caroline was picked up in the pumpkin carriage tonight at midnight she could be Cinderella’s stunt double. Caroline, we hope you found your glass slipper… and your prince 😉

Andrew Flynn and Lord Farquad 

Now, this one might just be a little offensive. Andrew, we apologize for including this submission because we see very little resemblance. While we will not reveal the perpetrator who sent this in, you might want to see who your real friends are. If Andrew grew his hair out, maybe there would be a similarity? IDK, but we are having a hard time seeing this one. 


Harrison Crites and Rumpelstiltskin, Spookley the Square Pumpkin, Dwight Schrute, Shane Dawson, and Buzz from Home Alone

WOW! Someone’s popular! Buckle your seat belts because this might be a record as Harrison racked up a whopping 5 doppelganger submissions. And, in our opinion, these are all dead look-alikes. Therefore, we decided to rank these submissions from most to least accurate.

  1. Rumpelstiltskin 

Coming in at first place is Rumpelstilskin. In our opinion, this one wins by a landslide. I mean just look at that smirk and stance; it has Harrison written all over it. If Rumpel headed to the tattoo parlor, you would never be able to tell the difference between these two characters

2. Shane Dawson

Next up is Shane Dawson. If Harrison grew a beard, there would be no telling the difference between him and this conspiring YouTuber. I think I’ve even seen Harrison make that face before. 

3. Buzz from Home Alone

Harrison… is your little brother’s name Kevin? Because you look JUST like Buzz McAllister from Home Alone. 

4. Dwight Schrute 

Ok… we are getting a little less resemblance as we move down the list. While Dwight Schrute and Harrison don’t share much, if Harrison threw on some glasses and grew a little scruff, we would do a double take. As Dwight Schrute says, “Always the Padawan, never the Jedi.” Whatever that means. Now that I think of it, their social awkwardness could be the basis of their resemblance. Hmmm. 

5. Spookley the Square Pumpkin

Is this ginger discrimination? We don’t see an argument for the similarity of these two to be very compelling. Just because he has orange hair doesn’t make him resemble a pumpkin. Jeez. Thanks Wilson Swenson, but we think your submission would make gingers everywhere pretty upset. 

Reece Early and Jonah Hill

Ok Ok… we didn’t see it at first but this duo is growing on us. With the curly hair and colorful eyes, Reese could take on the role of Seth from SuperBad in a heartbeat. From the back, we would be unable to tell the difference between Jonah and Reece with their matching do’s. Also, Reece, send us your curly hair routine because the curl’s bounce, shine and resemblance to red carpet Jonah is a massive accomplishment. 

Thomas Hershey and the TikTok dad

Although the past few submissions might be a stretch, this one is far from it. Thomas and the dad from Tik Tok is a match that we have never understood faster. While it might take other people a second to see, there is something about their facial features that makes them look like father and son. The specifics are hard to put a finger on, but the resemblance has never been more present. T Hersh, go to @joerauth_ on TikTok to see a glimpse into your future.

Erik Gonzalez and Devin Booker 

In our eyes, this comparison is a major stretch. BUT, Erik, you should take this as a compliment! Maybe your friends see you with a future in the NBA. Just picture it: from the halls of Academic Magnet to the big stage with Kendall Jenner on your arm. Wow, what a bright future ahead. However, for now, these two share next to nothing in common in terms of facial features. Sorry Erik, but this side by side is unfortunately a FLOP in our opinion. 

Quinn Swanton and Eminem 

Next up is Quinn Swanton and Eminem, the resemblance to this A-lister is minimal to say the least. Although it is difficult to find the similarities, the shared buzz cut, smoldering look, and lighting of these two pictures are the only reason we will say they look SOMEWHAT alike. Maybe Quinn shares his musical skills with Eminem? We are not sure, but we would not say this is not a bad person to have someone think you resemble. Also, we are pretty sure Eminem has had a beard for a while now, so that is not really helping this case. 

Luke Paggi and Walker Scobell

You might not see it at first glance but after looking at each of these pics for a while, the resemblance becomes uncanny. Luke, take off that baseball cap and you become Percy Jackson himself! While Walker has a more auburn tone, their similar curl patterns make up the difference.

Isaac Chery and Idris Elba

Yet another top tier matchup is Isaac Chery and Idris Elba. In about 20 years, Isaac will be even more identical to Idris than he already is. Their warm smiles and slight scruff make these two true doppelgangers. 

Emilio Roxas and Jason Derulo

We honestly have no clue where this match came from. There are just no similarities whatsoever. However, Jason Derulo has probably made a similar pose to Emilio so we will give that to him. Maybe there is a deeper connection that Emilio shares with Mr. Derulo and his lyrics, but until we get confirmation on that, we are going to say this pairing is sub-par. 

Garrison Gray and Dua Lipa 

Now this one is an unexpected duo. At first glance, these two hold next to no similarities. But… hold on… we are beginning to see it. Their dark features make these undeniable doppelgangers. If we were to use an app to make Garrison look like a girl, he would not look much different than Dua Lipa herself. Garrison, we would take that as a major compliment, so you should too. 

Joseph Gaddy and Vinsmoke Sanji

Although we have never heard of Vinsmoke Sanji, with a close look the resemblance is definitely there. Due to our lack of knowledge of the anime world, there is not much to say about the shared traits of this pair. Though, some might say their shared side swept hairstyle and similar eyes could make them doppelgangers. 

Andy Wong and Tenz Ngo

You learn something new everyday. Before this submission, we had no idea who Tenz Ngo was but after some research we learned that he is a Youtube videogamer. While the identicalness is far from uncanny, there are definitely some shared traits. Ok, well, not that many but maybe Andy has a shared love for gaming. 


Ben Brock and Micheal Cera

O.M.G. WHY have we never thought of this before?! Thank you Lukey Sutherland for bringing this undeniable duo to our attention. Those two facial expressions are mirror images of each other. With a shared haircut and smirk, this matchup might make the top of the list. 


Dare we say it, these celebrity lookalikes are even more undeniable than the last edition. From Harrison Crites’ several doppelgangers to the uncanny resemblance between Thomas Hershey and the Tik Tok dad, this is a top tier list. Next time you are strolling the halls of Magnet and you think you see Dua Lipa, sorry to disappoint, but it is probably just Garrison Gray. Thanks to all the students who sent these submissions in, we could not have crafted this article without you. Comment the most accurate pairing below!

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