Here’s The Scoop Part 5

The Best Ice Cream In Charleston



What the Fudgery is known for: Fudge

The outside, next to Ben & Jerry’s

For the Fifth installment of our highly anticipated ice cream reviews (that no one reads), we stumbled upon The Fudgery on Market Street. So let’s get on with it –>


Well, we definitely did not expect to be testing ice cream from this place. From the street, it looks like a tourist store: it’s got fudge, pralines, and, of course, ice cream. You may recognize it as the store with the massive taffy puller inside of it. Needless to say, it doesn’t look like an ice cream shop per se, but like a store that sells sweets. There are no tables, inside or outside, and no doors, and no counters, etc. It’s just a shop that happens to sell ice cream. As for colors, it is colored in mostly browns and reds. The deep red and light browns make it appear cozy. 


So, since it wasn’t an ice cream shop by normal standards, it’s ambiance shouldn’t be judged as such. It was chill in there, and mellow, and sweet and welcoming, which is what an ice cream shop needs on paper, but since you don’t eat it in there, it feels weird to judge it like one. It was cozy and the staff was very nice and talkative. While talkative is not ideal for some it can be very inviting for others. It was just a great atmosphere. Like Elan said, It was just super chill.


They had A LOT! What was extra nice is that they had unique flavors too. I (Elan) really enjoyed their Superman ice cream (surprise, surprise) and it was different from those I usually get elsewhere—the individual colors in theirs were each different flavors (red = bubblegum, blue = cotton candy, yellow = lemon). Loved that (actually). Otherwise, the rest of the flavors appeared good and were in abundance. I (Emily) got the Coffee Toffee Crunch and it was amazing. Literally everything you could want in a good ice cream. On top of the fact that they sell fudge and other food too. They sell nine different flavors of fudge, pralines, and chocolate pretzels. 


Okay so I (Emily), as mentioned before, got the Coffee Toffee Crunch. And once again, it was insanely good. Imagine the best coffee ice cream in existence and then add toffee pieces. You cannot tell me that doesn’t sound really good. Meanwhile, I (Elan) had their bomb-diggity Superman and that stuff was DIVINE! Like, each color was a different flavor… very cool! I think I mentioned that above though…


It was kind of funny: The Fudgery is located next to Ben & Jerry’s, where they sell less ice cream for more money. It proved that The Fudgery would be superior (pending taste, which definitely confirmed it), but that doesn’t mean The Fudgery is necessarily economical… one scoop is like $5—granted, it is MASSIVE, but you can’t get more than one flavor like at Ye Ole Fashioned; two flavors calls for a second scoop which will cost you a dollar more. Then again, for this ice cream, the price was WORTH IT.

Final Thoughts:


Muy Bueno! I really liked it. Like, really liked it. I have a special place in my hear for hard-serve ice cream, but an even specialer space for hard hard-serve (like where the spoon actually has to do work) that melts in your mouth. It was so good and that Superman, though. I don’t even think I can share my thoughts in more than non-sequiter sentences… I just really liked this ice cream and wish it weren’t a quarantine right now so I could get some more! Also the guy who worked there was really funny so that was good too, I really like ice cream interactions instead of transactions and this guy knew how to have an interaction. His coworker was nice too, but she didn’t talk so much. Anyway, the ice cream was *finger sign where you make a circle between your thumb and index that usually means “OK”*


The ice cream was amazing. I would most definitely go back and try their other flavors. Their selection was great and their flavors were different from the norm. The people working there were very nice and conversational. The guy (Devyn) who helped us was actually an SOA alumnus. He was pretty cool. I think Elan and I probably spent about 20 minutes after we got our ice cream just talking to him. I liked the color scheme a lot. I do wish there was some seating but at the same time, I think that is part of the appeal. It isn’t your typical ice cream shop. It is a fudge shop that happens to sell ice cream. It is a place you just feel so drawn to walk into. Very inviting. I would definitely recommend going in and trying it. Maybe even take home some fudge 🙂