Harken Cafe


Located on Queen Street just slightly North of Broad, Harken Cafe and Bakery serves coffee, breakfast, and desserts. I think Harken is undoubtedly a hidden gem and you need to try it if you have not already. First of all, when you walk into Harken “it feels like you are transported into the cottage from Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs” says local middle schooler, Lilla Hand. Harken is a truly special atmosphere and leaves you in a feel-good mood. 


Since Harken bakes everything in house, any baked good is fresh and delicious. One of my favorite breakfast items is the Nutty Buddy toast which comes on a piece of homemade bread with almond butter and granola. I also love Harken’s avocado toast and I think it is one of the best. Harken’s homemade bread is immaculate and part of the cafe’s unique appeal. During our most recent visit, my sister got the Hot Cocoa Tripple Chocolate muffin and it was really good if you have a sweet tooth in the morning. I have also gotten the chance to try their classic breakfast sandwich called the Butter Me Up which is served on a ricotta biscuit. The biscuit is unmatched but I personally felt overwhelmed by the amount of egg on the sandwich. While I have yet to try any of Harken’s desserts, they always look extremely appetizing and the 7 layer bar has consistently called my name. 

Hot Cocoa Tripple Chocolate Muffin
Almond Butter Toast and Caramel Latte

Harken’s coffee is also really good if you know what to order. Their caramel latte is one of the best I’ve had but I was disappointed in the spiced vanilla latte when I tried it. I highly recommend getting the iced caramel latte with almond milk. 

Harken Visit Ideas 

Since Harken has such a great atmosphere and energy, it is not the type of place you want to make a quick stop at before school like Starbucks. Harken would be a great place to sit down for breakfast or coffee with a friend or before going shopping downtown. The first time I went to Harken was last year on my birthday before school with my friend Sutton. I also like going with my mom or sister. My mom loves hot coffee and she says “the hot vanilla lattes” are top tier. 

Lilla Hand’s First Trip to Harken


I have only been to Harken for breakfast and I have been dying to go for lunch ever since I saw the menu. They serve a variety of vegan salads and bowls as well as sandwiches on homemade baguettes. I need to have this lunch.

Laura Robertson’s thoughts

“The homey atmosphere is unmatched. Harken makes me feel like I am at home in my mom’s kitchen.” 

— Laura Robertson

A final note

I hope I convinced you to go to Harken because it is that good!! Definitely one of Charleston’s best-kept secrets. Comment down below if you have been to Harken!!