The Best Waffle House and the Best Waffle House Order

This is not opinion, but fact.

The golden oasis: Waffle House. Is there anything more comforting than seeing that yellow sign peeking up from beyond the freeway 10+ hours into what you thought would be a fun road trip? The answer is no. I love Waffle House. You love Waffle House. Everyone loves Waffle House. The establishment is everywhere, but I have a very strong opinion that the one at 325 Savannah Highway is the BEST waffle house.

 As soon as you walk in, you are greeted with the chatter of hungry diners, kind staff, and the overwhelming smell of maple syrup. The franchise stays true to the classic American diner with red stools and tiled walls. You can either choose to sit at the counter and watch the grillers work their magic or, if you get lucky, you just might get a booth that faces the water, which makes for an almost luxury Waffle House experience. Once you sit down you must make the hard choice- what will you drink? There are no rules here; you do not have to confine yourself to the social construct that the only appropriate breakfast beverage is a hot coffee or orange juice-especially due to the fact that you might be visiting the establishment at around 3 am. I would recommend a Coca-Cola, honestly. But, if it is actually the morning, orange juice is a solid choice as well. Now, let’s address the menu. There are lots of options, but there is only one way to go: the All Star Special. Let’s break it down. The All Star Special consists of eggs, your choice of grits/hashbrowns/tomatoes, choice of bacon/sausage/ham, a choice of bread, and the Waffle House Waffle. The best way to order this is by choosing hashbrowns (with your choice of toppings!), a biscuit or Texas toast, bacon, and a chocolate chip waffle (ONLY the chocolate waffle- I am serious here). The hashbrowns are exactly like hashbrowns should be- they are extremely crispy and not in patty form. Any of the breads at waffle house are solid, but I would recommend the white bread, Texas toast, or a biscuit- yum!  While the amazing chefs prepare your food, check out the jukebox and put on a tune. You can play pretty much anything you want, but I wouldn’t recommend any sad music you listen to in your room by yourself. Once you have your food, proceed how you wish. Personally, I am not a syrup person, but I do know this is necessary for most people on their waffles. I like salted butter- a combo of sweet and savory. Enjoy the experience how you want to. Whether you are in the middle of nowhere on a road trip, need a morning pick-me-up, or a place to meet with friends, Waffle House is there for you. 

magical, spiritual, place

— Anthony Bourdain on Waffle House

Another reason why this is the best Waffle House is that THE Anthony Bourdain, who has traveled all around the globe eating food, visited this location on the Charleston episode of Parts Unknown. Yep. And oh yea, he loved it. Local chef Sean Brock tells Bourdain, “You don’t come here expecting The French Laundry… You expect something amazing”, to which Bourdain responds, “This is better than The French Laundry” (a super fancy restaurant in California) and that it was a “magical, spiritual, place”. Bourdain loved Waffle House. He was particularly obsessed with the pecan waffle, which I can’t speak on because I am loyal to the chocolate chip waffle, but I might just have to give it a try. They even have a sign commemorating his visit inside and you can sit in the same place he did, which I believe is towards the right side of the counter. 

I think this concludes my Waffle House rant, which I honestly wrote in a state of sadness because unfortunately Sarah and I were not able to visit Waffle House in time for this Talon issue and share our own pictures. However, I already hold many happy memories in Waffle House- from sharing a waffle with my parents on the way to Atlanta to celebrating my best friend’s birthday- it will forever be a place of nostalgia as well as plates of waffles and ketchup-slathered hashbrowns.