Ella’s Eats: Felix Charleston

A close look at one of Charleston’s French restaurants, Felix.

Gorgeous tiled walls, leather chairs, and beautiful table settings add to the ambiance.

Known for having some of the best cuisine in the country, Charleston’s food scene never disappoints.
ne Charleston restaurant in particular ranks highly on the list of must-dos. Felix is a french restaurant that provides a great ambiance, delicious food, and an overall satisfying experience.

The first thing that most notice about downtown’s french cuisine gem, Felix, is the ambiance. From the copper detailing to the blue vases on the tables, the restaurant has a noticeable interior, a necessary asset of an enjoyable dining experience. Located on Upper King Street (emphasis on upper), Felix is tucked away between The Ordinary and DryBar. Blue and white tables line the sidewalk, inviting you into the restaurant. Aside from the environment, Felix’s food and service are an enjoyable asset.


The rare sight of a Shirley Temple.

The opening impression of a dining experience comes from the technical first course: the drinks. For anyone over the age of 21, the cocktail menu at Felix is extensive and full of a variety of unique drinks.

The only disappointment that I’ve experienced at Felix has been the slightly confusing and detrimental lack of grenadine. For the last couple of times I’ve visited, they’ve been unexplainably out of grenadine. No grenadine, no Shirley temple. Truly a modern-day tragedy. However, my personal substitute, a tall glass of lemonade ($4,) is a perfect cumulation of tart and sweet flavors. 

Starting off strong in the food department, Felix’s menu is a lengthy collection of appetizers, soups, salads, and entrees. My favorite starters consist of French Onion soup, the Cesar salad, and the charcuterie board. Felix’s French Onion soup is a masterpiece. Filled with onion, cheese, and pieces of bread, it’s a true homage to a traditional and delicious soup. When asked about how she feels about this soup, senior Kennedy Mackie simply said, “Mmmm.” Totaling $12, it’s a perfect complement to any entree or acts as its own meal, possibly paired with a salad. The Cesar salad offered at the restaurant is unlike any other that I’ve had. Adorned with the perfect dressing-to-lettuce ratio and pickled onion, this salad ($15) works alongside any other dish on the menu. Apart from the Cesar salad, I’ve also been able to try the Salade Lyonnaise, which consists of arugula and champagne vinaigrette, paired with a poached egg. This salad ($16) is simply delicious. You essentially can’t go wrong with any salad on the menu and each pairs well with a soup or an entree. On the other side of appetizers, the Charcuterie et Fromage is a delicious start to a meal at Felix. Costing $32, this charcuterie board features various meats and french cheeses, honey, arugula, and more adorning foods. One thing that I like about this board in particular is the uniqueness of the arugula and candied pecans. The only other flaw that I find Felix to have is that the amount of grilled baguette served with the board isn’t substantial enough for the amount of complementing foods, and extra baguette costs more. Although this isn’t a reason to not order the board (so delicious,) it’s something to keep in mind.

The Raclette Burger paired with truffle fries.

Moving on to entrees, the crown jewel of this restaurant, in my opinion, is the Raclette burger ($20.) Composed of two patties and served with either regular or truffle fries, this burger is probably the best I’ve ever had. It has a unique taste and essentially melts in your mouth. The presentation of the burger, topped with a corchiron,  also adds to the appeal. Senior Sadie Bowlin has a lot to say about this burger in particular saying, “the burger is unlike any burger I’ve ever had in my life, very much gorgeous, hits the taste buds in a way that no other burger has.” The steak with frites is another delicious choice and you can never go wrong with the chicken roulade. 


The gorgeous interior.
The strawberries are a perfect complement to this dish.

No meal at a French restaurant can be complete without a French dessert, and Felix certainly doesn’t disappoint. My favorite dessert of theirs is the Creme Brulee ($14.) This dish consists of a pudding covered in a blow-torched sugary topping. One thing that Felix does best in regard to this dessert is topping it with strawberries, adding a great definition of flavor. Another dessert featured at Felix is the Apple Tarte Tatin ($13,) which is an apple pastry served with vanilla gelato.

Apart from the appeal of their food, Felix’s exceptional service elevates the dining experience greatly.
Both the hosts and the servers are very kind and attentive and have a lot of knowledge regarding the menu and French cuisine in general. Senior Lizzie Murray claims that she “came out of Felix a changed girl.” Felix’s consistently delicious food, welcoming ambiance, and friendly service make for a memorable experience and concretes the restaurant as a must-try.